Updated: What’s wrong with this picture?

In the event that purchasing candidates and apocryphal environmental reports isn’t enough to tank a potential competitor’s development proposal–fret not, prog friends! Bill Pierson has a few more tricks up his oversized Hawaiian-shirt sleeves.

Consider, for example, his relationship with Peter Douglas, pictured below left with Pierson on Thursday at Hurricane Kate’s in Old Town. Douglas, of course, is the executive director of the California Coastal Commission, which is the agency ultimately responsible for evaluating the Marina Center project.

Bon appetit!!

"Peter, what say we have some dessert and big sloppy laugh about how we're going to screw Rob Arkley?"

"Say, Peter, let's have ourselves some dessert and a fat, sloppy laugh about how we're going to screw Rob Arkley--I mean protect the environment."

UPDATE: Greg Pierson confirms that neither he nor his father, Hank, is involved in any of his brother Bill’s dealings. In fact, he said, “Those who take the time to find facts would know that Hank and I tend to contribute to candidates that run against those supported by Bill. It is funny how a family can be so politically diverse.”

His complete comments are here and here. Thanks for the clarity, friend!!

59 Responses

  1. If a picture paints a thousand words, about 900 of these would be “sketchy”.

  2. This behavior is over the top even by Humboldt standards. It’s stunning, really. I don’t even know what to say.

  3. There is nothing stunning about it. Pierson financially supports Glass and Atkins on the Eureka City Council, and he has the Chair (Bonnie Neely) and the Executive Director (Peter Douglas) of the California Coastal Commission. He has taken care of the two regulatory agencies responsible for deciding the fate of his enemy’s project. That is just the Bill Pierson way of doing business.

  4. How rude, it appears that they started eating before their other guests arrived. At least they saved seats for Bon Bon and Markey poo. Even the politicians in Bulbous Bills back pocket have to eat.

  5. Something here doesn’t smell very good, and I don’t think it’s Kate’s mushroom-scented risotto.

  6. Holy shit that’s a good one. I wonder how the famous photographer feels to be the subject of what will soon be a famous photo.

  7. I would have commented sooner, but after I pissed my pants reading this I had to go shower and change.

  8. No photos are necessary to describe the backdoor deal Arkley made with the City Council to kill the Balloon Tract study?

    “If you’re me, do you really care what the city thinks?”

    Thanks Rob

  9. And how is that a back-door deal, moron?

  10. What Anon means is he doesn’t have incriminating photos.

  11. This is exactly why Security National excutives meet with Dave Tyson in private. Wouldn’t want to be on the front of the Herald!

  12. Anon 7:14–we mean Zeno–put up or shut up.

    As we said yesterday, your day will come. But once again, this isn’t it.

  13. The progs have to buddy up with Pierson just afford a lunch out at Kates.

    Fucking losers

  14. Anon/Zeno must… get… new talking points….

  15. So much for the pitched battle of good vs. evil. The progs might have to find a less epic story line.

  16. Better hire Steven Glasier Mr. Pierson!

  17. ??

  18. just cause you have a camera on your phone doesn’t mean you are automatically allowed to use it anywhere. This was private property and I guarantee THM didn’t stop to even consider that to be legal he needed the permission of Hurricane Kate’s as well as the permission of the two subjects. This was so totally illegal and a violation of at least three people’s rights. I recommend HC’s should get a lawyer and prosecute! Not to mention the guys in the photo. I think this will be the start of THM’s swan song.
    Journalistic integrity? Honesty? Accuracy? Laws? Ethics? Morals? Hell, not even the Sub would pull something like this! If you wanted to know what they were doing there, why didn’t you act like the great “journalist” you claim to be and actually ask them? Huh?

  19. Sorry, did you say something? I’m still so busy laughing at your use of the words “integrity,” “honesty,” “ethics” and “morals” that I couldn’t hear what you were on about.

  20. And another first down for Security National and Home Depot! You’re in the red zone now!

  21. Who exactly has claimed to be a great journalist, dumbass? From the start we have claimed to be lame bloggers–and probably we can all agree that we have thoroughly lived up to our advance billing.

    But hey–show us the claim of journalistic greatness. Looking for something that doesn’t exist will allow you to divert your energies and ultimately ease your pain.


  22. Yeah who’s keeping score here Walmart, because the game is getting interesting.

  23. Does assusing me of being another poster help your cause?

  24. Oh totally. It’s the key to the whole thing. If only we can convince people that you are also anon we will have decent jobs and housing for everyone. Don’t spoil it for us, friend!!

    By the way, would having a dictionary help your cause? Because we could maybe work something out for you.

  25. Where’s Carol saying that’s Greg or Hank Pierson, not Bill? And where’s Greg saying this isn’t a big deal? Hmm? Anyone?

  26. Greg is an inch or so taller than a midget. He might be hiding behind Bill’s gut!

  27. Hmm, “sketchy”? I don’t know about that; I think ‘ballsy and pathetic’ would be better words.

    Most of us that know there are alot of folks working hard to save property rights have known about this ‘relationship’ for a LONG time. Bill Pierson is anti-American.

    Bill Pierson is living proof of the infamous prediction made years ago by Nikita Krushchev: “the United States will eventually fly the Communist Red Flag. The American people will hoist it themselves.”

    Green politics and ideology ‘parallel the Socialism to Communism political process – Socialism is the first step, but Communism is the goal. The Greens are using the environmental cause to camouflage their efforts to move Americans toward Socialism, then force us into Communism’. (from the book Set Up and Sold Out: Find Out What Green Really Means by Swanson.


  28. I forgot to add that the Red flag and the Green flags are interchangable. Definitely interchangable.

  29. BINGO

  30. You gotta be kidding me 8:06. You really want to hang your hat on the stupid proposition that you need someones permission to take a picture in a public place.

