Eureka residents gather again Tuesday to tell Larry Glass to just suck it

Larry Glass Shit

A workshop to discuss the rental housing ordinance being shoved down our throats proposed by City Councilman Larry Glass kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Wharfinger Building in Eureka.

Glass got the crap slapped out of him last week, when he unveiled the controversial proposal, which would fund a maze of rental inspection and enforcement activities by imposing rules and fees on all rental property owners in the city.

But several readers report that the councilman is leaving nothing to chance this time around, and to drum up some support at the meeting tonight has extended numerous invitations to local representatives of the downtrodden. You know who we mean–not the downtrodden themselves, who could give a shit or they wouldn’t need to be talked into going to a meeting, but the usual high-minded do-gooders who may mean well but leave in their wake broken promises, hobbled economies and a string of unintended consequences.

It ought to be a good show–and this one won’t be televised. That right there is reason enough to attend.


13 Responses

  1. ‘Sic those teabaggers on Larry. That’ll show him whose boss!

  2. not only do they not have hands, they live in a shell.

  3. Larry’s ordinance just makes me think of the phrase,” stupid is as stupid does. Keep it up Larry, we expect more stupid things from you in the future.

  4. Tell the graphics department that Glass’ hat is spot on.

  5. Do you know how many trucker websites we had to browse to find the right hat? Scary.

  6. We have been crunching numbers over the past few days and we think we have come up with some interesting information. Stay tuned for details.

  7. “Stay tuned for details?” I love it when you talk sexy to me.

  8. To bad little marky mark can;t be here on his knees supporting the glass man. O-crap my bad. He isn’t on his knees. He’s standing on a bible,the bill of rights and R. Fausts edicts on code enforcement/GPU. His stature really is as tiny as his intellect. Sorry glassman your crap kind of gets lost sometimes.

  9. Surely someone is taping this.

  10. Just got back from the clear as glass show. I can sum it up in 10 simple words. Bull-Shit,bull-shit,bull-shit,bull-shit,bull-shit.

  11. Now THAT is a quality graphic. Good work, Vital Statistics Department.

  12. Nice, we’re taking the rest of the day off to go see G.I. Joe.

  13. Good news today – TS reports Eureka drops rental housing ordinance
    After hearing some very vocal opposition to two variations of a rental housing inspection proposal, creators have scrapped the program, opting instead to amend the city business licensing program.

    Not sure if that is any better, but it SOUNDS better.

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