Well at least she has a good team

We were finally able to dig up an unaltered version of this photo–and you gotta admit Senator Wiggins is looking a bit haggard. But clearly she is surrounded by some of the sharpest legislative aides in the business, who help her navigate the complexities of her position, such as going to the bathroom and taking turns speaking–kind of like kindergarten, only without the little cartons of milk. The Times-Standard has a follow-up story here, while the now infamous ‘Bullshit’ video is here.

Senator Wiggins and her advisors: Keeping America safe for democracy.

Senator Wiggins and her advisors: Keeping America safe for democracy.


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  1. CAUTION: After yesterday’s stupidity, we’re feeling a little manstrual and are in no mood to put up with anyone’s early childhood issues today. Try to be little bit civil because we will delete fuck-everything that appears remotely threatening, menacing or even just dumb. Thanks.

  2. DId you see what Greg Conners said in the Times Standard story?

    “Even if these allegations are true, and she gets the nomination, I’d still vote for her,” Conners said. “The last thing we need is another Republican in the Legislature.”

    That’s an idealogue for you. He’ll take a nut case over someone who doesnt see the world the same way he does.


  3. What we find most interesting about that article is Patty Berg’s quote. While everyone else is sidestepping around Wiggins’ obvious impairment, Patty pushes the questions even further.

    ”It appears that there is something medical going on and what I would hope is that she is going through a comprehensive work-up, including a neurological work-up, to assess what is occurring, and hopefully whatever it is can be fixed,” Berg said. “I’m just really concerned about Pat. She went into this for all the right reasons, but something seems to be amiss.”

    All of this prefaced by Patty saying she considers Wiggins “a good friend.”

    Fortunately, Patty is not our friend. But watch closely now as she and her real friends work to position our very own Bon Bon as a replacement appointment.

    No joke.

  4. Are you fucking kidding me? You’re right, Anonymous. That is that textbook definition of an idealogue. This tells me everything I need to know about the HCDCC. That might be the most outrageous and partisan statement I’ve heard in a long time, and keep in mind we just came through an election between George Bush and Barack Obama.

    In case you’re wondering? I voted for Obama.

  5. “Beautiful.”

    Thank you, Anon.

  6. I have sat at the same dinner table with Senator Wiggins. It is my observation that she has a hearing disability. People with hearing disabilities often have difficulty in large noisy rooms distinguishing what people are saying. She is bright and intelligent. Have some respect for people with disabilities, please!

    This appears to be a politically motivated attack on Senator Wiggins, probably induced by someone wanting her seat.

    The 2/3 majority required to pass the budget is a problem with California. And it is the minority party that refuses to bring in more revenue.

  7. It’s not really about ideology, it’s about representation. I appreciate a legislator who will actually say “bullshit”, don’t you? If it were about ideology there would be a Republican or two in the race, but so far the rumors about Pat Wiggins are being repeated by…other Democrats.

    I’m happy to see the senator’s hearing problems getting some publicity. After three operations my own right ear doesn’t function well. Though I hear fine when I’m on the phone, it’s very hard to follow a conversation in a roomful of people. I like Pat Wiggins personally, appreciate her hard work, and sympathize with her over the hearing problem. Her overcoming of that problem to serve as state senator is an inspiration to everyone who has to accomodate physical disability.

  8. Carol, do not try to make this some sort of bias against disabled people thing. It is not discriminatory to suggest that if a SENATOR IS CRAZY she should relinquish her seat. If she can’t walk, can’t hear, can’t see, whatever, we can work around that. if she CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT she needs to step aside.

  9. I find her writing very intelligent and thoughtful. She has a very caring husband, too. I don’t know where you are getting these allegations of her being crazy. Sounds politically motivated to me to discredit her, so someone else can run for her seat.

  10. Greg, did you or did you not say you would vote for Wiggins even if the allegations are true, because “The last thing we need is another Republican in the Legislature”? Did you say it? That’s what the newspaper reported. Either they got it wrong or you made the most absurdly partisan remark I think I’ve ever heard, and now you’re denying it.

    Don’t try to confuse the issues. No one said the news story was partisan, or the allegations were partisan. They said your quote in the news story was partisan. If that’s how you feel, that you’d rather have a senator who can’t find her way to the toilet instead of a representative from another political party, fine. But don’t try to tell me that’s not an idealogical statement.

  11. Greg–we agree this is an inside job, and Patty Berg is in the thick of it.

    But as you know it can be both a hit and a completely true story. Our sources–and we’ve got some good ones on this–tell us it’s both.

