Free Kim Starr! (with the purchase of any Kim Starr of equal or greater value)

Save the gay whales for Jesus.

We shall overcome something or other.

No sooner does the upset over the Larry Glass rental ordinance begin to fade than Eureka city officials get their game on and swarm a Second Street property to forcibly remove four generations of crap from the yard of a squalid residence.

Our take? Big props to the city for cleaning up this eyesore, along with the bonus points that naturally accrue whenever anyone does anything that culminates in the arrest of protest whore Kim Starr.

But Glass, the city’s most famous anti-blight crusader, must have had mixed feelings about the enforcement action, the details of which contradict pretty much everything he’s been saying the last couple of years.

Because despite Glass’ insistence that rental properties are to blame for the city’s ills, this shit-hole, like so many others, is owner-occupied. And the city’s actions Thursday would seem to suggest that existing laws in fact are adequate to address nuisance properties.

But this is not to say those laws can’t be improved.

On Friday it was reported that the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors devised an innovative approach to the same kinds of neighborhood problems Eureka is experiencing–garbage piles, health and safety violations, grow-houses–without undermining property rights or getting responsible property owners caught in the fray.

And it didn’t take 11 new pages of law to do it. Instead, Mendocino County redefined the cultivation of more than 25 pot plants on any parcel as a nuisance, subject to abatement the same as garbage heaps, broken fixtures or any other unsafe or unsanitary condition. The ordinance change additionally enables the county to recover three times the county’s enforcement for multiple abatement actions.

This simple approach could be applied evenly to homes and rental properties alike–as it should–and provide needed dollars from repeat offenders to ramp up enforcement activities.

And not to worry. Kim Starr will hate whatever solution is found and still end up with  her dumb, crazy ass thrown in the slammy. Which of course is half the fun.

Photo source here.

17 Responses

  1. Too bad stupidity doesn’t have a three-strikes law. We’d have been rid of Kim Starr years ago.

  2. And that Ann White lady and lest we forget the other suit happy Sue Brandenberg….

  3. I saw that Ukiah Daily Journal article too. It sure seems that there are simpler solutions out there than that mess the Eureka City Council pursued. I don’t see anything in the Mendo plan about creating a new bureacracy or breaking down doors or anything. Its focus on repeat offenders solves virtually all the concerns I had about the Eureka proposal. Simple, but really very smart. It even uses slumlords (those with more than one violation) to pay for the increased costs. Could we try something like that here?

  4. Fucking funniest headline EVER.

  5. You don’t know the first thing about Kim who is one of the sincerest and smartest, hard-working lady and such an example of what’s right in our society. SHe always stands up for what she believes in and that is more than I can say for you. YOu are despicable. She has more integrity and passion in her little finger than you have. How many times have you ever been to jail for what you believe in? Do you even believe in anything at all? Do you? How dare you call her a “protest whore.” That is disgusting.

  6. And you are disgusting.

  7. Dear Warrior, we actually do know a thing or two about Kim Starr, which is why we have to agree with you that our description of her is in fact lacking. We called her a “protest whore” when we meant to call her a “freak nasty whack-job protest whore.” Our apologies, friend. Oh and by the way–power to the poeple.

  8. You don’t know the half of it.

  9. Why do you think Joel at Eureka Standard removed the bugs from his blog roll? He can’t say no one reads it. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t read it, and I know a lot of people.

  10. It’s a clear case of “blog envy.”

  11. I agree that the city seems to have quite enough enforcement tools and teeth to accomplish what it needs with these abandoned and derelict properties–rentals and owner-occupied homes. What is Glass thinking?

  12. For his crimes against humanity and nature in general,Larry Glass should be sentenced to an eternity of fucking Kim Starr while she talks and talks and talks and talks to herself.

  13. You are assuming that Larry has a dick. He is a dick but that does not mean he has one to use on that “freak nasty whack-job protest whore.”

  14. I think Kim Starr is her own worst enemy. What may have started out as a defence for defendants is now a laughing stock and no supportive people are aligning with her as in the beginning. She has alienated many past supporters due to her fanatacism. There is a no win compromise with her.l She has basically, because of her unwillingness to compromise in any way, shape or form, has elected to disfranchise herself from any compromises that would lead to the help she has thumped her chest for in the causes she expouses. It is like she is only interested in making headlines, not change.

  15. she is a typical liberal sexist BITCH!==ouch! I forgot lazy,smelly,ignorant,rude,and unattractive== all the things 99and 44 one hundred per cent of humboldt’s Ladies are not. To all our poverty pimps, take a good look at Starr – this is what you reap when you try to grow weeds.

  16. You’re right, M’Airie. The point these days seems to be getting arrested, frequently over issues she knows nothing about and causes that aren’t helped by her support.

  17. Kim is a nutcase and CalTrans should have no trouble getting a restraining order against her just like Pacific Lumber did when she crossed the line.

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