News and not-news: It’s all very zen

Inclusionary Zoning, a land-use approach that attempts to increase affordable housing by making housing less affordable, was passed today by the Three Stooges on the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.

Fourth District Supervisor Bonnie Neely led the fight, flanked by the Second District’s Clif Clendenen and the Third District’s Mark Lovelace.

Lovelace explained his vote by pointing to the successful implementation of Inclusionary Zoning in Arcata. Fifth District Supervisor Jill Duffy opposed the motion, noting that Arcata’s housing prices are now the highest in the county.

We would provide the link to the Times-Standard story–if there were a Times-Standard story. But while the county took this momentous turn for the worse, our only daily newspaper posted breaking news stories about Mexican drug law, a dead pop star’s birthday party and sexually active Lutheran clergy.

Thanks, guys! So awesome!! Way to keep your finger on the pulse.

UPDATE: So you’ll notice comments are closed on this post, and many comments have been deleted. We drew the line at the first threatening comment, and deleted everything below that. Because Mirror comments are not necessarily sequential, this resulted in the removal of some content from early today and some up until around 9:15 p.m., when the wheels came off the cart.

It is not cool to make menacing or threatening comments on this blog about anyone, ever. This is not the kind of forum we’re providing.  It’s okay to disagree–we value dissent–but threats are just stupid. The two of you involved in tonight’s incident have been blocked (which we realize reduces our readership by approximately 67%). Comments on this post will not be reopened.

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  1. Well if you need to mule drugs to Michael Jackson’s protestant orgy in Mexico, you’ll be impeccably well informed.

  2. Really good point.

  3. You guys are rocking another Friday night, I see. I’m not sure whether to laugh or call a therapist. You really should get out more. There are hundreds of us who would love a chance to buy you a drink.

  4. That’s not exactly the way Heraldo reported the story.

  5. Well, Heraldo is a retard.

  6. Hopefully voters and moreover contributers will now see the Bon Bon for who and what she is, a power hungry, lying, bitch. When she or one of the stooges calls to put the bite you tell them NO Contribution, No Vote, No way, No how. Might also suggest they get the fuck our of our county. It is also long past due for those who care to end our patronage of businesses who continue to support these dirtbags. Anyone know their home addresses and phones so that we can let them tnow our opinions more personally?

    Hey Bugs, how about “printing” a list of businesses that suported the Bon Bon so we know who to boycott?

  7. Developers will fight just to break even if they force IZ over all multihousing projects. That’s a chance few, if any developers will be willing to take.

  8. Don’t worry, I’m sure you boycott most all of them already

  9. provide the list of the businesses that provide support to the bitch.

  10. Now is finally the tiome for the rational and moderate to rise up and regain control of our county. I agree publish the names of supporters. They need to feel the pain they are causing us and our families. Not one dollar should be spent in their businesses.

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