Mark Lovelace: The man of a thousand beards

All of which turn out to be something other than attractive.


He's got the look alright.

Someone needs to lay off the ugly juice.


24 Responses

  1. At the least we now know what to look for at the borders when he tries to skip the country.

  2. What do you mean not attractive? Marky is cute. In a Verne Troyer way.

  3. Ooh. Is that ear hair?

  4. That’s only six beards. Tell the lazy graphics department to get back to work.

  5. Are you kidding Anonymeow? Our computers kept crashing every time we loaded an image of Lovelace. Turns out even our graphics processors didn’t want to deal with that mug. It took an extra 2 days to complete this job. After stressing our PCs like that for so long, I am not sure we’ll ever get to play Half Life 2 again when we sneak back into Mirror headquarters late at night and….oh never mind.

  6. Either that is ear hair, or Marky Mark (top right) is growing a chinchilla from his head. Whichever it is, it’s freaking me the fuck out.

  7. Would you bugs please stop putting Bonnie’s head on hot chicks’ bodies? My mind can’t handle it anymore.

  8. Wow… I hope someday I can piss y’all off enough so you’ll put much that much time and love into my facial hair as well…

    Any tips on how I can make that happen sooner than later?

  9. Sure thing Deane, just e-mail us a picture or point to a web site where we can lovingly steal one. (P.S. We prefer high-resolution images.)

  10. This dude is so in love with himself. Look at that smarmy grin. It make’s me so want to puke.

  11. My eyes, my eyes….oh god……………………………my poor eyes.

  12. Thank gawd Nancy Flemming wasn’t elected. I can’t imagine her being any uglier, but I’m sure the graphics dept could prove me wrong.

  13. Sitting here viewing one of the greatest movies ever “Young Frankenstein” and I am struck by a thought…if you slipped lil’Mark some extra TSH(Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) his eyes would pop out just like Marty Feldman’s. Of course, he wouldn’t be as funny….but there is only one Igor.

  14. to continue the homage

    to the Graphics Dept on the latest Bon-Bon:

    “What Knockers!!”

  15. just be yourself.

    Given a successful passage thru puberty, you just might qualify.

    But you will have to continue to live down to expectations. I have confidence that you are up to it.

  16. Take a good look at this fool next time your around him and see if that whack-job look on his face doesn’t scream,” I just ate a shit sandwich but can you believe I’m a supervisor”. The term shit eating grin can’t even come close to covering this asshole.

  17. Sorry (you’re around him)

  18. No way, Johanna Rodoni’s got Flemming beat by a country mile

  19. And you couldn’t get either of them.

  20. Holy shit, I was at Ray’s in Fortuna the other day and happened to get in line right behind Johanna Rodoni. As she was stepping up to pay, she belted out the loudest, most grotesque fart I’ve ever heard! It was fantastic! I wanted to give her a high five, but she looked rather embarrassed to say the least.

    Thanks for making my day Johanna!!!

  21. She still won’t give you the time of day, hey?

  22. I betcha that fart smelled just like horse shit

  23. You are really a disgusting piece of shit 1:17. What? Did Johanna bitch slap you for being an idiot? Or are you just jealous that she is strong willed and intelligent?

  24. Is Johanna still growing Roger’s pot?

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