North Coast Journal’s ‘Best of’ issue wins ‘Best Unreliable Data Derived from Skewed Sample’ category

Anyone who hasn’t read the North Coast Journal’s “Awesome things about Arcata for people who think Arcata is awesome” issue, it’s on newsstands now–in Arcata and, like, two other places where people from Arcata sometimes go. Yay Arcata!!

NCJ Reader Poll

Oh. Well that explains it.

47 Responses

  1. On the other hand, I’ve wondered why the Journal does such a good job of ignoring most Arcata news when it’s located in Arcata. This week’s issue was just a 20 ton weight being placed on the scale to balance things out.

  2. Typically I think Hank tries to do a good job. Sometimes he suceeds in leaving his obvious bias at home sometimes not. This particular issue not only does not suceed, it is a joke. With absolutely no attempt to inform anyone but the chosen biased few of the supposed poll is it any wonder the virtually faked results seem skewed.

    I often agree with Hank but this week he gets a well deserved douchebag award.

  3. With the Journal spewing crap like this maybe it is time for local business to reallocate their advertising budgets. Wouldn’t take much to put the rag under.

  4. Mr. Sims: Message received. We meant no harm or disrespect but will amend as soon as the Graphics Department sobers up this afternoon. Is it okay if we talk shit about Doran’s [edited] instead?

    [Edited per Bob’s request.]

  5. Aw, now I am curious. Just how hot is Hanks wife? No intent to pick on her or Hank at all but on a one to ten scale how does she do? Carrie Praegean a ten and the Bon Bon a minus 1.

  6. With absolutely no attempt to inform anyone but the chosen biased few of the supposed poll is it any wonder the virtually faked results seem skewed.


    We ran house ads for three weeks, and the entire clip-‘n’-mail poll for two weeks. I talked about it in my column. There was a teaser and a link to the online poll above the fold on our Web site for two weeks. We Facebooked it. We Tweeted it. Repeatedly.

    For what it’s worth, my own personal biases tend about 15 minutes to the south, and my own ballot reflected that. But the public is an ass, as I’ve often said.

    Best Of 2010 is only 51 weeks away! Don’t mourn — organize!

  7. There definitely was a surplus of announcement. We had wearied of the topic before voting even began, which is probably why we didn’t participate. But props to that one guy who works at Old Town Coffee and Chocolates. He represented for us on that one.

  8. No, it is not.

  9. Whiners.

  10. Yeah – how’d they beat HasBeans anyway?

  11. Mirror, Mirror,

    Are you just sore because Eureka failed to win as “Best Town”?
    I’d say E-freak-uh fares quite well in our reader’s poll: In addition to OTCC recognition, Best Artist: Flatmo lives in Eureka, Best Everyday Restaurant: Rita’s, founded in EKA with two locations there; Best Band is from Eureka; Best Public Official, another Eurekan, and unless she’s been bailed out, Best Activist is currently living in Eureka too. That’s six of 13 categories in the E column, hardly an Arcatan landslide.
    p.s. If you actually read the issue instead of just looking at the pictures, you’d know that your pie chart is missing an important element: Friends of Saint John and the Sinners were a major voting block.

  12. Those North Coast Journal fellas really don’t have much of a sense of humor, do they?

  13. Ah we read it, Bob. Your [edited] helped us with the big words. Okay just kidding!! Sheesh.

    As for Kim Starr, you can take that crazy-ass broad out of Arcata, but admit it: There ain’t no taking the Arcata outta that crazy-ass broad.

    [Edited per Bob’s request.]

  14. Evidently not.

  15. I thought the picks from the article was pretty cool.

  16. Doran’s a dick-eater.

  17. Eureka win best town? Hardly. But those of us who do not believe Arcata to be the center of the known universe find many of the survey’s other conclusions to be provincial and jejune.

  18. “Provincial and jejune”? Are you fucking serious? What the fuck are smart people doing reading this blog??

  19. Admit it. You DID only look at the pictures, didn’t you?
    There’s a difference between Arcata and Eureka? Who knew?
    (Okay, okay. I’m from Fortuna. There. I’ve admitted my bias.)

