Tourists flee Old Town in terror

Damn. This is worse than we thought.

"Holy crap. Howard. I'd swear there's a smoker over there on the boardwalk?"

"Holy crap, Howard. Don't look now, but behind us... on that boardwalk... I think there might be a smoker!"


9 Responses

  1. Nice! Now I will have nightmares about these things growing to become massive, and unstoppable giants.

  2. Is that Bayfront One?

  3. Run! Only LarryGlass can save us from the dual perils of normal-looking recycling containers and second-hand smoke.

  4. There’s a bit of a montage going on there, Anon. In fact that is Bayside One along Eureka’s own boardwalk, with our friend’s recycling bin preparing for attack and two people from the cover of a Thomas Dolby album huddling for safety. Let’s call it mixed media. We think that sounds artsy and kind of cool.

  5. I think Bayfront One never looked better. People might actually be interested in buying this new exciting monument.

  6. I think I see the inspiration for Bayfront 2!

  7. I don’t get it? How did they get that big dumpster on the roof and what do smokers have to do with it?

    Most of all I think a garbage dumpster that big could bring lots of tourists dollars to Eureka… Is it open to the public? Can we climb inside?

    I was also thinking that maybe it could become the new logo for Humboldt Mirror as well?

    I mean that makes sense right?

    Be well, Deane

  8. Because they recycle? I don’t get it.

  9. Maybe it’s filled with PBR empties?

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