Lowe’s and Santa Rosa: Evidently not building something together

Thank God this gorgeous piece of property won't be wasted on a hardware store.

Thank God this gorgeous piece of property won't be ruined by a crappy hardware store.

Humboldt County’s chances of becoming the next Santa Rosa got a little better yesterday when the city council there voted to block the construction of a national hardware store on an abandoned piece of property not far from a Costco.

Among local business leaders arguing that the new store would “harm the community” was a hardware store owner named Bill whose business bears his family name.

Sound familiar?

In this case, though, the chain retailer is Lowe’s instead of Home Depot, and the local hardware store is called Friedman’s, not Pierson’s.

The story didn’t mention whether Bill Friedman bankrolled the campaigns of the council members who voted against the project.

Because despite the hyperbole from our local “progressives,” Santa Rosa and Humboldt will never be that much alike unless our friends to the south learn to bring that kind of stink to the game.

Photo credit: John Burgess, the Press Democrat

74 Responses

  1. No fucking way. The similarities to Eureka are beyond uncanny. Although you bugs are good at it, you couldn’t make shit up like this. My guess is that Friedman, like our local Pierson, forked out money to politicians. When you want to protect the family business in the face of competion, you can’t afford to just leave things up to chance.

  2. I think it’s interesting that the article states Lowe’s survey found 80 percent of the community polled were in favor of the store, yet the politicians killed the project because they know what’s best for the people. I am getting tired of the government telling me what’s best for me and everybody else.

  3. I think an eco-friendly hostel would fit nicely on that big dirt lot.

  4. With a duck pond!!

  5. Funny…

    You failed to mention that Lowes is owned by Wal-Mart.

    You know I’m not surprised…

  6. If Rob Arkley wants to sway the City Council to help his business interests, he simply conducts backdoor meetings with the council, then threatens them as necessary.

    Much cheaper that way, right Bugs?

  7. And If that doesn’t work, just bring on the Lawsuits

    So much for saving some money!

  8. Who cares who owns it?

  9. If the city doesn’t want to get sued, it should make good and goddamn sure it doesn’t fuck with Rob’s projects just because once, back in the day, Rob stepped on Larry’s dick. But you and everyone else in this town know if Rob suggested building a bird-shit powered eco hostel Larry would find something wrong with it.

    When are you stupid fucks going to learn that the progs don’t give a shit about the environment? They certainly don’t give a shit about you. The game is power. They want to force you to live according to their dictates (although they don’t live by them themselves), and Rob’s big crime against humanity is that he told them to go fuck themselves.

  10. There used to be an old axiom in politics. The Democrats say ‘give us all your money.’ The Republicans say ‘give us all your rights.’ What we have with the regressive progressives is a demand for both. And you pussies sit there and let Mark fucking Lovelace decide how you should live your life like he has the first god damn clue about anything other than how to suck Ken Miller’s dick. Yeah bash Rob Arkley. Maybe that’s how you live with your weaknesses.

  11. Uh oh bugs. Another post that mentions fat but sacred cow Bill Pierson. You remember what happened last time. It’s gonna bring the wingnuts out of the woodwork again.

  12. That makes it evil. What are you, dumb?

  13. Someone should add up the number of lawsuits Rob has filed compared to the number Pete Nichols has out there. Lawsuits are fundraisers for that loser. Half of Rob’s suits counter suits filed by PayKeeper. So if you have something against litigation, you’re playing for the wrong team dumbass. Go back and get those talking points cleaned up.

  14. Let’s bring it fellow SN apologists!

  15. When are you stupid fucks going to learn that Rob doesn’t give a shit about anyone in Eureka?

  16. All that philanthropy must be a huge scam he’s pulling on us. What have YOU ever done for Eureka?

  17. Because anyone who does not agree with you works for SN. Perfectly logical. And consistent with the brilliance of your other statements.

  18. Yeah, you know the first rule of blogging, don’t you? Don’t feed the morons. They’ll follow you forever if you do.

  19. Suck his dick why don’t ya

  20. Hold him back Randy

    good boy

  21. Does that help you? Does it make you feel better? Does your dick grow a little bit? Does hating Rob Arkley make up for your inadequacies? Then have at it little man. It’s obviously weighing on you and isn’t hurting him a bit.

  22. It’s twice the size of yours

  23. Oh it’s hurting Randy.

    His knees and asshole will never be the same

  24. That’s right, Anon. It’s so hard for you when your bullshit doesn’t fool anyone. Poor little man. I’d tell you to learn to live with the rejection, but you’ve been living with it your entire life.

