Battle of the left-wing douchebags?

Alert Mirror readers report that two of Humboldt County’s biggest gasbags recently took a break from their assault on common sense to go a few rounds with each other.

Scott Greacen, skeevy executive director of the Environmental Protection Information Center, and Richard Salzman, gadfly and unrepentant forger, reportedly set the fur a-flying at a recent meeting.

So exciting!! Our preferences tend toward a little hot girl-on-girl action, but hey. This here bitch-fight may be the next best thing.

Remember, friends! No pulling hair!!

This unretouched photo shows Salzman, left, and Grecean getting amongst it.

This unretouched photo shows Salzman, left, and Grecean getting amongst it.

34 Responses

  1. May the best middle-aged fat guy win.

  2. Hopefully they kept their clothes on. Gross.

  3. Pray tell oh dear bug, what exactly happened. Inquiring minds want to know?

  4. You mean Patty Berg’s favorite “health care reform advocate” is still a dick? So much for his reinvention.

  5. Typical Salzman. Always bringing the happy.

  6. I heard that Berg is trying to resurect the “has been,” “lying,” “forging,” “piece of shit” Salzman.

    Lady Berg, he makes a perfect bedfellow for you. Sorry to force you to accept reality Patty, but Salzman is through in this county. Tell the powers to be to move the fool to a different locale.

  7. I wish they would have faced off in the Octagon. I hear Salzman is trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, all while Greacen has been described as a brawler.

  8. I seem to recall Salzman’s martial art techniques–wasn’t it some sort of hand-to-parking meter style that involved stickers?

  9. Sorry bugs, we did alter the photo some. We used Photoshop to slim Scott down a bit. Again, sorry.

  10. Is that supposed to be some sort of a sucker fish at the top of your blog? Like Waterkeeper’s sturgeon logo? That’s funny. Geeky, but funny.

  11. If that son of a bitch writes another thing and signs my name to it I am gonna bite off his minature testcles and neuter him physically. He has already neutered himself politically.

  12. Rock em’ sock em’ retards

  13. I hear that last fall, he had to go to some place in Ohio and work for a [racist term deleted] in order to get hired! That’s how far he’s fallen!!!

  14. What kind of scumbag would hide behind a made up name anyway?

  15. it’ gets really ugly when two butt buddies turn on each other

  16. Mr. Salzman has been noted to (censored, censored) with a well known (deleted!) and of couse they have been known to frequent a certain spot in Old Town. And then this Greacen fellow, well, everyone knows about his particular peccidillos (CENSORED, so very CENSORED) and the blow-up doll who resembles (Redacted) with glasses.

    I understand a certain boyish individual shares a passion for inflatable items with the EPIC fellow, and I understand that his (deleted, censored and redacted) is epic indeed.

    Have a nice day!

  17. Some made-up names are used to conceal. Others–R. Trent Williams, for example–are used to deceive. Two different things. One is constitutionally protected, the other is illegal. So, you know. There’s that.

  18. Awesome, Jo. Our favorite comment of the day. Thanks for making us laugh without getting us sued.

  19. What a total shocker that Richard Salzman is found to be the cause of Richard Salzman’s problems. Who saw that coming?

  20. So I will ask again dear bug,give us some details.

  21. Oh sorry, Anonymous. We weren’t told much more than that, and people who usually tell us all kinds of wild crap were reluctant to do much more than confirm what we already knew.

  22. Er Sara

    I’m the alpha male around here. Can’t help you with R Trent since he does not exist, but if you need some kibbles, I might be able to work with you.

    Oh, and leave the palm trees alone. They’re mine.

    The territory is perfectly well defined.

    People need dogs all right but not disingenuous, editorially littered, dog-mas. At least not for the moment

    And while you will almost always be welcome at my table, until the heat is on..get lost bitch.

    Oh and as to the fight, I’ll put my milk bones on Richard. He will spend three hours accusing the referee of being a neo-con conspirator set up and heraldo’s muse will write the ‘my word’ column all the while demanding a recount, before the bout begins. They’ll all end up blaming the ring announcer, Jeff Leonard for talking the crowd to sleep and Grease-on will……keep the keepers (Bay and otherwise) apprised as to the implications and litigation potential.

    For now, my dear Sara, …..

    when the pen in paw has writ
    and you just don’t see no letter fit
    to satisfy some doghouse twit
    its best that you just don’t ferget
    that it is not
    he or she or them or it
    that you howl to

    Now about the Randy Jackson Dawg post………………

  23. Well dear dog, you forget who leads the pack…it is the alpha bitch. You are just around to make little dogs and then get the hell out of the way. BTW – come near the palm trees and you won’t father anymore pups buster.

  24. But, don’t forget, when the heat is on you still belong to me.

  25. Yep – he has been being billed as a “Health Care Activist.” 12:41

    Preventative Health Care Threatened/Call NOW!
    Bay Area Indymedia – San Francisco,CA,USA
    Health care activist Richard Salzman of Arcata, California is working with Assembly member Patty Berg to save the Preventive Health Care for Adults Program. …

    See all stories on this topic

  26. “Well dear dog, you forget who leads the pack…it is the alpha bitch. You are just around to make little dogs and then get the hell out of the way…”

    But, I wasn’t speaking about Bonnie or Lovelace as they might apply to bitches or little dogs. Alpha bitch?? Only works in politics. I am thinking that you may want to study up on praying manti…. But, Heralda’s blog might be the best place for that strange business.

    The Graphics Dept here is pretty busy with mammals. Oh and dear Sara, when it come to marking territory, I have a leg up.

    I got in trouble recently and could use your comfort at the height of the rut. It was not in tedious emails or letters to the editor. Neither was it animal cruelty.

    Yes it is sad and true my dear bitch, I was accused and convicted of littering.

  27. Patty Berg is washed up.

    Health Care activist Salzman?

    What a duo of fucking morons those two are.

  28. And he was so completely successful at this endeavor! As one of the individuals who used to staff the PHCA clinics, I must say that our gratitude and thank-fullness to Mr. Salzman and Ms. Berg is just overwhelming.

    And if you buy that, I have a lovely bridge with a view of the oyster beds you might be interested in.

  29. Josephine Blowe –
    You’re a class act re: September 22nd, 2009 at 7:36 pm
    and so is the Mirror, for keep this kind of dribble up on her site.

  30. RE: PHCA, so you think they would have preferred it if Berg and Salzman had not even tired to save the funding for the county nurse?
    I don’t think you ever worked at PHCA. I think you are just a liar.

  31. I would prefer if Berg and Salzman packed up and left town, together for all I care, so long as they move on to fucking up someone else’s county. I never really disliked Patty all that much. She’s a politician. What do you expect. But when she threw Salzman a lifeline she splattered his shit all over herself. So now that’s on her.

  32. Be careful, Anonymous. After your previous performance here you are but one more racist comment away from having your IP address permanently blocked. And wouldn’t that be a happy day for all of us!! Because look! You have so much to contribute, and you’ve brought such meaning and depth to so many lives.

  33. Berg and Salzman did JACK SHIT to try and perserve PHCA, and I sincerely doubt you even understand what PHCA really stands for. As to ‘just a liar’, next time you are sick, be grateful there is a nurse to look after you because I am willing to bet, no one else will.

  34. She didn’t just splatter his shit all over herself – it was a case of severe diarrhea.

    Disgusting but alas, predictable.

    Hey Bugs – Dickie is loose on this site again. Anyone got a bug zapper?

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