Trial and error

Surf's up, loser.

Surf's up, loser.

While Times-Standard reporters were diligently not reporting word one of the Housing Element discussions, that crack team of reporters did rouse itself long enough to write up this little press release about McKinleyville resident Vernon Weatherford’s alleged DUI crash on Highway 255 near Samoa.

Weatherford had a young mother and her 4-year-old daughter in the car with him when he went ahead and wrapped his rig around a power pole.

The good news is that the child was unhurt, and the 26-year-old alleged douchebag’s pelvis was crushed all to hell, which might be the only thing keeping him from hurting anyone, at least for a while.

Make that a little while. The news release notes that charges anticipated against Mr. Weatherford include driving under the influence and causing injury, being a felon in possession of a handgun, driving on a suspended license and driving under the influence with three prior DUIs in the past 10 years.

Impressive, yes? The guy’s a fucking prodigy. To have accomplished so much at such a young age. His parents must be proud.

But Weatherford is more than just a stack of DUIs. This Sheriff’s Office news release states that he was also arrested in 2004 on charges of torture and false imprisonment.

Does it occur to anyone as odd that a person of Weatherford’s achievements would be in the vicinity of cars, children and power poles, instead of sitting in a cell where he obviously belongs?

Mr. Gallegos, this is where you come in. What this man does next is largely up to you. You have been responsible for prosecuting him since he was 19 years old, and yet here he is, four DUIs and a handful of violent felonies later, still driving around, drunk and with a four-year-old in his car.

It was only a matter of chance that this little girl did not become the next Nicole Quigley. Do your job and stop Weatherford before he becomes the next Jason Whitmill.

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24 Responses

  1. I think Rose just had her first Orgasm in years

    Thanks Bugs

  2. So much easier to bag on Rose than to acknowledge the problems with the DA you morons elected twice. Say what you want about her. She’s right about Paul.

  3. It sounds like that’s one more than you’ve had.

  4. We have that effect on a lot of people.

  5. Hey bugs, they reported about the housing element today. I wonder why now after ignoring it for so long?

  6. I think the person who covers the board meetings was gone for a while. But no excuse. They should have sent someone else.

  7. Good catch – I missed that one – LINK upcoming.

    There’s more like him out there. DUIs are like – nothing to this DA.

    Toddlers wandering, now that’s a serious problem affecting Humboldt County.

  8. They’re all equally lame.

  9. What struck me about the TS coverage was the passive language that has now crept into our news lexicon …

    He allowed his vehicle to drift off the road where it struck a utility pole.

    Yeah, if you don’t watch them closely, those vehicles do all sorts of bad things.

  10. Please Chris, tell me what is factually or grammatically incorrect about that very accurate statement. It’s dry, yes, but it’s accurate and if you had heard my broadcast of the incident it would have sounded almost identical.

    We have no clue whether or not he deliberately drove the vehicle off the road and there is no way to know that. By stating “he allowed” we can deduce that he was the driver, lost control in one form or fashion and the vehicle left the roadway.

    Pointing out the use of the word “it” makes even less sense. The car, in this sentence the “it” did hit the utility pole. The driver didn’t hit it, the vehicle did. That’s as accurate as you can be in describing what happened.

  11. We allowed comments on this post to drift off the road until they struck two frustrated grammarians.

  12. I almost allowed myself to drift off to sleep during Whitman’s stump at Baywood last night, but the little old lady standing next to me kept elbowing me in the ribs every time she gleefully raised her hands to applaud each time Whitman used the word “money.”

    Her reaction was almost orgasmic.

  13. Which brings us full circle on today’s comments.

  14. Dan: Saying “he allowed his vehicle” to drift off of the road is about as bright as when cops say, “he exited the vehicle.” Technically correct, but very bad!

    It makes everyone laugh.

  15. Not exactly bugs

    Going over the top.

    Not joking this time. While some argue syntax and sentence structure, some damn fool fucked himself and some other people up badly.

    Dan wants to defend his journalistic principles while the reality is that this dude, not unlike Chris Burgess chooses to test the strength of the fabric instead of adding to the weave. I read the report. This a-hole needs to take a long day off.

    I have children too. If some sociopathic jerkoff puts them at risk, I will forgo my otherwise tender mercies and poetic tolerances to exclude damn, dangerous fools. In short, I will kick ass as well as this 45 year old body and 45 S&W can.

    It’s not a matter of prosecution nor is it a matter of journalistic integrity. It is a matter of brutal ridicule when it comes to the dull, the stupid, the dangerous and the ignorant.

    If the DA can’t do it, then perhaps public outrage can get it done.

    I am so with you on this Bugs.

    And Dan….when your kid gets creamed by some drunk fool with priors, then and only then will you be entitled to have an opinion about this kind of journalistic entitlement.

    The fundamental realities are right there in front of us. The bullshit swirls in strange patterns all caught up in intellectual pastures and rigid ideological barbwire.

    Don’t know about you but I’d prefer the ridiculed motivation over the tragedy.