  25. You’ve never been top of anything or anyone, but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming.

  26. Ah yes. Of course you like men. Do you wear your mommy’s nightgown while you’re at it, you pretty thing?

  27. Nothing worse than a Democrat with money

  28. Wow, that site in Santa Rosa makes the Balloon Tract look like the French Riveria

  29. Can’t be, Anonymous. The French Riviera doesn’t need Pete Nichols to protect it.

  30. From that photo though it’s hard to see all the used syringes and homeless folk

  31. Settle down Randy

    Must be happy hour at Kates

  32. Marina Center…for the Money!

  33. Progress just isn’t quite the same without Home Depor or Lowes

  34. Spoken like an elitist who doesn’t need a job. How about you decide where you want to work and shop and I’ll make my own decisions.

  35. That there’s some prime fucking real estate obviously in need of protection. Can’t we get Pete out there to conduct some more of his scientific tests?

  36. By the way Bugsy, I’m not a linguist or anything but it does seem to me that all of the Arkley hating comments here tonight have a certain tone and tenor in common. Did all of those comments come from just one person?

  37. As to the number of anti-Arkley commenters, we can say only that there is more than zero but fewer than two.

    Look–he’s surly, sure, but also wickedly funny when he wants to be. Give the guy a chance. He grows on you over time.

  38. So all the contributions from local developers and real estate agents is only good for a passing smile?

  39. Sure. Let’s do a dollar-by-dollar comparison back through the 2006 cycle. Everything from Bill, his wife and the businesses he owns, vs. everything from everyone else in every election put together. His contributions exceed all others combined, and that includes the Blue Lake Casino. Do the math and then see if you still feel like smiling. Personally I don’t think one man no matter how rich should be controlling city and county governments. You progs make a big enough fuss about Arkley but somehow don’t mind at all when Pierson does it up bigger than Arkley ever did. It’s this double standard that has convinced me and many others that you don’t actually have any standards at all. As the humbug would say, be proud.

  40. Security National always needs someone to blame, so I’m happy to provide the carrot in this ass race

  41. Security National doesn’t know or care that you exist.

  42. Hey!! We can do our own talking, thank you very much.

    So yeah. You know. Be proud, Anonymous.

  43. Gosh guys I think this issue hasn’t been fully discussed until we’ve heard from Andy Bird. Has that great thinker, prominent failed journalist and inveterate gasbag weighed in yet? Maybe under the pseudonym “Wes Chesbro’s Tiny Cock”? My day’s not complete until I’ve gotten more of his sagacious insights, preferably written on state time.

  44. I recall that most if not all of the recent campaign races have had similar amounts of cash in their respective war chests. Without Pierson, the progs probably would not be able to compete. I guess that’s what your looking for given the results from elections over the past several years.

  45. So it’s okay for one guy to buy up a city council to stop a competing store from moving into town, because without his money the progs couldn’t compete? That’s some kind of logic you have there.

  46. Your right, it’s much more effective to pull each council member aside behind closed doors in order to protect your business

  47. Anon, you are one dumb fuck. Rob, Gans, and SN do not care shit about your opinion. Tell me shit for brains, how many jets you have in your fleet. How many millions could you give away to the community and not miss a penny of it. You just got dick envy. Does not have to be a big one for you to envy, just having one which you do not seem to have dummy. Funny part is you do not even get it.

  48. More effective and way more ethical.

  49. He doesn’t get it but that hasn’t stopped him from leaving every anti Arkly comment on here. That’s more than zero but less than two obsessed freaks.

  50. PAYkeeper! Love that! Dang! I call him the “moneykeeper” or “moneygrubber” – but PAYkeeper, that is a keeper!

  51. Lowe’s isn’t owned by Wal-Mart. It is traded on the stock market.

  52. I missed the Happy Hour at the humbugs.

  53. What? Something an obsessed Arkley hater said isn’t true? Get the fuck outta here.

  54. Sweetie–the bar’s always open for you. Okay. And Greg. Damn.

  55. More ethical?

    What a f’ing joke!

  56. Thanks! I’ll try not to be so late to the party. Hugs!

  57. ah, the voice of reason!

    so if I get a jet, or multiple jets to create this fleet, can I be your friend?

  58. Grows on me over time? No thanks…

  59. Yea, yea, yea, whatever.

    You people want Lowe’s for some reason, but have you ever done business with them? They are garbage. They sell the lowest price goods at everyday low ass prices… which is Chinese melamine crapboard that is unsuited for our damp climate. They will subcontract the dumbest people for installation. Sure, you save $200 on that window installation. Then, when you can’t close the window without pushing sideways on it because the low-bidder dumbass contractor who would never get work normally installed the frame wrong, you can’t get a discount or even a different contractor. What they do is send the same screw loose over to try to fix it at which point they’ll just glue on some shims and call it good. If you want crap service like this, just order all your hardware off the internet and put out an ad on craigslist for any random cheapass never heard of him contractor to come do the work.

    Not like Pierson’s is dank. I never shop at that piece. But for real, Lowe’s will not save you money in the long run. If all you care about is saving some ducats on some random hardware, just go to the junkyard and put it together yourself like a real man… or woman or bug or whatever.

  60. What I care about primarily is getting to make my own choices and not have Mark Lovelace or Larry Glass or you decide what’s good for me.

