Newspaper war continues as Times-Standard fights to put itself out of business

Yeah, well you should have seen all the excitment that was generated during our first strip overseas. You know?

A good overseas strip always stirs up some excitment.


10 Responses

  1. It’s not as funny as “fashino at a reasonably price,” but it’s a good one. Boy does the T-S suck ass. Cutting copy editing jobs is definitely a surefire way to cut costs. Things definitely got better when they promoted Faulk.

  2. Both halves of the Fay Guy brain trust have served them so well.

  3. My favorite will always be the “Pubic Untilties” (Public Utilities) headline way back in the late 80s. I had a copy in my files for a long time, don’t have it any more, darn.

  4. The lack of competition has done wonder for their attention to detail.

  5. spell check on headline might have helped.

    nothing can be done for “strip” however because it’s spelled right. That’s the part where a human comes in and …well you know.

  6. The suckage at the TS is becoming legendary. There’s some humiliating mistake every day now it seems.

  7. Pubic anything is pretty good. But one of the newspapers a few years ago had a Child Cook-off. Instead of chile, of course. That one should have been on Leno.

  8. It must be very comforting to know that no matter how bad you suck you won’t lose your job to competition. Then again, there’s always the possibility of Media News going under.

  9. Good thing they made Ray Aspuria the editor of the sports section. It’s hard to find talent like that.

  10. My personal favorite was in the Real Estate section. It read “Large home on acreage surrounded by huge dick”. They got tons of answers to that ad!

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