  12. Gotta love the closeted Republicans who “claim” to have voted for Obama

  13. Gotta love a moron who “claims” knowledge of things he can’t possibly know shit about. Idiot.

  14. You don’t know where we’re getting the allegations? From those two big-ass news stories everyone keeps referring to. Shit, Carol. I’m starting to worry about you.

    And come on. Do you think a person who can’t find the crapper is doing all of that intelligent and thoughtful writing? Or do you think, as the articles state, that her advisers are doing it for her?

  15. “Manstrual?” Very nice. Can we steal that one?

  16. Why not? We did.

  17. Denying it? Heck no. Sure, I said it and I meant it. The Republican Party’s minority in the state legislature has even hamstrung Arnold.

    Absurdly partisan? Can’t argue with that. It’s an absurd situation and it’s a partisan office. FYI, I do not always vote party-line.

  18. So then you would rather have a mentally ill person than a Republican serve as this district’s state senator? Seriously that is stunning to me.

  19. Stunning is good. You can believe it’s all partisanship if you like, but as the Republican Party shrinks it is becoming more greatly concentrated with extremists than ever. If you can’t stand liberals, look for moderate Democrats to support. You won’t find many moderates left in the Republican party.

  20. I, too, met with her along with 15+ folks of various political stripes and afterward 98% of them said she is a train wreck waiting to happen.

    I wouldn’t speculate as to the cause of her declining mental state, but she should do herself and her constituents a huge favor and step down.

    What stuns me as how long she and her handlers have been able to keep this outta the press.

  21. Thad’s calling on me is a good measure of how hard it must have been to get people to talk. Please don’t let my comments distract from the greater story. Whoever wins the Democratic nomination will win that seat. When’s the filing deadline? Because that’s about how much patience Pat will get.

  22. So you would vote for Republicans if they weren’t all wrong. We’re kind of back where we started with the partisanship thing.

  23. Yup. Guess so.

  24. So Chris, 14.7 people said these allegations and want her to step down? Unbelievable. This is so politically motivated.
    The underlying question is, who wants the senate seat?

  25. Neely, who could never win it in an election unless she’s appointed to it first. And Berg’s snarky comments are an attempt to pave the way.

  26. Crazy
    Crazy for needing a bel-tone
    Pat’s craaaazy
    Crazy for wanting two terms

    She thought
    We’d love her as long as she wanted
    And then next term
    She’d leave it for somebody new

    Why do you let yourself worry?
    What in the world will you do?

    For thinking Pat Wiggins could hold you
    Im crazy for tryin’ (and I’m)
    Crazy for cryin’—
    And I’m craaaaazy
    For elect-ing yoouuu…

    (repeat last verse)

  27. So awesome.

  28. Home run turtle!

    Another one for the Greatest Hits album

  29. Gotta hand it to Humboldt Turtle! Hats off! Blog hugs!

  30. The 2/3 majority required to pass the budget is a problem with California. And it is the minority party that refuses to bring in more revenue.


    Oh, come on – yes, let’s remove the 2/3 majority required so the Majority Party can SPEND MORE THAN THEY HAVE FASTER AND FASTER. DRIVING THE STATE TO BANKRUPTCY TOOK TOO LONG.

    Patty Berg said, “we don’t have a spending problem, we have a ‘revenue enhancement’ problem” – and if that is how you view things, I don’t even know what to say to you. She can’t take the money away from other people fast enough so she can waste it even faster, and you go along with that?

    As for Wiggins, she came from ranching and winery country, and her work used to reflect that sensible outlook – the nature of the legislation she has been pushing recently suggest to me that SHE is not the one putting forth the proposals.

    But she is a hard worker and a kind person. I wish her well.

    She was damn sure a better legislator than any of the others we have had, and still have. Sure was better than patty Berg and her death-wish legislation.

  31. Yeah Wiggins’ aides, currently serving as the Mind of Pat Wiggins, work harder than Chesbro and Berg put together.

  32. bullshit, Patti intends to run for Wiggins seat if Wiggins is too whig’d out to run herself.


  33. Well Patty is looking to run for that position.

  34. We elect an individual, not their staff.

  35. We elect an idea of what we hope an elected official will be. As humans, they rarely live up to those expectations. Watch closely as Berg orchestrates a speedy replacement of Wiggins. Congratulations Neely, the jig is up.

  36. *shakes head* Hell, anyone serving at Sacramento goes batshit crazy IMO. She just said it out loud.
    If Neely is the “sane” replacement, we’re in big big trouble.

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