  20. the poll was as skewed as the pelosicare health bill/ you know,”bull shit in-bull shit out” also don’t get so high and mighty Bob(pro journalist) NOT! you wrote a slanted piece about the Fortuna tea party and quoted a woman in your last paragraph who summed up your obvious bias. You neglected to identify the woman as you wife. So very liberal of you Bob.

  21. I voted online for the NCJ “best of”. Nothing or no one I voted for won. I left many of the questions blank, like “Best Activist”. “Best City” was also left blank, but I asked the NCJ “incorporated or unincorporated?” Being raised in Massachusetts where all the towns are incorporated with their own paid fire and police departments, I find Humboldt County odd, because there are so few incorporated towns and cities, just a lot of unincorporated land. I agree with the humbugs that the results were Arcata-centric. (Hank, the humbugs are probably one of your Facebook friends.)

  22. Anonymous thank you for pointing out what so many of us saw. My wife and I have known Bob and Amy for a decade or better and for him to use her to make his point in that biased town hall article seems really inappropriate to me. To fail to identify her as his wife and, further, to identify her using a name I’ve never heard her use in all these years suggests an attempt to mislead. I’ve never thought much of Bob as a journalist, but until now I’ve never questioned his character.

  23. From Bob Doran’s “Tea in Fortuna” article.

    “Amy Wahlberg of Arcata read a quote from Kennedy in which he spoke of ‘new hope that we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every American — North, South, East, West, young, old — will have decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not a privilege.’ The crowd responded with boos and jeers.”

    Do you recognize this person, Bob? She looked exactly like a woman I’ve known for years as Amy Doran.

  24. Doran’s alleged ethical lapse in quoting his wife reminds me of another scenario I ran into as a reporter at the ER. We were trying to do ongoing coverage of the fires during that brutal fire season several years back that nearly had the entire Trinity River canyon lit up. Due to limited resources and an inability to simply drive there, I contacted an old high school buddy who I hadn’t talked to in 10 years that lived in Weaverville. I talked with him about the fire impacts and such and got some good information. When I told Managing Editor Glenn Franco Simmons that I had a source who could detail and comment on the situation, he said it wouldn’t be prudent to interview or get quotes from a friend of a reporter–whether it was a close friend or a long-lost one. I thought it was a little overly cautious at the time, but I ended up calling around via the phone book and finding other sources who corroborated what my friend had told me. I realized that I was just being lazy and very unimaginative as a reporter. I agreed with Glenn that it was good policy and a very slippery slope that should be avoided.
    But even as a rookie reporter learning the ropes at my first journalism job, I would never in a kazillion years think to quote my spouse and try to hide her identity by using her maiden name. Bad Bob. But, it is the Journal and “alternative” papers don’t have to play by the same rules I guess.

  25. News flash “Big Bad Bob Bitched Slapped by lowly annon”, details at 6.

  26. Sorry to see the Journal turning back into The Earth First Times.

  27. True that.

  28. It’s not every day you see someone being favorably compared to Glenn Franco Simmons.

  29. Wait–make that UNfavorably compared. It is every day for the other.

  30. So Doran’s gonna continue with his indignation and shoddy ethics, I suppose. Typical of the crappiest Humboldt County reporter since Andy Bird.

  31. boy that’s pretty low, playing the bird card

  32. The worst part of the whole sorry affair was the giant sucking sound in the direction of Kevin Hoover, who specializes of late in trespassing on people’s property trying to sniff out grows. Didn’t journalo-critic Mary B. come down on those Fat Guys from the T-S for posing as homeless people, since they were putting themselves in the story? I guess j-school ethics stop at the Arcata City line, whether with B-1 Bob the coke dealer, Kevin the sniffer or Big Hank the true O’Bahhhhhma believer…

  33. When you watch the way Obama lies,the NCJ and big bad Bob come off like choir boys. Obama and company has set the frigging bar pretty low. True believers simply don’t have to consider ethics any more. That’s a good thing since NCJ has none. (AYERS/DORN) make anyone twinge ?

  34. Will Sims go his job and correct his reporter and the story?Will he show journalist ethics and try to return some credibility to the NCJ ?

