How did we miss this?

What gives?

Arch-rival and fellow D-list blogger Carson Park Mofo slipped up and said something kinda-sorta nice about us. To wit:


Carson Park Ranger said…

Oh come on, Doggerelface. You simply must admit that the posts are funny at the Mirror. The Bonnie fixation is disturbing, and the comments are beyond the pale, but the talent behind the posts deserves recognition.

Oh well. He must have been drunk.

Anyway–here, friendly Mofo. Have three more hits.



20 Responses

  1. The bugs and the Mofo have more in common than either is willing to admit, and I’m not just referring to your problems with alcohol.

  2. Get off our backs, douche.

  3. ?

  4. Sensitive subject, Graphics Dept.?

  5. Graphics Department should have put a Giants cap and a 49ers jersey on CPR if they were trying to imply he sucks.

  6. This is like arguing over whether Shakespeare or Dickens are better authors. I like ’em both, Ranger and Bugs.

    OK, not crude enough … this is like arguing over what burns more, sucking down a shot of tequila or grappa. I like ’em both.

  7. Joel Milke aka Carson Park Ranger is almost as stupid as Joel Agnew.

  8. Let’s face it, fellow lefties: as much as it may hurt, this blog is witty and creative. Buck up. Laugh and curse. Chuckle and weep. If you’re lucky, you’ll wear a “Bugs called me a douche bag” t-shirt some day.

    Giants? 49ers? Why is Mr. Nice being such a prick?

  9. Yeah no shit, Mofo. Even we wouldn’t stoop that low.

    And t-shirts!! How did we not think of that?

  10. Easy, friend. He may be a mofo, but he’s our mofo.

  11. T-Shirts – With reflective ink?

    And. ahem, why do my comments go to moderation?

  12. Maybe God hates you?

  13. Seriously, we wish we knew. WordPress does weird stuff sometimes. Consider this a case in point. Currently you and Walmart in Eureka are on its shit list–probably all part of some vast left-wing conspiracy.

  14. I knew it!!!!!!

  15. Grappa

  16. Huhhhh? The “Bugs called me a douche bag ” t-shirts are very limited edition. VERY Limited. So limited, in fact, that there will only be 10 awarded. Nine of those have county or Eureka city officials names on them tentatively. You do the math.

  17. Rose, we have experienced some intermittent, yet complex, cumulative interface malfunctions as a result of multiple systems failure, software incompatibility, and systemic human interface incongruity or imbalance that has automatically triggered a comprehensive internal, audit and re-evaluation of procedures, system security, comment moderation fuck-ups, comment moderation related to massive moderation fuck-ups, comment moderation with a backdrop of minor and yet somehow complicated and extensively multiple widespread fuckups.

  18. (In other words, they don’t know either.)

  19. I was just trying to take a cheap shot at any potential SF fans, nothing personal.

  20. Why is the focus on Bonnie “disturbing?” Has Carson Park Ranger actually watched Bonnie in action? If so, he’d be more alarmed.

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