Tad sentenced to 30 days for utter lack of originality

Okay, so this isn't actually Tad, but do not try to say you don't see the resemblance.

Okay, so this isn't actually Tad, but don't act like you can't see the resemblance.

For those of you who’ve not had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand the enraged pedantry of Tad Robinson–no worries, friends!!

It turns out his timeworn routine of demanding attention from elected officials by taking a three-minute verbal shit during public comment periods is in fact completely derivative.

In the video below, Tad, meet Todd. And not to disparage or anything, but Todd’s a way bigger douchebag than even you are.

Anyway, have fun in the slammy. And to think that all you did was break the law, dare the cops to arrest you, resist arrest, demand that the case go to court, get convicted by a jury of your peers, and then refuse probation.

No justice, no peace, bro!!


32 Responses

  1. Fucking unbelievable. Looks just like him.

  2. I’m pretty sure this didn’t do much for Tad’s proletarian war. Do you have any idea how much money it cost to carry this case forward? Especially since half of county government had to participate in his latest publicity stunt. He siphoned off a lot of money that could have gone to help people just so he could be the star of his own show once again. I hope he’s proud.

  3. Appaarently the three minute limit is a popular topic of tirade elsewhere as well. Personally I don’t know how anyone listens to Tad’s pompous, delusional rantings for three seconds.

  4. That’s not Tad? Are you sure?

  5. Looks like Tad to me. And the attitude…. A perfect replica.

  6. That gadfly dude was awesome! I’m pretty sure he comments on our local blogs.

  7. I have to say Todd is right. The three minute rule is wrong, and should not be a part of a democratic system.

    Whether it is Daniel Pierce, Tad, Aldo Bongio, or David and Penny Elsebusch, as tiresome as they might be and as painful as it must be for those who sit at the dais, they have a right to be heard. And sometimes that requires more than three minutes. Tad has made some good points over the years. Even David has made a few, though less and less as time has gone on.

    That said, the person speaking also has an obligation to keep their remarks clear and concise.

  8. Rose-
    I respectfully disagree with you. Taking your assertion to its fullest extent, we could all be held hostage for hours – even days – by someone who was unwilling to give up the microphone. I do not disagree that all have a right to be heard. I would argue though that a Board, or Council has a right (and an obligation) to move forward with its business. When a citizen (Tad) purposefully interrupts and interferes with that business, he has violated the law. This is not about free speech. This is about a criminal offense.

    And as an aside, we are not a democracy, we are a republic.

  9. I know this is a bit off topic a bit, but we’re having a hard time making sense of the most recent banner images Graphics Dept. Is that Bonnie in camouflage and war paint holding a freshly killed deer? It’s not even a species of deer located within hundreds of miles of here. But then I guess with all of that supervisor money she makes with 127-year longevity bonuses she can afford to do some guided sport hunts in Montana, or Canada for that matter.

  10. Peace be with you fucktard.

  11. problem was that Tad usually stays pretty close to his time limit but this time for some reason Jimmy kept jumping in and Tad would respond then go back to his previous point, then Jimmy would jump in again. So as I watched it Tad didn’t get 3 minutes to address his point. Even after all the fuss( which didn’t take that long) Tad had already returned to his seat when the law came in to save the day,so to speak. Can’t really blame anyone for getting a little upset about the way it all came down. Jimmy should have said, everything was OK and moved on. Tad will always be Tad so why take things to a point where Tad ends up winning by loosing. Costs us all money. Tad was less wrong than Jimmy was but we all pay.

  12. Jimmy did have a touch of attitude toward Tad that day, Anonymous. You’re right about that. But the bugs are right about what happened next. Tad literally demanded the bailiffs to arrest him. And they were like, okay, but they played it mellow, even while Tad screamed at them a hundred times that they were fucking Nazi pigs. Tad may always be Tad, but there are some lines when you cross them there’s shit to pay. But yeah we all do pay it for sure.

