Eeny, meeny, miny–noooo!!

Morticia Sopoci-Belknap

Morticia Sopoci-Belknap: She's creepy and she's kooky, mysterious and spooky.

File this one under God Help Us All.

Could there be, as Ryan Hurley reports, a possible Bonnie Neely–Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap showdown looming in the fourth supervisorial district?

You may remember Sopoci-Belknap as the Addams Family-esque champion of unconstitutional ordinances, massive water rate increases and specialized geriatric care.

Her candidacy would turn that race into the “Sophie’s Choice” of local elections, only without any hot chicks or convincing performances.

Deciding between those two would be like trying to choose which eardrum to puncture with an icepick, or which testicle to set ablaze.

Who knows. Maybe David Cobb was speaking out of turn, and when he got home from that interview someone gave him a very naughty spanking.

Photo ripped off from here and here.

31 Responses

  1. “Deciding between those two would be like trying to choose which eardrum to puncture with an icepick, or which testicle to set ablaze.”

    Holy fucking shit, my little bugsy. I have never before read WORDS SO TRUE!

    That is a choice between really shitty and disgusting.

  2. You’re so right. Kaitlin is like an exact cross between Morticia and Wednesday. And what a weirdo. To listen to people talk about what poise she has, what a great public servant she is, all I have to say is you should see her when the public’s not watching and the camera’s aren’t rolling.

  3. There’s a reason her nickname is “Freak Show”

  4. Naughty spankings don’t even scratch the surface

  5. That could be her campaign slogan. “Vote Kaitlin: She’s altogether ooky.” It’s perfect.

  6. Oh, Humbugs, once again, I’m politically far afield from you

    But You still can crack me up every time.

  7. Naw, the ugliest supervisor award has to go to former Sup. Johanna Rodoni. Since she’s left, Bonnie no longer has anywhere to hide.

    I think she mistook her compact for a can of Copenhagen

  8. Actually, Johanna is quite attractive in a cowgirl kind of way. Perhaps, 9:08, your preferences lean toward the smelly, braided armpit, and dreads type. I respect your right to choose. I have, however, heard no argument from anywhere or anyone as to the ultimate uglyness of the Bon Bon, she does indeed reign supreme. UUGH, spit, spit, yeech, this whole idea has renewed the mental picture of Bonnies mug atop Carrie Pragean’s tits.

  9. Attractive? Ha! I know an attractive cowgirl when I see one, and Johanna hasn’t a shot in hell in joining that club . You have some taste my friend-

    Johanna attracts more flies than a moist cowpie

  10. I have wished many times that Roger hadn’t died, but never as much as now. Because if he were here he’d thank you for talking about Johanna that way by first beating the shit out of you and then shoving it down your throat. I’d almost pay money to watch that.

  11. You partisan politics have no boundaries, do they?

    Cheers my friend!

  12. Real big talk for an anon. Karma is a wonderful thing. Hope you get yours with a tasty side dish. Of course you would not understand the comment about Roger as it would take teste which you lack.

  13. No more so than yours. Cheers to you, fumbledick!!

  14. LOL – It is good to see Buhne back in action.

  15. Nobody asked us, but we’d much rather spend four years of manipulating images of Morticia Sopoci-Belknap than Bonnie. We draw straws now to see who is going to get stuck with the tortuous task of viewing that Medusa head up close on our computers. (Eww, we threw up in our mouths a bit just thinking about it.)

  16. The USGS just registered you as a 10 on the Dichter Scale. Johanna is beautiful and a beautiful person. She would never stoop as low as you just did stooge.

  17. Kym, you may have gotten hotter since the last time we saw you.

  18. Hey! David Cobb has a mustache!

  19. Hilarious. Great job on the photo. After seeing Hurley’s interview of Cobb I would’ve thought Cobb was a little light in the loafers (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But I guess that shows who wears the pants (?) in that family.

  20. I love this

  21. If Johanna just had a mules tail, she could shoo away those nasty flies

  22. Yea, real men take shots at widows. Course from past comments you have been ID’d as SFB trog material.

  23. But he is Still David Cobb with corn UP HIS ASS

  24. I can’t wait until the phone photo’s and videos from Kaitlin and Cobb’s little “freaky” type of “wierdo” monthly sex parties is on line. I mean what the fuck? A troglidite can run in this county.

  25. SFB trog? As in troglodyte? What’s the SFB?

  26. I put a chastity belt on my pug. I wouldn’t trust ol Kaitlin or Cobb around my pal. They might be jonesing from their monthly orgy!

  27. Yikes.

    I’ll alert the pack.

  28. What the hell is wrong with you ANON! Johanna is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Fuckin dick wad dick!!!

  29. THESE TWO NUTS are truely a freak show. Are they heraldo? A real possibility. Are they good for this county? No. Are they slick con artists? Yes. Is their lifestyle as ugly as their personas? Big Yes.

  30. Ugliest supervisor? That’s easy. Jill Giest.
    Kaitlin should run. One progressive against 3 conservative former Republicans.

  31. Your grasp of fact isn’t so much.

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