Sanity Banking

Well, well, well. The Humboldt Mirror’s brand new GIS Department was tasked with designing a Eureka-Arcata Corridor Project even the progs would approve of. They forgot one important element–highway banking, in which the Highway 101 right-of-way would be preserved in case, you know, we ever return to our motherfucking senses–but otherwise, not a bad first effort.

Welcome, GIS geeks!!

Green Wheels Preferred Alternative


23 Responses

  1. How many departments do you guys have now? Your payroll taxes must be phenomenal.

  2. 10 MPH– that’s kind of fast, don’t you think?

  3. ooooh, and fast is kind of p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e —- can’t do that

  4. Wheres the petition I’ll sign it!!

  5. Such a waste of money. Sups should drop the whole thing. The lowered speed limit did the trick.

    Now get back to work

  6. How does a group of people so almighty terrified of progress come to call itself “progressive”?

  7. Hey bugs, how many hits did you get from CalTrans?

  8. Seventy-some yesterday. Don’t remember exactly and haven’t checked today.

  9. Can we assume they were amused?

  10. We can assume they nominated us for a daytime Emmy and threw in a lifetime supply of asphalt. That’s the great thing about assumptions. There’ isn’t any evidence to support that, but there’s doesn’t need to be.

  11. awesome

  12. You so fucking crack me up bug.

  13. They have a good point. If you’re going to make stuff up, shit. Go big.

  14. Don’t you sarcastic bugs get it???

    You keep pointing out that delaying the improvements is bad because it will possibly lead to unnecessary fatalities on our roadways. I couldn’t disagree more.

    More accidents = less people = less Carbon Dioxide

    Does anybody else have a remotely workable solution to meet the AB 32 reduction targets.

    Life = Sprawl


  15. Why are all of my comments awating moderation?

  16. Good question, Walmart. Feel free to refer it to WordPress. We liberated two comments earlier, so currently, technically, accurately, none of your comments is awaiting moderation. When we see others lingering we’ll fish them out. Happens to other people too, then stops and moves on to a new target. We don’t know why.

  17. Thanks for the work Bugs! We think we have a some more ideas for a number of infrastructure projects and developments due to be considered and rejected by the local “progressive” elected officials.

  18. Dear Humboldt County Board of Supervisors,

    We have decided instead to design a bypass.

    Not just of Eureka– we will be proposing a bypass of Humboldt County altogether.

    Good luck driving your BMW to work now Mark Lovelace. Maybe you can follow your own advice and walk or bike to work for your home out in the suburbs of Arcata.

    Come to think of it, do you do ANY of the crap you are trying to impose on the rest of us?

  19. Okay, technically it is “work,” but you heard what we said about compensation, right? Like the part about how there isn’t any?

  20. I object! I so very much object! Where, I might ask is the Most Honorable Verbena Dignity Village? And, where, just where, is the covered panhandling area? It the right of people to solicit money, cigarettes and pot from complete strangers, and it is detailed in the US Constitution that we be comfortable and dry while this activity occurs.

    And you have completely and utter neglected the Tad Contemplation Garden, the area designated soley for the purpose of dreaming up new ways to bore people silly with your delusions.

    Get with GIS department, the supes are waiting to throw money at this!

  21. Excellent points, Jo. This feedback will definitely be provided during their first performance evaluation.

  22. Fuck the panhandlers, let them be so lucky to bus my table after lunch.

    Getta job you fucktards

  23. I like it.

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