Will the record be unbroken?

An ambitious project, a big pile of dough and Kirk Girard: Never a good combination.


Hits, shits, whatever.


22 Responses

  1. Nice album cover! Now how many times will you change it today? 🙂

  2. Lyrics by Humboldturtle?

  3. They’ll probably just change it, then say they didn’t change it, then change it back.

  4. Who knew that Graphics department had culture?

  5. Yay Turtle!!!

  6. Totally. Even we were surprised.

  7. Want to fuck things up good. Invite Kirk and the gang to the party.

    Now, the 100,000$ question is who is going to start investigating Kirk and the gang for the giant ponzi scheme he seems to be inflicting on this county. All the grants he applies for seem cover for his mishandling of other grant funds. Pretty soon the grant gravy train will run dry and we will all be in a heap of trouble when the ponzi collapses.

  8. Thanks for the warm welcome. The Graphics Dept., who don’t even have a key, let me into Bug Headquarters by jimmying the door. I am amazed that any work gets done here with all these empty beer bottles and dried up pizzas laying all over the computers. Oh well, gotta get to work.

  9. Yeah well a key’s gonna set you back a $5 deposit.

  10. What a bunch of dicks.

  11. I think we’re in trouble if we try to make graphics to keep pace with the local weather.

  12. While I am completely in agreement with the aforementioned dis of Mr. Girard, I am surprised that you passed up the photo op of the Bon Bon and her sidekick (Toady) Wouldn’t it be Loverlace(y) on a ‘fact finding mission’in G-ville. Hearing directly from the poplace (Clendenens constitutents) and presenting that oh-so-vital ‘concerned face.’

    Seems like the Graphics department could have Pale Ale and make some true art out of it.

  13. God, can you blur my vision,dull my hearing and keep me from vomiting the next 3 1/2 yrs. till the dickless midget is gone. Or at least keep me drunk.

  14. So much material, so little time…

  15. hmmm…kirk.



    Jerk? Nah. Later, maybe…

  16. Another fine example of that nazi idiot…. sure, convince the Stupidvisors to pay for an environmental consultant for the one “green” socially acceptable project that has been allowed to remain on the local table in years (if the stupids don’t like it; it would have been gone WITHOUT the CEQA process); and convince the STUPIDVISORS that the General Plan update/rewrite is not important enough to merit the hiring of a QUALIFIED outside environmental consultant.

    …. They will just hand that job over to Tom Hofweber (drunkard whiny troglodydte) or Michael Wheeler to write that environmental document. He can’t come up with anything original on any project to save his greasy soul…he is known around these parts as Mr. Cut and Paste.

    Good job Girard – don’t even try to do your job – just make the blaze’ announcement that the General Plan will likely be challenged in court so it doesn’t really matter what the documents say or how they damage property right s in the county.

  17. oops, that should be “rights” not right s.

  18. “dull my hearing and keep me from vomiting the next 3 1/2 yrs. till the dickless midget is gone”

    oh mfg – that is so f’ing funny that I just blew coffee and a danish across the computer screen.

    My bad.

  19. If you are seriously interested in helping on that effort; we can hook you up with those working on it–

  20. Yeah, what was up with that????? Mr. Wonderful NOT in his district and the 2 most evil ones ‘covering for him’ or do they not trust that he can represent their agenda to his own constituents???? Sounds like Cliffy got BITCH slapped big time – he’d better get used to it — or develop a brain and a spinal cord FAST.

  21. A more accurate statement would be “3 dickless wonders and a partridge in a pear tree all subservient to the _itch known to don a Catholic nun’s habit and do the nasty upside down on a bar on Halloween…”

    Maybe that image was too much, but then again, maybe not. She is bound for parts south with an eternally warm climate (and I don’t mean Mexico).

    God speed Bon-Bon.

  22. Maybe that image was too much you ask?

    Holy fuck, man, my brain hates you for that misearble visual image.

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