    Journalists? There are none here.

    Just a bunch of verbose miscreants with a lot of time on their hands.

    Maybe you self-importanced dickwads should run for public office. You’ll fit right in. After all, air is not authority and ink is not without its blots.

    There are bigger markets where bigger parts of your souls
    get sold.

    In the meantime, drive those aging Celica’s carefully.

    It doesn’t take much horsepower to fuck up a life.

  16. Journalists? There are none here.

    Sure there are. Look at all the superduperdoper stories every week, You get pot on every cover. Dude, what do you want?

  17. Hey dog, here’s a suggestion, go have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up. Your overwrought scribblings make for a fun read, but I report on events that happen in our community. I don’t get to make shit up, inject what I think or believe may have happened, that’s what blogs are for.

    You want to preach, go the fuck on and preach, hell come on down to Eureka Broadcasting and get yourself an interview with the boss so you can take to the air in our community comment forum.

    That’s where you get to toss out whatever fucked up notion is swirling around your head. I am restricted, I have to report fact, I don’t get the liberty of injecting speculation into what I report. Plus, I am too busy self importancing myself.

  18. “I almost allowed myself to drift off to sleep during Whitman’s stump at Baywood last night, but the little old lady standing next to me kept elbowing me in the ribs every time she gleefully raised her hands to applaud each time Whitman used the word “money.”

    Her reaction was almost orgasmic.”

    Now that’s eschewing the liberty of injecting speculation all right. My, Dan, I always thought you were sort of a giddy, happy talk kind of reporter. Now I can see you are really quite passionate. Aren’t you?

    Now, before you get all twisted up again, let me say that I do enjoy your stories. They are neatly animated. I like that. I just don’t take them all that seriously.

    And Dan, if you think working for Hugo, Brain and Barb is the epitome of journalistic excellence, well let’s just say there are other interpretations. They’re good folks who work hard. No rap on them. But I think you have to admit that the KINS Stylebook is not exactly required reading in any J-school masters program. But, you probably wouldn’t know that.

    Besides, I hold an ‘Overwrought Scribblings’ permit authorization from Bugs. (Suitable for framing) I guess you don’t have one of those.

    So take it easy cool papa. It’s a blog. Not the National Review. I’m just tossing out whatever fucked up notion swirls around my head. I can see you know what that’s like.

  19. You wanted to sleep rather than listen to what Meg Whitman had to say. Wow. That’s really telling.

    Dan, I am a little shocked at your comments here. You are one of the best-liked reporters up here. But, man – If that is what you took away from Meg Whitman’s speech, you should not be covering any stories that have to do with any kind of finance, because you may be blinded by your own financial condition and viewing things through that class warfare prism. I’m stunned actually.

    You may not be able to relate to Meg Whitman – her life story, her accomplishments, her ability to look at a complex set of financial reports and business practices, and take it up and streamline it, and make it efficient, successful and prosperous – but, Dan, the ability to create wealth is not something to spit at and be envious of. If the woman next to you was happy about the idea that this state can be brought out of bankruptcy, and that she and others can build a business and prosper, you should be happy. It means that you and your friends can get jobs, maybe better paying jobs. It might even mean you can open your own station someday.

    Dan, Hank gets away with throwing the F-bombs because he doesn’t come from an angry place. What you have just done is put your future job aspirations in jeopardy, because any future employer who googles your name is going to find these comments and they’re not going to like what they see. It tells something about you. And not, I think, what you wanted it to say.

  20. Dan, Are you just stupid. Meg Whitman was impressive. A very successful women in many ways with some solid ideas for California and our future. From someone with a very impressive track record. The crowd was very excited, you could not hardly have slept through her speech. Not because of the lady next to you but the whole room was clapping. If that is all you got out of event do not even bother reporting cause you just don’t see. Oh and as far as wording, you swear like you report. ” I have to report fact”, buddy what you reported was bullshit not fact.

  21. Boy, you sure showed him up HumRed

    Way to go slugger

  22. OK – Dan, I have reread this thread and I can see that was more a stab at humor in the vein of ‘drifting off’ orgasmic comments. I guess the trouble with, and the beauty of most all humor is that little grain of truth that might have gotten you in trouble here. So, off the hook, but not entirely.

  23. Ok, y’all, lets get back to the subject matter at hand. Our illustrious DA, is in a word, incompetant. Mr. DUI is yet another shinning example of the complete and utter failure of our prosecutorial honcho to remove trash from the steets. (a mixed metaphor, I know), but lets not forget the real story here….once more, a repeat FELON is driving a car and causing trauma. Thank-you, Mr. Gallegos, District Asshole, go smoke another bong!

  24. Hey, isn’t the District Asshole’s forehead getting bigger? Does anyone know how he gets that damn forehead so shiny? Maybe he buffs it out with turtle wax or maybe Armorall? Somebody needs to tone that ever widening forehead down before it blinds some poor pilot flying over Humboldt at 20 thousand feet and causes a catastrophic plane crash.

    Just a thought.

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