BREAKING NEWS: Is Loretta Nickolaus calling it quits?

Tragedy strikes: Is Her Hotness really leaving us?

Tragedy strikes: Is Her Hotness really leaving us?

Numerous sources tell the Humboldt Mirror that Loretta Nickolaus is stepping down from her post as County Administrative Officer, the highest non-elective position in the county. Notice was given recently, with her last day said to be Dec. 18.

The highly respected Nickolaus has long been considered the brightest light in local government. While admittedly some have set the bar rather low, no one but Bonnie Neely ever had a bad word to say about Loretta.

Which of course just made us like her that much more.

32 Responses

  1. No doubt this has something to do with Nicholaus’ outstanding integrity and the longstanding collusion and Brown Act violations among Neely and her henchmen. Look out Humboldt County, this is bad. Very bad. Your local government just took a turn for the worse on a fast track to worser.

  2. She’s not just good looking, but one of the hardest working and most sincere county employees working for taxpayers. PLEASE don’t let this be true. God help us if it is.

  3. Dear Humboldt Mirror,

    I think I would make a great CAO. I’m honest, I’m hard-working, I’m intelligent, and, most obviously, I’m humble. Just think, I could do for the whole County what I have done for the Planning Department.

    Additionally, spin, spin, spin, lie, lie, lie.



  4. Girk,

    I would vote for you. Your sincerity is palpable: “spin, spin, spin, lie, lie, lie” I love it.

  5. The huge question is whether Loretta is really fed up enough to let loose with the secrets that will unravel the Neeley-Lovelace conspiracy. There is little doubt that Nickolaus has enough dirt to bring them down but does she have the willpower to do the right thing and and make the details public. If not Bonnie and Mark will undoubtedly appoint a Faust/Chaiten clone to do their bidding and all sense of integrity and responsibility to the public will be lost. Loretta has the opportunity to go out as the hero she truly is, lets hope she rises to her full capacity and does what needs to be done.

  6. She has been a great asset to county government,and we will miass her beautiful face.

  7. On top of everything else, as we’ve said here before, Loretta is HOT!!

  8. Tragic.

  9. Yes it is true, Loretta will not renew her contract and is stepping back from her role as a public servant. She’s gonna be missed.


  11. I’m a little scared about the direction Humboldt County is heading.
    I think I’d better pay attention.

  12. Loretta looks a little sad in that photo, like she’s already missing the little blue bugs.

  13. Neely has always hated Loretta, which creates this weird dynamic in the office. You’d think the staff would be torn, but in fact they all adore Loretta and wish Bonnie would fall off a cliff. Constant fits, accusations, demands, attitudes, while Loretta is as steady as they come, and one of the most gracious people I’ve ever met. She could be a southerner, and in my book that is high praise.

  14. Fine, admirer, but she is good looking. Like, a lot. But keeping in mind her husband is quite large and could kick a dozen or so asses at once, we mean that in a respectful, almost platonic way, sir.

    Okay no we don’t.

  15. It’s too bad the CAO isn’t an elected position. In a dumb-o-cracy I’d win in a landslide.

    On top of that, spin, spin, spin, lie, lie, lie.

    Very truly yours,


  16. Shit changes fast around here, doesn’t it? Duffy out. Wiggins out. Nickolaus out. They’re all good people, but I worry most about Bonnie and the other two bozos appointing a replacement for Loretta. I can’t wait to see what kind of ass-sucking moron they come up with.

  17. I’ll second that emotion!

    I wouldn’t mind serving under Kirk.



  18. !!! Where the eff have you been, sister? We have a triumphant if mediocre return, and you’re nowhere to be found–until today! Welcome back!! I hope you missed us as much as we missed you. Or close, anyway.

  19. We need not be ragging on Mr. Smith Haynes who can list among his many fine qualities a refined and highly informed distaste for our least favorite supervisor.

  20. You bugs nailed this one out of the park. It might be your biggest scoop ever. I was skeptical at first, but now I’ve heard the confirmation. You did a really good job getting really bad news.

  21. Is this really true? This is the worst thing I’ve heard in a really long time. I can’t believe it. What’s going to happen to us now? She and Jill were the last two people in that office making any sense at all. This is a really sad day for me personally and for the county.

  22. Bon Bon and Mark will appoint some total moron to replace Loretta, and things around here will just get dumber and dumber. Maybe that’s what it will take for Humboldt County to decide that policy is more than politics and elect some true leaders to that board.

  23. Perfect. The Times Standard has a story about Michael Jackson’s death being ruled a homicide (who cares?) but no info about the first swine flu death in the county OR this Loretta thing, both of which are very sad.

  24. I nominate Loretta for Wiggins’ seat. If there is a replacement to be appointed – who would be better.

  25. Well, she makes 157,000 per year. Is she eligible for full retirement benefits?

    If not, that’s alot of money to leave on the table. More than 2x as much as each supervisor.

  26. Money isn’t everything.

  27. Of course she is worth at least twice any Supervisor.

  28. I can’t believe this. So incredibly sad. I wonder if Loretta and Jill know how much they were appreciated and valued. Maybe they do know but having to put up with Lovelace and Neely’s shit every day outweighed all other considerations.

  29. Does anybody else have Phil Crandall on their radar as a replacement? God forbid . . .

  30. Yes, Crandall is in. He was hand picked by Neely and was voted in during the ‘cancelled’ Supes meeting last month.

  31. You don’t know nearly as much as you think you know. Crandall is one of several candidates under consideration. Despite the attempted installation of him last month, there was no vote.

  32. Isn’t she up for the GM job for the fair? I hoped NO ONE would take that job so Stuart Titus would get it back as he deserves.

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