Dance on with your pants on

Please. Keep your pants on. Please. Your elfin junk tank is freaking us out.

Wait just a minute–Who are those gorgeous dancing partners?

Well I’ll be go to hell. They sure got them some fine looking womens in Ireland.

11 Responses

  1. Mark’s head just keeps getting bigger and bigger. His neck muscles must be GIGANTIC too to support that massive cranium.

  2. Them’s two of the fugliest betties I think I’ve ever seen.

  3. This blatant misrepresentation of reality has a very slimming effect on Bonnie. Too bad you couldn’t have put her head on a fat backup dancer.

  4. Now I know he is only moonlighting as a County Supervisor.

    How much PBR are you bugs using for inspiration?

  5. Hiccup….alot.

  6. Just makes me wanna squeeze his huge head. You keep this shit up Bugs and the next one’s free.

  7. Seriously, have you met the guy? I think the photo is perfectly representative. Huge head. Itty bitty body. He probably grows that shit on his face to keep the pedophiles away.

  8. Do you who their agent is? This looks like an act for Blues by the Bay.

  9. Or they could be headlining a local casino.

  10. Little Clify and the Bon Bon and the Midgets backups.

    totally fucking awesome.

  11. Man that can’t be the Midget. It has to be photo shopped. How you can tell is that there looks like plumbing in Mark’s pants and we all know he is a ball-less blunder.

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