Lawmakers amend Berg’s ‘Death with Dignity’ bill to apply to her career

Berg Smoking

Light 'em if you got 'em.

A bill that would humanely terminate the tottering career of former Assemblywoman Patty Berg is picking up support in committee and could be headed for a vote in the senate.

Modeled after Berg’s own “Compassion and Choices,” a failed initiative which would have legalized assisting in the deaths of the terminally ill, Santa Rosa Assemblywoman Noreen Evans’ “Compassion and Choice of Adult Diapers and Nursing Homes” targets old, worn out politicians who don’t have the sense to quit.

“The logic of assisted career suicide is more compelling than ever since that battle-ax Berg shoved Wiggins under the crazy bus to free up the Second District senate seat,” Evans said.

“That move left little doubt that her career is terminal. It’s time to do the right thing and help put it out of its misery.”

Berg, who was termed out of the state assembly in January, announced in the Eureka Times-Standard last week that she was considering a run for Wiggins’ seat. She has also filed papers declaring her intent to run for state insurance commissioner in 2010, when she will be 143 years old.

Evans said repeatedly that her support of the bill was not a reflection on Berg’s achievements.

“She’s done so many good things for the elderly,” Evans said. “Especially herself.”

One insider who spoke on condition of anonymity noted that Berg’s comments about a senate run have been something less than inspiring.

“It would be one thing if she were able to articulate a vision, explain to us what she hoped to accomplish in the senate. But so far it sounds like she wants to be a senator only because she doesn’t really want to be an insurance commissioner,” the insider said. “No one I know thinks she should be either.”

But supporters called those statements “unfair,” and pointed to her past accomplishments, including meddling extensively in county affairs and bringing forward 17 different bills with the word “compassion” in the title.

Berg said if elected she would earn $116,280, issue endless proclamations about nothing, and fill the senate chamber with crocheted doilies and old-lady smell.

Photo janked from here.

14 Responses

  1. Steve Poizner is doing a good job as insurance commissioner. I may cross party lines and vote for him.

  2. Monday Morning Muddle . . . Isn’t Poizner running for governor? If so, then I won’t be voting for him. Musical chairs, anyone?

  3. MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND CAROL. For Christ-sakes.

    Back to Berg. I will never vote for her again. I am embarrased I voted for her before.

  4. Carol, we forgive you for a little Monday morning flip-flopping. Hugs!!!

  5. I have almost been run off the road by the chain smoking Assemblywoman who is more dangerous on the road than any texting crazed teen. I say get her back in office and safely back in Sacramento, where she can’t take out any Humboldt County folk.

  6. Ms. Berg’s defining characteristic must be that horse like grin she stretches her face into for photo-ops. I had occasion to observe her at a photo-op and was convinced she had to have a least 1/2 a jar of vasline on those gigantic teeth to get her lips to slid that much.
    And that is a sad commentary on her attributes as an elected representative that I notice her painful smile more than her legislative abilities.

  7. great photo,she looks much worse in person

  8. (re: the photo) All she needs is a blindfold, and she is ready!

  9. Carol, how can you tell if an insurance commissioner is doing a good job? Is insurance commissioner really a job at all, or just some staging area for timed-out senators and the like while they await a new opening?

  10. Uh, for what?

  11. Good for Patty. At least someone in the local Democratic Party had the courage to tell the truth. Pat Wiggins is the nut. It’s time that old bat resign.

  12. Carol Conners a so-called Democrat wants to vote for a Republican like Poizner for Governor? No wonder the Conners are a joke in Humboldt County.

  13. Personally, Anonymous, we think voting for the most competent candidate, regardless of party affiliation, is actually quite admirable.

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