    You are utterly ridiculous. laughable, stupid and ridiculous.

    Belong to ACORN or something?

  31. So Zeno, I know you are envious, but anyone (even you) can request a meeting with any public official or elected official at any time – that is part of what being and AMERICAN still means (thank GOD)…if you have something you are concerned about. It is only against the law (the infamous Brown Act) when there are more than 2 elected officials in the room along with you at the same time. WAKE UP AND READ SOMETHING OF SUBSTANCE between inhales, would ‘ya?

  32. I think you left out ridiculous.

  33. Funny story, kind of on message. I was eating lunch at Kate’s a few months back and on that occasion Peter and Bill had a lunch guest. You may know him–old guy, huge muffin top, ugly as dirt. Goes by the name of Ralph Faust. I knew who he was, and I knew who Pierson was. But until I saw this picture today I didn’t know Douglas. So thanks, bugs!

  34. Well Walmart, I am not sure what the definition of a midget is, perhaps I am 1 inch taller. Who knows. What I do know is that I and my father, Hank Pierson are not involved in any way with Bill’s activity. Those who take the time to find facts would know that Hank and I tend to contribute to candidates that run against those supported by Bill. It is funny how a family can be so politically diverse. I guess that’s what make parties so interesting!

  35. I’m 100% sure that every local “player” is guilty of the exact same thing, but it never happens at in such plain view

  36. You would be wrong here if you think that taking a picture in the dining area in a public place at a table in front of a window seat of three public figures somehow equates with an invasion of privacy. HC can’t do squat because HC invites the public inside, this is the most open area of the restaurant and nobody ever asked the photographer to leave. You would be even more incorrect to think that posting that picture on this forum discussing an issue (balloon tract/marina center)which is currently before the city and which has been the center of political discussion for the last several years somehow also is a violation of privacy. In fact, I would die a happy death to handle the case for THM. Not only would they prevail, they would get attorneys fees.

    Desperate? Feel ridiculous? Embarrassed? All of the above? You betcha

  37. you say that like ACORN is a bad thing.. registering voters in low income neighborhoods a problem fer you?

  38. Mai, it’s the advising people to lie on applications for government funds that bothers me. Registering voters anywhere, though, I wholeheartedly support.

  39. I think 8:06 just melted down. Poor thing. He is dumber than a paint can.

    All I can say at this point is: OOPS – BUSTED FUCKTARDS. Have fun explaining this to the lawyers.

  40. Pretty incredible.

  41. Pierson was probably there to threaten to destroy Douglas.

    It’s a proven method in this town.

  42. I hope after all this the “progressives” stop trying to act like they have some special claim to the moral high ground. They have shit, and everyone knows it.

  43. Okay, for starters, how disgusting is Bill Pierson, digging in his ear at the table, Mr. Douglas is examining his plate to keep from gagging, I would imagine..

    As someone who grew up in McKinleyville, I would also imagine that Ernie Pierson is rolling over in his grave about now. Which does offer an explaination of recent events noted in the local cemetary

  44. Shit, if I was Pierson, I’d do the exact same thing! I’d be meeting with every Eureka City Councilperson, Supervisor & Coastal Commission member that would be willing to speak to me. You really think Security National isn’t doing the very same thing?

    I betcha Greg P. Did the same thing with his development over on the waterfront

  45. There’s meeting and there’s cheating. We can decide for ourselves which this is, but you’re not talking me out of my opinion.

  46. Oh yeah, Gladys, that’s what Bill was doing. Get a grip.

  47. Would assulting those with authority be considered cheating in yomur book?

  48. I am going to go with ‘cheating.”

  49. Rob Arkley is a scumbag who forecloses on families for a living. Anyone who stands in Arkley’s way is OK by me.

  50. You sound like a jelious 5 year old who’s about to throw a tantrum

  51. does he foreclose on the ones paying their mortgages?

  52. Sure 514, everyone knows all you need to do to enjoy the advantages of homeownership is sign the loan docs…

    Paying the mortgage, well thats just for chumps and losers…

    Seriously though, if you had any inkling of a clue, you’d know that the last thing someone who services distressed loans wants to do is foreclose. More often than not, they work with debtors to come up with an alternate payment plan…

    Again, the last thing they want is a repossessed house they have to try and sell.

  53. Giving money to candidates is, according to the Supreme Court, free speech. Arkley is allowed to do it and so is Bill Pierson. Neither of them are scumbags for supporting their own interest.
    You folks are both sad and pathetic in your need to use such language about people, just because you disagree with their politics.
    But that seems to be Humbugs M.O. to slander and defame, rather then to offer cogent arguments for a position for or against public policy.
    He, or is it she, seems to have arrived at a fitting level in life, that of an anonymous blogger.

    [On the subject of slander and defamation, friend, your cogent arguments for or against public policy today included unsubstantiated allegations of sexual impropriety by two people you politically disagree with, and your language included calling them “sluts” and worse. That post has been removed, and any future moral guidance you may wish to offer will need to be approved by us before it appears on this blog. Congratulations, cockwash!! You have become only the second person to be put on moderation. Hugs!]

  54. is peter douglas a candidate for something? do political contributions have anything to do with paying for studies on other people’s property?

    bill pierson, are you down with OPP?

  55. Is their any issue those fuckers won’t misrepresent?

  56. does rob arkley own the mirror?

  57. I wonder why this post became so popular again?

  58. A few months ago, at a Eureka City Council meeting, a SN rep. was announcing the political contributions Bill Pierson had made to Council members (and other local politicians) before being cut off by Linda A. and the Mayor. Does anyone know where that list is published? It might make interesting reading!

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