Larry Glass teaches us all a valuable lesson

At least he's fashionable.

At least he's fashionable.

Dear Larry Glass,

Thank you for recognizing the obvious and dropping your poorly conceived rental housing ordinance before wasting any more time and money trying to shove that bag of crap down the throats of an unwilling electorate.

However, please do not think you have a pass on whatever new idea you rolled out at the workshop Tuesday night.

Oh–remember that event? The one that was so poorly noticed attendance dropped from a couple hundred at the previous meeting to fewer than a couple dozen on Tuesday? Weird, huh?

We could find no advance word of the meeting anywhere, except of course on your friend’s blog, the same forum you routinely use to distribute your talking points, reward your friends and punish those who dare to oppose you.

But you, great man of the people that you are, somehow failed to send that announcement to this blog, which as you know has been following the issue somewhat closely.

Still, the little upset over this proposed ordinance pointed out to those of us who don’t drink your grape kool-aid how out of touch you are with the residents of this city and how easily you can be stopped when we put our minds to it.

Thank you for that. It’s a lesson we won’t soon forget.

Hugs from the bugs.


27 Responses

  1. But if he announced the meeting here people who disagree with him would go to it, and you know how he feels about disagreement.

  2. Good Christ that guy is ugly.

  3. Keep in mind he doesn’t need popular support for his dumb ideas to be implemented. He doesn’t even care if he has popular support. All he needs are two other council members to go along with him, and if we don’t get off our asses he’ll get them in the next election. And then I can guaranfuckingtee you he will be back with this same fucked up ordinance. Again, because he doesn’t care if his constituents agree or not. It’s all about his agenda, and this is definitely on his agenda.

  4. But fashionable! We gave him a super-cool trucker’s cap and everything!!

  5. Unless you gave him a hat big enough to hide under, there’s no disguising his ugly.

  6. So what does Larry Glass have against Rick Wakefield?

  7. Jealous of his business success?

  8. And luck with the ladies?

  9. He’s too sexy for his hat.

  10. Sigh (shaking her head at the bugs) What kind of bugs are you? Fleas?

  11. Gee whiz Carol that was sooo funny. Now that you’ve put in you 2 cents worth go back to sleep or just go away.

    This is good stuff. Especially happy to see that others notice the cozy relationship with that other blog.

  12. You hit the nail on the head with Larry Glass.

    It’s not about what’s best for Eureka.

    It’s all about his agenda.

    The radical left and his kitchen cabinet of David Ogden and Melvin McKinney whispering in his ear what to say and do.

    I’ve heard Larry say, “I’m gonna call Heraldo and tell HER what to post about …”

    Maybe it’s time for a Google lawsuit to “out” the anonymous Heraldo. Not sure we would be all that surprised who she is.

  13. Does that hat say DUNCE or DEUCE? Either way, really.

  14. I think Larry’s hat says “Douche”

  15. Word on the street is Larry is spitting mad. But I gather the doors are still on their hinges.

    It’s a bitch having to listen to the PEOPLE and not just the people who got you in there, though for the life of me I cannot figure out why this would be a part of anyone’s ‘agenda.’

    Perhaps it was a legitimate attempt to solve a complaint, just following the usual politician’s path, construct a new and punitive layer of bureaucracy as opposed to taking a look at existing laws, ordinances and regulations and enforcing those, and recognizing that you cannot and should not control everything. And failing to understand that killing off your own good citizens is not what you’re in office for. “Oh, but they’re just rich filthy, moneygrubbing landlords… so who cares?” Well, Larry, they’re the people who provide that “affordable housing” you are supposed to care about. They are people who have invested in your community. They are people who probably supported you in your run for office, and they are people who shop at your store. They’re the people who make this a great place to live – and if you drive them off, or out of business, this is going to be a very sorry place indeed.

  16. Louses. Remember? And is that the same as lice? We don’t really want to be lice, but louses has a decent ring to it.

  17. I see your point. B.B.F.F.!

  18. Is Heraldo really a “her”

  19. She isn’t

  20. Do tell, Mr. Dog.

  21. There’s just no scraping the ugly off of that mug.

  22. They aren’t (?)


  23. What do you know? Come on, man. Dish.

  24. Doors on their hinges and wheels off the cart.

  25. ok ok

    Heralda is Bonnie

    Cobb and Kaitlin are work study interns.

    Clif is forced to type with a leg chain on every day but Tuesday….but Salzman checks his work because he doesn’t spell all that well.

    And anon, you might as well know….Bonnie is impersonating bugs too. Just cultivating your ip addresses for a future harvest. It explains the long absence and the attenuated focus on the princess and her court.

    Lulling you into a false sense of security.

    The graphics department is the only source you can trust and that window only exists for a few hours each day. It’s PBR-induced indentured servitude and you have to get them when the BAC is .15 or less. It’s a conspiracy anon.

    The real bugs is being held in the courthouse catacombs with only food stamps to eat.

    Trust no one and be very afraid unless, like me…you blog from the animal shelter.

    Vital stats are performing surveillance from the Courthouse cafeteria and there my friend, is where you’ll find…

    your dish.

    (Unless you’re asking about Loretta. But that’s another story)

  26. Larry has different constituents from every other councilmember.

    How many times does he tell us about “his” constituents and say “at least the people I represent”.

    The thing is Larry’s ego is so gigantic he doesn’t have a clue about what Eureka residents think and since he doesn’t live in Eureka he doesn’t care. I think his “constituents” are probably Arcata folks like Heraldo aka Richard Salzman et al.

  27. We’re so busted!!

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