Progs propose new venue for Marina Center project review

“Yo, dawg, so check it out. I don’t know if it’s me or whatever, but I just totally wasn’t in love with that Interim Remedial Action Plan, you feel me? I mean, I liked it, yo. You see where I’m at? But I didn’t love it. I tried, but you know it was just kind of okay for me.”

Another starry-eyed

Just one more opportunity for the far left to act like it hasn't been included in the process.


21 Responses

  1. Paula Abdul is so last season.

  2. Fucking awesome.

  3. This project gives Larry Glass, Kaitlin, David and the rest of them a reason to live, they have something to bitch about…throw in Baykeeper who has had how many years to clean up the Balloon Tract? Oh, that’s right, ” it’s meaningless if we can’t bitch, grip, moan, groan and complain. We really have no other life, no other place on this earth would listen to our inane and pointless drivel.”

    I am sure we can soon expect a blizzard of written commentary from the ever-erudite Mr. Salzman vociferously defending these champions of the people.

  4. Well, we did block him today after he repeatedly expressed racist sentiments and then attributed them to a medical doctor. Kinda weird, but hey. That’s Dick for you.

  5. C’mon Bugs, Paula is a dead ringer for Arkley! Their intoxicated ways often require PR help.

    I’m sure Steven Glazer is in the crowd somewhere

  6. Oh cool, Anonymous. The drunk-Arkley theme again. Probably if you repeat it enough times it will totally change everyone’s mind about this whole Marina Center thing. Hell, you’ve said it only a couple dozen times in recent weeks and already we’re rethinking some shit.

  7. Oh well. At least Arkley’s not selling large quantities of marijuana out of his record stores.

  8. I know I’ve changed my mind. We should just put a big pot dispensary on that site. The proggies are really into those.

  9. Someone tell Berg to save her breath trying to rehabilitate that sack of shit. She refers to him now as a “health care reform advocate,” as if that’s going to make anyone forget who he is and what he did.

  10. Well that was the old days,or is it back in the day ? I get fuzzy on that stuff. Many have some historic baggage but Larry’s negative is really just Larry and his f#####G sour puss way of acting. I’d say he’s just a bitch-ass-punk,if I talked that way. The NEC should take a hint and run his butt off. He is way to over bearing to help stop their deep decline. WORD!

  11. I so agree with you, Anonymous. Larry’s big flaw is his arrogance, which renders him incapable of handling disagreement. Larry’s the greatest guy in the world if you do what he wants, when he wants, the way he wants to do it. But you should have seen him after he lost the rental ordinance argument, for example. I don’t remember who described him as “spitting mad” but I can tell you that description barely scratched the surface. He was enraged.

  12. Let’s throw the fuck turd Ralf Faust in as the director of this little show. He’s three times as evil as these numb nuts combined. Plus he can screw up the planning commission, general plan update,rural dwellers and our economy and still have time to puppet master these clowns. Plus he can give sour puss lessons to Larry the lie teller.

  13. What was up with Salzman and Scott Greacen getting into it at a meeting? The bitch fight was so bad the bitches had to go outside. No matter how hard anyone tries to paint Salzman as some goodhearted local who made a little mistake, forget it. Salzman himself will always prove that’s not true. Always. No matter what. He always will, because he cannot overcome his weak character and need to feel important.

  14. What? You mean to tell me SNSC didn’t consult Pat Higgins with his undergraduate expertise in fisheries to decide how to proceed with cleanup and habitat restoration? He’s an expert. Just ask him.

  15. Higgins and Nichols should have a self-promotion contest. That would be some kind of photo finish.

  16. Why again are they proposing Home Depot instead of Walmart? Because of the public vote a decade back? I guarantee the average Eurekian would welcome Walmart today. Everyone needs low price household goods! We have plenty of hardware stores all over the county. Home Depot sells the same crap as everyone else. If they vote to change the zoning, is there anything stopping them from switching stores? Guarantee Walmart will generate much more tax dollars as well.

    This is a no brainer.

  17. I think the photo was of 3 no brainers.

  18. Id like to see this blight cleaned up in my lifetime why is Baykeeper trying to drag the state’s ass here? I mean really what do they get out of this? More followers because Im not falling for this obstructionism. The remedial action plan is based on how many YEARS of study/tests oh and dont forget the pollution Baykeeper threw down a test well in the middle of the night…geeeez!!

  19. yeah send me a followup…

  20. Welcome, maimai. Always nice to see a new face. Or, you know. Screen name. Whatever. We totally heart new blog friends!!

  21. Ha! Thanks Humbug..Ive been away for awhile at least this isnt connected to an email you can google 🙂

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