Eureka Wastewater Plan Workshop Thursday night

You know what a workshop is, right? In government terms, it’s the dog and pony show that immediately precedes a rate increase.

You can witness this one for yourself tonight, August 20th, at 6 p.m. at Eureka City Hall located at Fifth and K.

But consider leaving your wallets at home. The way this council has been operating lately, they might skip over the feigned public process and just pick your pockets instead.


11 Responses

  1. There should be some joke in here somewhere about shit rolling downhill or something. Anyone?

  2. Pay as you go?

  3. Petty Larceny: can they use that as the funding plan for Martin’s Slough as well?

  4. Petty Larceny would be a good name for a band.

  5. Shouldn’t the new banner graphics be 666 instead of sevens?

  6. Hot damn, Anonymous. You’re right. That lazy Graphics Department didn’t think this one through. We will immediately request a new slot machine, this one complete with the mark of the beast.


  7. You guys aren’t slot machine players, are you? Interesting. The new ones are MUCH more complex, with 5 or 6 across and multiple, even diagonal ways to win… given what you’ve got to work with, I suggest a road trip for inspiration.

    Here’s a medium one:
    Here’s a more complex one:

  8. Road trip!! Five cases of PBR, two changes of underware, throw it in the back of the Gremlin and head for the Bunny Ranch! Carson City here we come. Thanks for the great idea Rose, wanna come?

  9. You had us at five cases of PBR! Shit howdy, Anonymous. Count us in!!

  10. Damn, Rose. We got us a headache just looking at that shit. We’d need like a physics degree or something just to know if we won.

  11. Bummer about that forecast. Looks like we are in for a lot of Frumpy. LOL

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