This speaks for itself

We have not been persuaded by arguments that Lowe’s should be rejected because of its possible impact on other retailers. In fact, the City Council should be wary of such protectionist rhetoric. The general plan and zoning code should be used to ensure good planning, not to protect certain businesses.

– From a Santa Rosa Press Democrat editorial today in response to the city council’s rejection of a Lowe’s hardware store, which was prominently lobbied against by a local hardware store owner.


16 Responses

  1. City millions in the hole and turns away businesses because a hardware store owner doesn’t want to have to compete. Where have we heard that one before?

  2. Doesn’t exactly sound like the city council’s decision represented the opinions of their constituents. Gee. Who else does that sound like? Maybe Larry Glass whose constituents are people who support his personal agenda. Independent thinkers are hated and ignored.

  3. Why does this all sound so familiar?

  4. A quick google search shows 4 Home Depot superstores and another Lowes in the general vicinity. Apparently the market isn’t saturated enough already-

  5. A thorough search shows none in our area. Are you suggesting that should be a consideration? If so, we agree. Bring on the Home Depot.

  6. CUE to the rescue

  7. Nothing like a giant orange warehouse on our waterfront to settle a grudge

  8. Your grudge is my job, fuckhead.

  9. The Press Democrat editors have never been known for their understanding of economics.

  10. They seem to recognize nepotism when they see it.

  11. SN employees “working” on company time?

  12. So it really is funny to you that people are unable to support their families because of these games you play? What a wonderful human being you are.

  13. Wow, you’re right on it Anon! These threads are apparently on your speed dial.

  14. anon–don’t feed the cocksuckers. that elitist fuck sits here all day long laughing at the suffering he’s caused. he’ll burn in hell, and if we ever get a chance I’ll help you expedite that process. but until then, he’s shit on your shoes. wipe it off and move on.

  15. Sic em’ Randy! C’mon boy!

  16. Wow. Attempting to undermine people’s comments by attributing them to SN employees? How brilliant and original.

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