  61. I understand that. Just saying Lowe’s is bullshit and you aren’t missing anything.

    Wal-Mart I can see. I sort of like Wal-Mart.

  62. Oh okay. I’ve never been to Lowe’s but I’ll take your word for it. Wal-Mart I can do without, but I remember feeling different before Target came along.

  63. I have been to a Lowe’s (more than once) and it is a good store, a pleasant shopping experience.

  64. How about backing up your talking points there, Mr. Nice?

    Lowes, like Pierson’s, like Home Depot, Like Forbusco, has lower cost, lower quality items.

    They also sell higher quality stuff, not just the “Chinese melamine crapboard” you smear everything sold by Lowes with, at lower, (at times MUCH LOWER prices) than Piersons or Forbusco.

    Basically, I echo the comment saying that we’d like the choice of shopping there, not elitist prigs like Mr. Nice telling us what’s best for us.

  65. I like Wally-World, I travel to shop @ Wally’s, even better is making the trip to Brookings to hit Fred Meyer. It is worth the gas to get quality at price this working mom can afford. I will not contribute one penny to the tax base of Arcata unless it is at a national chain store (like CVS or Safeway), and I am rapidly becoming that way about Eureka. Why should I spend my money to support foolish, stupid policies perpetuated by the ‘powers that be’ in Eureka? My choices are made for different reasons than politics, economics being foremost, but there is a certain satisfaction in denying my hard-earned money to Pierson’s.

  66. I’m not saying Lowe’s sucks because it is a big corporation or that I would like to block big corporations or any of that garbage. I’m saying Lowe’s sucks. I have the same low opinion of Home Depot. I have had to deal with living in places where those were the only options. And you list of a gang of stores and claim you don’t have enough freedom of choice because the crappiest store isn’t in that list.

    Just go to Harbor Freight if you want cheap bullshit with a 0 knowledge staff. I have no problem with big box stores. I think Wal Mart would be cool to have around. Wouldn’t have to drive to Ukiah/Crescent City for any reason.

    How am I supposed to back up my shit when this is all just my opinion anyway? If your store has shitty service and a shitty return policy and hires shitty subs, I am going to talk some shit. That’s all there is to it.

    Y’all watch way too much motherfucking tv if you think Lowe’s is any good.

  67. Mr. Nice, our spam filter keeps sending your comments into the bin with the Viagra links and penis-extension ads. This happens from time to time, and we’re helpless to fix it. We’ll sift through the trash from time to time and salvage what we can. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

  68. Oh Mr. Nice, these folks could care less about Home Depot or Lowes products or customer service. Settling a grudge against one particular local business owner is the objective. (apologies in advance to all the other local hardware stores, nothing more than a case of collateral damage)

  69. Why not forward all the Viagra and penis growth aid spam to Markypoo. I understand he could use the help.

  70. Funny. I’m aware of only one business owner in town paying off politicians to thwart competition. Apologies in advance to all the people who can’t find jobs or pay reasonable prices to maintain their homes. Nothing more than a case of collateral damage.

  71. The only ethical way to do business is with backdoor handshake deals and innocent bribing. Elections still require the general voting public to cooporate. You can’t expect them to follow thru with a grudge.

  72. The only ethical way to do business is let the market decide, which is exactly what you don’t want to see happen.

  73. He’s just another limp-dick free-market loser. Let him whine. No one cares.

  74. Wally World, from National Lampoons Vacation, is a fun place that you can break into while it is being renovated, and hold up a security guard with a pellet gun, while your family rides the roller coaster. (Anyone remember the name of the ride?) Then, when Wally comes with the cops and the feds, you can talk him out of arresting you and your family by telling a sob story about your adventures in getting there, like your great aunt dying after dragging her dog tied to the bumper of your car. Then you get to ride the rides with Wally, they take your picture, you eat ice cream, and everyone is happy. đŸ™‚ Yay!

    Wal-Mart is a little different. It’s a sad place where employees are paid slave wages and their hours are kept just below full time so they don’t get insurance or vacations. The products and policies are similar to Lowes, it’s all cheap plastic crap from China that someone here in the U.S.A. used to make, until their job was outsourced. Sometimes, they(those whose job was outsourced) get a job at Wal-Mart for half or less of their old pay, and definitely half or less of their old hours. If they get a break after working 5.99 hours, they sometimes take a break in the break room and drool over Medi-Cal and foodstamp information that their bosses leave to taunt them. Usually, they make just enough money to not qualify for aid. Wal-Mart is good for houseless camps in the parking lot. Too bad Wal-mart doesn’t sell alcohol, it would help drown the sorrows of some of the people who had good paying manufacturing and/or retail jobs at the local but now empty storefronts and warehouses where they used to work. The empty buildings are really good for smoking crack and shooting methamphetamines, and it’s really fun to set them on fire for Halloween.

    See! Every story has a happy ending…Yay!

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