That’s quality role-modeling for you


Snap, crackle and popped!!

Anyone know where these two dumbass douchebags upstanding citizens work?

Nurse, teacher accused of selling

pot-laced krispies treats


Published: Wednesday, August 5

Two Humboldt County women were ordered to stand trial Wednesday on charges of selling pot-laced Rice Krispies treats to undercover officers at a reggae concert in Mendocino County.

Molly Rombalski, 36, a nurse, and Theresa Tripp, 38, a teacher, are facing trial on accusations that include marijuana sales and possession of marijuana for sale following a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, said Mendocino County Deputy District Attorney Katherine Houston.

Tripp additionally is charged with delaying a police officer because she ran away from the arresting officer, she said.

Tripp was apprehended about two hours later, Houston said.

Houston said the women were selling individually wrapped Rice Krispies treats at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, a three day roots and reggae concert held at the Boonville fairgrounds in June.

When they first offered the treats to the undercover officers at $2.50 each, the officers declined, she said.

“They were interested in more important stuff,” Houston said. But the women persisted with their sales pitch. “Are you sure you don’t want to buy some? They’re going fast,” one reportedly asked the officers a short while later.

Thanks, little Birdie, for sending this along. Hugs!!


22 Responses

  1. Dumbass douchebags doesn’t go far enough. WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE WORK?

  2. Hey bugs! Nice to see members of the fairer sex can also be referred to as “douchebags,” your wonderful perjorative of choice.

  3. Oh totally, Anonymous. We’re all equal opportunity and shit.

  4. Who were they role-modeling for at a reggae concert? I mean, I’m all for the whole role model gig and all, but uhh, is it normal to find your role model at a Mendo county reggae festival?

    That reefer madness is going to destroy us all.

  5. Rombalski’s info goes to 785 18th Street Arcata. That is the North Country Clinic in Arcata. Theresa Ann Tripp is reg’d with the California Teachers and was credentialed in January of 1994. I don’t find her on listed as personnel on the Humboldt county board of ed web site, so she may either work for a charter school or not be working at all right now.

  6. Blue there’s something about a teacher getting arrested for selling pot that strikes me as not setting a good example for students, whether they’re watching her, buying from her, baking with her, whatever. That’s just me.

  7. Yeah, I’m sure the teacher brought her class along to a reggae concert. Maybe it was a field trip. Again, this is what prohibition has led to, law enforcement resources used to bust people selling cookies that contain pot. Yup, we live a rational world indeed.

  8. Change the laws. That’s fine. But while they’re on the books, I want the people who spend more time with my kids than I do to obey them.

  9. In case anyone is interested, Molly’s mother works for CWS and she is a nurse as well. I feel bad for her, as Molly will probably lose her license for this.

  10. Good, she should lose her license. I would say that the nurse and the teacher are felony stupid.

  11. There was no way they were going to compete with the shroom-laced chocolates with these stank booty crispies treats.

  12. they didn’t mention how many “criminals” the arresting officers brought in that weekend they worked the festival. Any guesses? None, besides these two women. Sounds like they were working really hard? Maybe more like they just made an easy bust. Everyone who goes to these festivals sees drug use and sales going on constantly. Most are participating. What people choose to do on their weekends is their own decision. I’ve got nothing against weed. What a stupid waste of time to pursue “criminals” of this nature. Then for you people to be making moral judgments in favor of an outdated, unconstitutional law. It’s pretty sad. Get a life and get off the internet.

  13. Oh hell yeah, in the know–you just made the Raves page, friend!! Thank you so much! But might we add that for someone in the know, you sure don’t seem to know much at all about that whole law thing. As it turns out, what people do on their weekends is not always without consequence, especially when their weekends involve the sale of pot-laced Rice Krispies treats to cops. You can call us old, lifeless, sad, what the fuck have you, but know this: We do not think it’s too much to ask that the individuals who teach our children and care for our sick be law-abiding, relatively sober individuals. And if they can’t be that, maybe they can just not be as almighty STUPID as these two.

    And as for the unconstitutionality of Health and Safety Code provisions of which you disapprove: Thank you, Judge Wapner, but you’re a dumbfuck.

  14. In the Know? = NOT

    You are a dumbfuck. So if you have sex with a kid on the weekend that is your business? Or if you rip off little old ladies on the weekend its your business? Or if you get caught selling a couple of pounds of heroin on the weekend its your business?

    Your dumbfuckness is overwhelming. Thanks for allowing us a good look at it. Now go get stoned and burn through what few brain cells you have left.

  15. Snatch, pedo, smack: rice crispies.

  16. “what you do on the weekend is your own business?”

    No it isn’t.

    A nurse and a teacher selling dope desserts at a reggae concert. Pull their licenses and let them work at McDonalds. I don’t want Molly around other prescription drugs and Theresa needs to stay out of the classroom.

  17. No need for any public outcry on the nursing license deal. The BRN in California normally treats these types of cases with a stayed revocation + 3 years probation or similar disciplinary action. During this time, a nurse has to go through a whole series of evaluations, addiction recovery groups, etc. Essentially, there is a buttload of bureaucratic bullshit that this person will have to go through if they plead guilty/no contest or are found guilty at trial. If you read the public BRN disciplinary caselogs, some people go through a year of probation and psychological evaluations for petty crimes such as shoplifting. Luckily for folks as angry as you seem to be, our tax dollars are allocated to pay for/subsidize the arrest, court hearings, potential jury trial, BRN evaluations, and mandatory substance abuse recovery groups that result from a nurse selling ganja food at a reggae concert.

  18. Mr. Nice, I take you are a nurse? No? Allow one to eludicate, if convicted of a felony, no matter how ‘insignificant’, you forfeit your license. Period, end of story, you are allowed to appeal, but it is your own responsiblity to fund said appeal. If you are offered Diversion for a drug-related offense, and that is usually reserved for drug-related offenses directly connected to your workplace, you must still pay for your own counseling services and your own drug tests, and then you may only get a conditional license back (that means you can’t have keys to the controlled substances)
    Your snide tone indicates that you doubt there will be consequences for Molly, there will be and they will be final and irrevocable if the BRN elects to yank her license outright. If, she is lucky, she will be suspended or up to 4 years.

  19. It requires anger to want nurses and teachers to be law-abiding? Funny. We thought it required only common sense and concern for our children.

  20. We got the sense that Mr. Nice believes there will be but shouldn’t be consequences for these two individuals. We don’t believe their lives should be ruined, but we also don’t think misdemeanor substance abuse and felony stupidity are desirable qualities in teachers and nurses.

  21. If you don’t like the regulatory aspect of this, Mr. Nice, let’s just talk about markets. Labor is currently a buyer’s market. There are all sorts of teachers and other people out of work. Set aside the legal and moral issues associated with this case, and let’s just let the market decide the fate of these women. Should we hire someone who sells pot to cops, or should we hire someone who doesn’t? That outcome is good enough for me. If the market wants her back, if she’s still the best seller of labor in her market, hire her back. I can live with that. But I’d be willing to bet money it won’t happen.

  22. There will be consequences. I’m predicted stayed revocation because the D.A. should not and most likely will not waste time with an 11359 for a fucking tray of rice krispies treats at a reggae concert.

    I didn’t realize I had successfully expressed snideness in that post. Thank you for the compliment.

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