Always the bridesmaid, never the bride*

The Bon Bon’s damp dreams of a state senate appointment went up in smoke Monday when longtime ally and protector Patty Berg climbed over Neely’s considerable rotundness and announced her intention to grab Pat Wiggins’ senate seat for herself.

Oh snap, sistah!! That’s gonna leave a mark! But people–think about it. Berg had been, what? Like seven months without a big guzzle of milk from the public teat? You do not want to stand in the way of that shit.

No wonder the ice queen Ice Berg had such kind and thoughtful things to say about her “good friend” Senator Pat Wiggins last week– remember? Things such as, say, telling a newspaper reporter that Wiggins needed a complete neurological work-up, etc., which is code for “I may be a grizzled old lung transplant candidate, but look at the shit I can still rain down on you, biotch.”

And that’s all it took. Berg 1, Wiggins 0. It remains to be seen whether party leadership will throw candidate Noreen Evans under the bus just to give Berg a few more years of crass manipulation before that big Marlboro Man in the sky calls her home.

But who knows? Dumber things have happened. For example, Humboldt County voters have elected and re-elected Neely to the Fourth District seat since the Reagan administration. And it looks like we’re not rid of her yet.

A girl can dream, can't she?

A girl can dream, can't she?

*(Okay, we know Bon Bon was the bride once, but we got five bucks for anyone who can make heads or tails of that union, and besides, we’re speaking figuratively here.)

21 Responses

  1. I can’t believe how obvious Berg is. Anything to advance herself. The only people who want her to run are those who rely on Berg’s patronage. Disgusting. How about a little new blood in that seat? Someone under the age of 90?

  2. Today’s SF Chron reports Wiggins has already endorsed Assembly member Noreen Evans to replace her in the senate.

  3. You guys are so wrong. Funny, but wrong.

  4. The last time I checked, the People’s Republic of Arcata voted for me! The Queen Bee represents the 4th district (at least for now).

  5. Oh right. We’re still a little groggy from last night’s bender with Graphic’s Department. We still… can’t… believe…. Her Hotness…. So sad.

    Anyway. We have the correct crappy supervisor a-holing the correct district now, we think. Thanks.

  6. Back in the day when Ms. Neely was still a member of the GOP, she requested an appointment in the 1st administration of the Govinator, and was summarily dimissed. Hence, she became a Democrat and returned to screwing over her home county. Funny, how becoming a democract did not gain her any traction with the Wiggy-one.

    The Graphic Department is really pulling out the stops lately!

  7. And you think the other candidates, who do not live in Humboldt ,will represent us better than Berg, who lives here? No.

  8. The other viable candidates could care less about Humboldt County.

  9. What has Evans done for you?

  10. What have any of them done for any of us?

  11. Andy, if this truly is how you feel, and you truly think it’s okay to be sharing these thoughts on a blog while taxpayers pick up the tab, maybe you could go ahead and use your name. There’s something not very professional about an Assembly staffer, even a shitty staffer of a shitty Assemblyman, blogging under the name of “Bitch Fight” against a fellow Democrat. Not very professional at all, but then you have a history of that, don’t you.

  12. One thing I never understood … that IP address you posted a while back? Wasn’t that registered to the state Senate?

    So why does Andy get fingered?

  13. Chesbro’s Assembly staff moved in with Wiggins’ Senate staff. Berg’s Assembly office was shut down. We used other information to narrow the field from there.

    But jeez, Hank. This is a blog. Couldn’t we have just made that shit up if we wanted? We didn’t, but come on. You’re really not being any fun.

  14. The way Andy acts you’d think he was about twelve years old. Did you know he’s in his 50s?

  15. good question 11:31

    Very good question

  16. Seriously? The culprit wasn’t let go? Was there a reprimand?

  17. Do you honestly think Andy gets fingered? Really, unless he’s doing it to himself, I’m skeptical.

  18. And we could care less about YOU Andy.


    Patty does nothing for anyone but herself — aka MOSES who parted the red sea… all by herself…no one else had anything to do with the work done that she constantly takes all the credit for. She is nothing more than a corrupt evil bad denture earing little worm – no different from Bonnie who has more meat on her – so we’ll elevate her to a leech.

    You even want to be AROUND these people?????

  20. What kind of asshole posts IP addresses anyway?
    I thought journalists were supposed to respect the 1st Amendment.

  21. We’d ask you to explain who the journalists might be in this example and how the first amendment might apply, but we couldn’t give two small turds about the specifics of your ignorance.

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