This Week in Stupid III

Douchebaggy Award

Douchebaggy Award

It was only a matter of time until the Arcata City Council walked away with this prestigious award. And while competition is fierce every week, this one was a no-brainer.

Congratulations to the council for dragging along a Danco housing project for more than six years before rejecting it and then refusing to reconsider–because, as Mayor Mark Wheetley said, the city wants to utilize its resources and staff time “for other projects that were at hand.”

Other projects? You’re working on other projects? Good enough for us. We’ll be thrilled to see at the end of Wheetley’s term how many of these other projects have come to fruition and how many housing units have been added to meet state mandates.

More likely, though, what we’d see is how much more time and money the council dumped down the nuclear-free dumb-hole with a big, steaming pile of nothing to show for it.

Doesn’t it seem like tracking things like that might be a good way to evaluate an elected official’s performance? Instead, Arcatans seem to vote according to how convincingly candidates can sob all over themselves about the sad plight of the homeless and the tragic lack of decent, affordable housing, and then manage to act surprised when it turns out that obstructing and villainizing housing developers does nothing to improve the situation.

That’s taking stupid to an award-winning level. So be proud, Arcata! This Douchebaggy’s for you!!


19 Responses

  1. You need better information.

  2. Kevin is right. Wheetley is one of the few voices of reason in Arcata. We don’t always agree but unlike the rest of the extremists he actualy makes his decisions himself and doesn’t just take direction from Cobb, Lovelace or Salzman and company. Arcata and our county could do with more like him.

  3. “Arcatans seem to vote according to how convincingly candidates can sob all over themselves about the sad plight of the homeless and the tragic lack of decent, affordable housing, and then manage to act surprised when it turns out that obstructing and villainizing housing developers does nothing to improve the situation.”

    That’s the best assessment of your lame city I’ve heard in a long time, Kevin. Sounds like good information to me.

  4. Quick, people. Let’s rustle up some information that better aligns with Kevin Hoover’s opinions.

    What could you possibly disagree with? That the council dragged out the Danco approval process? That’s true. That the bugs would be thrilled to see if Wheetley approves any projects? If they say they’d be thrilled, you pretty much have to take their word for it. That Arcata voters sometimes make questionable choices? Undeniable. That some of the candidates they choose obstruct and villainize developers? Hello? Have you ever been to Arcata? That’s its own fucking industry. As to whether Wheetley deserves to be douchebaggy of the week, well that’s not up to you.

  5. When you see midget markie-mark and cobbolishous katlin running in and out of Arcata city hall how could you expect a builder to get anything but pissed on? Smoke another fattie Hoover and just repeat over and over,” affordable housing” then smoke one more and it will be.

  6. Shit, Kevin. You need better reading material.

  7. Wheetley is one of the good guys – as acting Mayor he may have to be the one that issues the proclamations, but normally he is a voice of reason.

    That said, Arcata’s process and requirements are notorious, and are definitely keeping people from building there. Their practices amount to outright theft.

  8. so, no new housing because the greenies what to say “fuck you” to Dan Johnson. Which is what this boils down to. I agree that Mark is the ‘voice of reason’ on the council, but he is generally drowned out by the voices of unreason, who are louder, stupider and driven by their own questionable motives.

  9. If Wheetley is “the voice of reason” for Arcata – we are SCREWED.

  10. Or actionable TAKINGS.

  11. Forgot to tell Hoover to click his heels three times whilst sying “affordable housing”…

  12. If you think the soft spoken cow eyed Alex Stillman thinks of anything but her own pocket book you’ve smoked 2 two many fatties. This is the best paying job Arcata’s little commie has ever had. Soooooo, it’s not about making a profit just who gets to profit…… Mark is just moving chairs on the Titanic.

  13. Who needs new housing in Arcata? I sleep in doorways, hedges and dense shrubbery with the other 100 or so homeless patriots who are waging war against the outdated idea of permanent shelter, working and contributing to society. My three underfed puppies and I are very happy with our nomadic lifestyle.

    Peace be with you.

  14. I say we just start shitting in City of Arcata town hall meetings, right on the floor.

  15. What do you mean “start” shitting at meetings? I have been pissing and shitting during Arcata City Council meetings for years. Where else is there a warm place to crap in this city?

  16. I asked really nice last time to please quit putting Bonnie’s head on hot chick’s bodies when you ruined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ cheerleaders a few days ago. Now, probably just to piss me off, you have desecrated one of the few remaining activities I didn’t want to have to have to associate with her. Fishing? Seriously? Thanks a lot. It’s bad enough the fishing season is so short and there are so few fish.

  17. You’re right, anonymous. It’s so gross to look at that shit. It’s kind of put me off fish for a while.

  18. Touchy touchy, aren’t we? The point raised is a good one. If there’s a problem with this project, okay. They’re not all good, and some are worse than others. But if there’s a problem with every project that comes before this or any other elective body, the problem probably isn’t with the project, and elected officials should be held accountable.

  19. It’s impossible to take Arcata city government seriously. Shane Brinton is a communist.

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