Caltrans project hits political road block


Unsafe highways make excellent soapboxes.

After six years of studies, reports, environmental analyses, public input, modifications and multi-agency approvals, the Eureka-Arcata Corridor Project ran smack into a wall of silence Tuesday at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

Supervisor Jill Duffy proposed accepting the staff report and moving forward with the least environmentally damaging alternative for making necessary safety improvements–but couldn’t get a second for her motion.

Why not? Well that depends on who you ask.

Supervisor Bonnie Neely needed more analysis and findings.

Supervisor Mark Lovelace wasn’t “comfortable” making a decision.

Caltrans reps didn’t seem to know what to think, and asked the supervisors to identify specific concerns.

They couldn’t come up with anything, but fortunately Lovelace’s buddies over at Green Wheels have their talking points lubed up and ready to roll.

First–and who knew?–it turns out that cars produce greenhouse gases. Evidently Caltrans is supposed to do something about that if it wants its road repair projects to move forward.

Second, the preferred alternative calls for improvements to Indianola Road, which could lead to sprawl.

Finally, that alternative costs a lot of money and will reduce Caltrans’ ability to build trails for bikes and bums, which is what it really should be doing in the first place.

Brilliance!! We wonder how much it would have cost had the project not been cock-blocked every step of the way, and also how much more it will cost after another several years of studies and reports.

By now it’s probably irrelevant to recall that the impetus behind this project was to make a dangerous road safe. The only purpose it seems to serve now is to provide another platform for the lunatic left to spout its mad shit about the evils of rural living and the internal combustion engine.

Photo stolen from here.

22 Responses

  1. Okay, okay. We got your e-mails. Not sure why the comment thingy was turned off, but it’s back on now. So make free with all those pent-up comments already. Sheesh.

  2. Thanks, bugs. I just wanted to point out the excellent discussion taking place on the Carson Park Mofo’s blog. He complained that the link from the Mirror made his hits go up only 25% and someone posted this response:

    “Well shit, Joel. It’s not like they can force their readers to go to your site. Maybe they should have offered to pay them if they did? That might have gotten you a few more hits. Sounds like your numbers are pretty sad. But really, if putting a link at the top of the hottest blog in the county didn’t help, you’re probably just fucked.”

    It was on from there. Love it.

  3. Unsafe highways make excellent soapboxes only until someone else gets killed. When that happens, the Three Stooges are just seen as dicks for dragging this thing out forever.

  4. It sounds like someone’s experiencing shrinkage.

  5. Playing politics with our safety…. This is all just a game to them.

  6. When I saw the comments were blocked I thought maybe our racist was back. I’m glad to hear it was just a glitch because there are few things more disgusting than the racism doggerelface demonstrated on this blog. I don’t know how some people live with themselves.

  7. Hottest blog in the county?

    That is the single gayest thing I’ve ever heard!

  8. Yeah and if you think our blog is hot, you should see our asses!!

    What’s that? Our asses are… what?

    Oh. Right.

    Never mind.

  9. This whole 101 Corridor Project breakdown is absolutely stupid. The only reason Caltrans is able to move forward with the bridge replacement project over the Mad River is because there was an 8-lane bike enhancement component. Oh, and the costly intensive physical and emotional therapy for anadromous fish during the construction and for 5 years after the completion of the bridges.

  10. Wait, wait, can’t caltrans build trails AND fix roads? What’s the hold up?

    They gotta keep these caltrans guys in work. Those dudes working Confusion Hill had some bomb ass weed and they actually buy stuff in local stores instead of just asking questions and then buying cheap knock off shit on the internet. I mean they had some really, really bomb ass shit that they obviously paid top dollar for. Not like I am all about the government paying people to do stuff, but at least these caltrans dudes spend in the local economy. But, they smoke me out. Shit, I love caltrans.

    Indianola Rd. is totally messed up. The fact is, hella Northern Humboldt drivers are all distracted by playing with their dreads and shit while merging onto the freeway, so we might as well make it as simple as possible for the legions of idiots plaguing these roads. I mean, these people will be all up passing you and slow down in front of you and we are supposed to believe that they can handle this confusing ass intersection. They can’t even handle it at 50MPH. Fix this shit before the next person dies.

    Aside, I never go anywhere near the death corridor. The whole thing is fucked. Seriously, I go on Old Arcata to go to Cash and Carry which I might add is way better for profits than Costco. I don’t understand merchants who buy shit at Costco. Fuck Costco.