  13. And bugs I LOVE that video. Tad and Todd seem like they have some control and anger management issues in common.

  14. 11:22 , I’d be happy to see Tad shown the road outta town or better yet given the choice to work for the handout he’s getting or hit that road outta town. Either way when “we” say everyone has a right to speak for 3,5,10 min. — what ever– then that’s what it means. Don’t keep interrupting him,and not give him back his time. Smith was wrong on this one. Hell, Tad makes more sense and is much more concise than the “Dave and Penny” show. Who are often let to ramble on and on with no apparent point at all. Let’s be consistent . What’s good for the goose should also be equal for heckle and jeckle.

  15. Fair point, Anonymous.

  16. Proletarian implies employment although at a rudimentary level thus inapproprate to describe Tad or his “clients”.

  17. Pacifica’s my home town! I wonder if he was in my high school.

  18. Here’s a website of Todd videos.


  19. Nice. Thanks. Did you know him, Eric?

  20. The guy after tad talked for something like 5 minutes….and, by the way, tad was right about the Bar-O Boys Workcamp for Children having killed one of them during “cumpolsary morning exercises.” And Tad was right that the deputies had no right to remove him from the meeting (that he was quietly seated at when they came in and demanded he leave) – the charges on disrupting a meeting never even made it to court.

    But I guess you probably don’t like tad, and so don’t care. Oh well.

  21. Look. Prosecuting Tad was a complete waste of public resources, but people get sick of his shit, and they’re only human. He demands constant respect but offers absolutely none in return. He demanded that he be arrested, and he was. He demanded that he be tried, and he was. He demanded that he go to jail rather than accept probation, and that’s where he was sent. Seriously, what does he have to complain about? He got everything he asked for.

  22. Eff you, Humbug. Tad asked for an end to child-slavery for profit, but didn’t get that. Tad asks repeatedly for an end to the abuse of human rights by the police, but did not get that.

    Tad stood up for his right to be heard at a public meeting, and, unfortunately for Jimmy Smith et al, it is their job to guarantee that his rights are respected. They don’t have to be County Supervisors if they don’t like it. Maybe they would be better suited to work retail or at a bar where they can refuse service to anyone they want.

    Funny how some commentors are so perturbed by tad’s style of public participation, but have no problems what-so-ever with child-slavery and deaths-by-police.

    And as for you, Anatu, you either don’t know anything about what was going on, or you’re just a big jerk. So, child-slavery is business, and to you it is a crime to interfere. But child-slavery is ok, because it is business. Eff you too, A-hole.

  23. Ah, too sad and too true, there is definitely a drug shortage in Humboldt County. The ‘friend’ and Tad have obviously not had enough risperadol. Although, it might be time for Geodon or Clozaril for these two.

  24. Yes, yes, yes, friend. It’s all one vast conspiracy of evildoers trying to keep the great Tad Robinson from changing the world, which obviously without the interference of Jimmy Smith he surely would have done by now. Please. Both of you should grow up and get some help with your control and anger management issues.

  25. I know. Eff us. Okay. Thanks.

  26. Ah, yes, humbug, you are indeed correct. Eff you. What exactly is your opinion on the use of places like the Bar-O Boys Ranch? I’ve noticed that the detractors always want to talk about how mean and loud and poor tad is, but never a thoughtful response to the things tad says.

    Oh, I know. I said “eff you” and now you don’t have to respond because I’m just rude.

  27. We don’t mind the rude so much as the dumb. Tad occasionally makes a good point, but his insistence in perceiving and portraying himself as some sort of Humboldt County Gandhi is incorrect and laughable. He’s an angry man who refuses to work and instead uses his time to take out his unresolved childhood issues on public officials. He’s not changing the world. He’s not changing anything. He’s just walking around all day farting in his own spacesuit. Not smart and not useful.

    Now friend, move on. Do you notice that you and I are the only people even talking about him? And now there’s only you.

  28. And eff us, eff us, eff us, blah blah blah.

  29. I saw the big display on The Arcata Plaza – FREE TAD!! – is that a giant coffin? – couldn’t tell. Something about a hunger strike… I thought Tad was out of jail? Guess I haven’t been following it.

  30. tad is now more than 2 weeks into his hunger strike.
    have a nice dinner.

  31. We can only hope Tad will be hungry enough to get a job once he is out of jail.

  32. I had a nice dinner AND a nice dessert. Thanks.

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