  35. Bob – you screwed the pooch here buddy by doing the following:

    1. Bringing your wife to work.
    2. Writing your little ditty (notice how I will not use the term article!) using your wife to make your point and then INTENTIONALLY COVERING IT UP BY USING HER MAIDEN NAME when she doesn’t use it.
    3. After it comes out that you screwed the pooch, going on an indignant tirade and blaming everyone else except for the sole person responsible…YOU.

    You are not a journalist. You write some rather bad pieces concerning music. You stepped in it because you should never have attempted that which you not only aren’t trained to do, but that which you have no open mind to write about.

    Bob, you are the epitome of what irks me about my own party right now. You are part of the so called “elite” who believe that you know better than everyone else. You are disingenuous and seem to think you can bend the all rules and ethics because of your so called morally superior point of view. You exemplify meaness, closed-mindedness and act overly embolden now that the party is back in power ( I say “the party” because right now it doesn’t seem that it is “our party” any longer.) You are a COMPLETE EMBARRASSMENT and keep it up and we will be seeing another 8 years of republicans again.

    I just wanted to be clear here by using capital letters. Now bite me Doran! Then pick up some flowers for you wife and apologize for being a jerk.

  36. OK. 10:51 must be someone I know and have talked to, because I have been having a private discussion with Bob about this. I raised the question on the Journal site/article. And I asked the question here. When that offended Bob, I asked that it be removed. (Thus its disappearance upthread).

    Look, Bob’s a good guy, the Journal is an ethical publication. They’ll do the right thing.

  37. Best Upscale Restaurant: Benbow Inn

    Best Everyday Restaurant: Angelo’s Pizza in Leggett. It’s practically in Humboldt. It’s not like people from Fort Bragg are going there.

    Best Store: Hemp Connection

    Best Coffee House: Getti Up

    Best Outdoor Spot: King Peak

    Best Place to Take Visitors: Richardson Grove

    Best Public Official: Roger Rodoni R.I.P.

    Best Band/Musical Act: Garth Vader

    Best Town: Petrolia

    Best Bar: Point Arena

    Best Reason to Live in Humboldt County: Rivers except when the rivers are full of blue-green algae, then it is trees.

    Best Activist and Visual Artist: Whoever prop guy was for the Ganjasaurus Rex movie.

  38. I almost forgot the best graphics department award for the Lovelace pictures, but unfortunately that wasn’t a selection in the NCJ.

  39. Those bastards left out all the good categories, didn’t they?

  40. There should also be a category for best reporter who used his wife to insert bias into a news story and then disguised her name in hopes of getting away with it. One thing about the North Coast Journal, no one’s ever accused them of being long on ethics. Bob fits right in.

  41. The question is: will Sims do the right thing?

  42. Sims is adept at defining and redefining “right.” I think if he was going to do something he would’ve done it by now. There’s no way he’s unaware of the controversy. Bob’s stupid, but Hank definitely is not.

  43. I am trying to imagine what was going through Bob’s mind…

    […Wow honey, that was a great quote by Kennedy and nice contrast to all of those damn conservative folks with their legitimate concerns and relevant discussion. I think I’ll use the quote to finish my story to diminish their views, but I can’t just attribute it to an anonymous person…not enough impact and credibility. Hmmmm….I can’t just attribute it to my wife. Naaa, that would be TOO obvious. HEY, I GOT IT!!! I can just use her maiden name with the quote. Problem solved. Gripping and well massaged. Nice one. Bobby boy, you’ve done it again!!]

  44. NCJ, comes out tomorrow. Lets see if Sims does the right thing.

  45. You’re dreaming. Hank’s situational ethics and all-purpose arrogance would never allow it. In fact if he mentions it at all it would be to tell those of us who think Bob’s article was intentionally deceptive how wrong we are and how stupid we must all be to question their moral superiority.

  46. Not so, 10:57. Hank, and the Journal, have done the right thing. The acknowledgement has been added.

    Amy Wahlberg of Arcata read a quote from Kennedy in which he spoke of “new hope that we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every American — North, South, East, West, young, old — will have decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not a privilege.” The crowd responded with boos and jeers.

    Note: Amy Wahlberg, also known as Amy Wahlberg-Doran and Amy Doran, is married to Journal staff writer Bob Doran, who wrote this piece.

    Thank you, Hank.

  47. This Doran-gate situation has given tthe Journal’s “Best Unreliable Data” award new layers of meaning.

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