    Oh well, not like I really care. Caltrans did finally resurface most of that shit south of Fortuna. Did y’all see that shit? They stripped the road and then just left it for weeks. It was like driving in Arcata.

  11. I’d love it if an emancipation order was possible… when CalTrans has fulfilled its responsibilities in bringing a project forward and a local government defiantly blocks movement on the project to any sort of resolution, absolve CalTrans of further responsibility for the particular issue. Then, 10 years later when the local government realizes it has created an absolutely mess, make the local government pay for the road improvements. Voters won’t let elected representatives pull this kind of BS more than once.

  12. Someone should enter into the record at the next supervisors meeting the number of fatalies on this stretch or have a family member of the deceased come in and do so.

    Congrats to Jill for seeing through the bullshit.

    Mark, Bonnie, Jimmy and Cliff should get the “stupid” award. God we need to get those clowns out of government.

  13. You could make the argument that since the speed limit was lowered the road has become a lot safer, and maybe a multi-million dollar fix isn’t necessary. But we asked for this fix years ago, Caltrans gave us some great plans, worked around tons of public input, even found a way to save the trees, and now three members of the board want to hang the thing up again. If Mark isn’t “comfortable” making decisions, maybe he should go back to being a community organizer, where all he really had to do was lie.

  14. Thanks Bugs –

    And about that combustion engine, here’s a thought: why don’t we throw a few Stupid(visor) logs onto the fire? Say 4 out of the 5 and be DONE with this crap – even Jen and Chris and Richard and the other Chris and Staci and Cobb-ish would notice that and maybe move to SIBERIA where they belong in the first place – no wait a minute -even the Siberians are nicer than they are – let’s send them to the Ant-Arctic!!!

  15. And ever. But Bon Bon does not have a dick, or DOES she? or is that just Patty strapping one on?

  16. Sure they do – Bon Bon has been crazy glued into her chair and Jimmy the shitty fisherman to his – oh , except for when his ass is found at the local Bar at the Marina drinking it off…

    Or wait! was this your way of promising to vote for someone ELSE or better – to run yourself???

    OKAY! Anybody is better than what we got!

  17. Mark, comfortable with making decisions…mmmm lots ‘o material there ….. where is humturtle when we need him?

  18. I think bob bon had the adadicktome operation. Didn’t she? Didn’t Cliff provide the organ for the transplant?

  19. Pulled that one out of the archives

    Keep it classy!

  20. 10:17, I think I love you

  21. Post the speed limit at 35 MPH and put in traffic lights at every available spot. People will still try to go 60+.
    People that must have moved here from LA tailgate, speed, change lanes and forget to mellow the fuck out. Most of these lame fucks probably never get out of the Eureka-Arcata area. That is Humboldt country to them. Orick must be in Oregon to them.

  22. Every time I go to the Eureka-Arcata area, I feel like I’ve entered some kind of automobile netherworld. In Eureka, people honk when there is no danger, roll down their windows and yell at each other over stupid shit, nearly crash into parked cars, and generally either road rage out or drive in such a way to provoke the road ragers’ rage.

    In stark contrast, people in Arcata drive like they are 90 years old. They never know whose turn it is at a stop sign and either wrongly assume it is their turn or blankly stare when it is their turn. When I wave one of these fools through, they tend not to wave back. It makes me want to get all Eureka style and yell at them. Although the design of H St. leaves a lot to be desired, there is still no reason why people have to slide out of their lane every time the road changes. Some of the bicyclists… sheesh… at least if you are going to run a stop sign to make a left turn, use a fucking hand signal so the rest of us know that you intend to make such a traffic violation. The crosswalk is for pedestrians… fuck… I don’t understand why these bicyclists think they are like a cyclotron transformer morphing from being a vehicle into being a pedestrian.Yield in the fucking roundabouts, what the fuck? And that stop light on Samoa and H… for fucks sake, stop running the red light.

    It causes me stress just to think about it. Around the Garberville area, the only thing I see people getting pulled over for is going too slow because their car doesn’t work so well. Even on windy roads that we know by heart, people generally wait until all is clear to pass a slowpoke and then wave as they go by. Waving, what a concept! It’s like “Hello, I’m not trying to kill you, just pass you.” The peaceniks in Tweakcata should take notes. And bicyclists here are safer than in Northern Humboldt even though our roads are completely messed up because A. Bicyclists follow the goddamn traffic rules and B. Motorists pay attention to what they are doing.

    Of course, as soon as you get to that section of Highway 101 near Leggett, everything is fucked up again. It’s worth it to get to Angelo’s faster, I guess.

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