BREAKING NEWS: Times-Standard runs relevant, somewhat coherent editorial

Probably some kind of fluke, but let’s enjoy it while we can.

Proceed cautiously

The Times-Standard
Posted: 08/06/2009

We understand and commiserate with the city of Eureka over the need for there to be some kind of city oversight of what is obviously an enormous problem of rental units in the city either being of inferior quality or of them being used as greenhouses for the area’s burgeoning house-grown marijuana crop.

But as we’ve said before, this is a sticky situation — forcing mandatory inspections down the throats of tenants and landlords borders on what could be an unconstitutional search-and-seizure approach to dealing with these issues.

Similarly, making the process complaint-driven could also open up a can of worms wherein bitter or irresponsible tenants could hold landlords over a barrel by destroying property, only to then complain to authorities that their living conditions could be labeled as substandard. Take it from us, the substandard label can be a real pain in the print.

To us, only one approach seems workable in this mess — and that is to make inspections mandatory when the units are between tenants. That is, when an apartment or house empties out between tenants, that would be the time that the city would perform inspections to make sure that the unit is habitable.

We’re still not convinced that this program is worth the headaches it will create. We’re also not convinced that there will be so many violations, and thus so many fines, that the program will pay for itself.

The city is basically considering a huge expansion of its powers and responsibilities at a time when money is getting harder and harder to find. We see the need, and we’re obviously aware — and have reported on — irresponsible landlords who have made consideration of such a program a necessity.

But the city must think long and hard about what it’s going to do, if just to ensure that any steps it takes now are sustainable into the future and aren’t ultimately seen as a municipal punchline no one gets when the joke still lingers on every street and corner in our beloved Victorian Seaport.

15 Responses

  1. I saw that. Stupid, but not as stupid as usual. Weird. What gives?

  2. Probably it just sucks for them to be constantly compared, negatively, to a newspaper that doesn’t even exist anymore.

  3. There are already laws on the books to deal with bad landlords, and bad tenants.

    Enacting draconian new rules will only hurt the good people. People like Larry Glass ‘get it’ when it comes to protecting dope growers and the pot culture, but not when it comes to protecting law abiding citizens, in this case, law abiding citizens who happen to loan out their place to someone who needs it. I’d love to see him propose a – what was it? $1,000 a day fine? – thousand dollar a day fine for dope growers.

    Look – growing up, we all knew people who lived in whatever they could get – rehabbed chicken coops, on top of a redwood stump, in a trailer stuck on a bare piece of land, it wasn’t the ultimate but it was something. Nobody forces a tenant to rent a particular place. You need some rules, and you already have ’em. Use them Larry – and don’t be playing favorites here. The trouble with turning a blind eye to one type of criminal activity… where’s CLMP on this?

  4. I think there’s more issues with bad tenants these days than bad landlords. My rental recently had squatters, who were rented a room by the tenant at the time. It took 3 months to evict them. It just happened that there was a warrant out for their arrest, so the day they were evicted, they had a new home in the county jail.

  5. Hey Bugs, while this was decent writing from the sub-standard, I am amazed at the lack of ‘response’ to the inane drivel authored by Jeff Schwatz at the bottom of the page.

    The completely ridiculous, acute stupidity displayed by this distinguished member of the bar, is a new low in pesudo-progressive pandering.

    I eagerly await some well-deserved skewering from the Mirror

  6. Someone should tell that pompous asshole Glass to do the best he can with the money the city has. If it does not have enough money to enforce existing law, how much fucking sense does it make to create new laws and stick all of his political opponents with the tab? All while drumming up a tidy business for that fat fuck Pierson? Glass, you conniving prick, don’t act like any of this is inadvertent. The people you’re fucking are not inadvertently your enemies. The people you’re benefitting are not inadvertently your supporters. The business most likely to profit is not inadvertently your biggest campaign supporter. Somebody do us all a favor and go push the little fuck and make him cry again. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard before or since.

  7. With all of this repairing Larry wants done, a Home Depot in town sure would come in handy.

  8. Let’s see … we have a housing problem – Check

    We have an affordable housing problem – Check

    We have dope grow problem sucking available rental housing from the market – Check

    So this solves WHAT?????

    More taxes – Check

    Driving landlords from the rental business – Check

    Providing a harassment opportunity for tenants against landlords – Check

    I’m still waiting for the answer for what this solves, other than another big government, invasive, taxing opportunity that serves little or no useful purpose.

  9. “Somebody do us all a favor and go push the little fuck and make him cry again.”

    You taking about Arkley’s verbal assault on Lil’ boy Leonard?

  10. Hey lets all yell at the little prick and watch him piddle down his leg like he was about to during the last council meeting when he had to face the public.

  11. Glass blower? Quite the name for a hater!

    Well done, way to pick em’

  12. I take it Jeff Leonard doesn’t know that David Cobb’s new business alliance front group is a sham? Yeah, yeah, they’re on a major PR push with staged awards at the Board of Sups and press releases printed without any examination… but c’mon man. Is it really that easy to keep fooling people?

  13. I noticed that Nathan Rusthon submitted a letter to the editor in the ER section of the Times-Standard on Sunday that blasted the rental ordinance that is being pushed by Larry Glass.

  14. We missed that. Is it available online?

  15. Was it funny? Did he mention being the Catch-a-Poo Super Shitmaster??

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