Pete Nichols fights cleanup of contaminated site

Environmental cleanup: We can do it; she can help.

Environmental cleanup: We can do it; she can help.

Sometimes we wonder just how far over the falls Pete Nichols needs to go before the far left decides to cut him loose.

Even they must have limits, right?

Maybe not.

Here again we find Nichols and his Humboldt Paykeeper organization arguing against the repair of environmental damage–in this case, the removal of contaminated soil from the site of the proposed Marina Center project in Eureka.

This is the same guy who, as president of the Northcoast Environmental Center, withdrew from an agreement to remove dams on the Klamath River, because the proposed settlement explicitly barred the parties from suing each other.

Amusingly, and without even a hint of irony, this decision didn’t stop Nichols et al from throwing an “Un-dam the Klamath” fundraiser the following week.

Lesson learned: There’s only one body of water Nichols gives a shit about, and that’s his revenue stream.


35 Responses

  1. People have got to be laughing at us. That there is anyone in this county who still pretends to take Nickels seriously is the biggest joke of all.

  2. I saw Randy Gans and Pete Nichols speaking in Old Town a few months ago. Randy had just left the restaurant after knocking back some liquid courage, and ran into just the right guy. Rob’s taught him well-

  3. I left a contaminated site on the bug’s wife last night…Think Pete will try to clean it up? Or did the Bug lick it clean already?

  4. That’s almost as good as watching Sneaky Pete drive around in his little pickup knocking back Sierra Nevadas as he rolls down the road. Except of course that’s illegal.

  5. Nice of you to take time out from molesting your children.

  6. The bug’s point is well made and well taken. It’s litigation first! The earth takes a backseat to money. How many lawsuits does Nichols have out against the Marina Center project?

  7. No wonder Pete’s hot wife dumped him. Now that there aren’t two Nichols’ to rub together he can concentrate full time on fucking this county.

  8. Children? my kids are in iraq fighting the bug’s asses, while i sit at home having my way with the bug’s wives asses!!

  9. Correction: my kids are fighting FOR the bug’s asses….

  10. Those who do don’t need to talk about it. Those who can’t never shut up.

  11. Boy I better go to the dungeness crab nursery to check it out.

    Have you seen clark slough? Pete is a lying joke. Let me get this straight, Arkley is proposing to build 12 acres of tidally influenced wetlands but Pete wants to keep the Clark Slough and its TV invested waters in its current state.

    Paykeeper go back to your lawyers because this City ain’t buying your shit.

  12. The man is a blithering idiot whose every act is about self-promotion. He could give a shit about anyone or anything else.

  13. There’s a word for him (moneygrubber Pete Nichols) and his ilk – predatory litigants.

    They make their money suing the deepest pockets they can find. They threaten a lawsuit and get given large sums of extorted “go away”money. It’s easy pickings.

    The local “Paykeeper” is a “project of ERF (Ecological Rights Foundation” – that’s how they afford all the nice toys, the nice Old Town Office and all the high-grade collateral (signs, T-shirts, logos, stationery, brochures, etc… all the stuff small local businesses struggle to afford…). They don’t need your donations. They have plenty of money. Just look at all the evidence to that effect.

  14. Wow. What a horrid collection of gutter slime and whores. Now I know why it’s called the Mirror: It’s the only time you all look into one. Do us a favor. I’m sure you all have guns. Why don’t you stand in a circle and use them.

  15. Spoken like a true Progressive.

  16. There is something seriously wrong with you. I love how all the random acts of kindness bullshit falls away whenever anyone stands up to you guys. You really are just power-hungry little fucks, the same as you accuse the Republicans of being, who will stop at nothing to get their way.

    Consider getting help. You really need it.

  17. Whoever said that Progressives have to be passive? Fuck with us for real and you’ll feel retribution, for real, asshole. “Random acts of kindness”? Yeah, they’re important, and we practice them every day, because that’s what humans should be doing. But when you knuckle-draggers start frothing and fuming over what is truly good work, courageous work, by our allies, and invoke our families, that’s just cowardly. We will defend ourselves, our work, our allies, and our families to the nth. We are not power hungry. Frankly, many of us shun power, because it inspires the insipid, chicken-shit wrath of folks like yourself. So keep your slime out of our path or you will slip on it in a rather severe way. Promise.

  18. You are in need of serious psychological help. Threats are not allowed on this blog. Ever. If you ever make one more even remotely menacing comment, your IP address, which has already been recorded, will be blocked so that your mental illness can manifest elsewhere.

  19. Pete Nichols is a drooling pile of shit whose cock you clearly like the taste of. Maybe the two of you can take over the planet with all your big talk and promises. It’s all you have. It’s all you’ll ever have, and anonymous threats on a blog do nothing but prove your cowardice.

    Ta-ta, little man.

  20. What a laugh-out-loud joke. How much fucking courage does it take for Sneaky Pete to just sue everyone who does not bend to his will? You are all the most chicken-shit collection of losers in the world. And not to worry. I fuck with you for real every day of my life. It’s my act of goodness in the world to make sure your power-grabbing tyranny does not prevail. So bring it, baby girl. I’ve got my pointy stick to fend off your mighty wrath. Fucking dink.

  21. Hey Ken–we all know who you are and how you talk. Your shtick is all worn out around here. My nine-year-old daughter could kick the crap out of you if needed, so pack up your manly bluster and go fuck your tiny self.

  22. Y’all let it go. We know who it is. We know what he’s about. He’s demonstrating what’s beneath all the progressive peace and love–hatred, anger and violence toward any and all who think differently from him. Answering isn’t gonna help him, and he demonstrably needs help.

  23. That’s not Ken. That’s SoHum pot loving right there. I recognize the voice.

  24. Who even said Progressives have to be progressive? They’re the most reactionary political force in the county.

  25. Aren’t knuckle-draggers people not smart enough to handle conflict without threats and violence? Seems pretty clear whose got that problem………

  26. “We are not power hungry. Frankly, many of us shun power”

    horse fucking shit… you progs are all power hungry, delusional, two faced ideologues. Sing kumbaya and then go fuck all of your neighbors. Preach conservation and then go fuck the earth and water when it pleases you. Tell people how to live and then do just the opposite.

  27. Well, WTF, neighbor-fucking does seem to transcend party lines….

  28. back to Nichols/ he was offered a real winner solution at the marina center but would not take it because he wanted billable $$$$$$ hours for his phony ass in house lawyers/baykeeper is lower than a lizards belly

  29. Question: if Nichols was to have a baby with Starr it would be(?)

  30. Uh, ugly?

  31. It would be tiny mark loveless/ born with tights and heels

  32. So would any form of sex with Kim Starr be ANAL sex? just saying…..

  33. Wow, did you see Randy Gans and Dave Tyson love fest at the Council meeting last night? Dave will do anything to ensure a bright red carpet, er.. orange carpet for the Diamarina Center.

  34. Did Cherie Arkley bail Rob out of jail yet?

  35. Tyson has been telling the board (atleast who will listen and obey) how to vote for a long, long time

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