Wetland warrior $trike$ again

Bill Pierson finds another way to save the planet–and make a few bucks while he’s at it! Yay money!! Apparently even progs like it!

Piersons Plant Blowout!!!

Looks like weeds to us.


8 Responses

  1. My favorite wetlands in Eureka is the koi ponds at the Pierson Building Center. Very lovely in the morning and evening light. There isn’t anything quite as beautiful as huge, slurping fish.

  2. Why are giving these guys more free advertising?

  3. Because we are generous and nice sometimes.

  4. They sell shit at Piersons?

    Who do they think they are, Home Depot? For Christ’s sake!

  5. I got that shit all over my yard. I’d pay to have it go extinct. Looks like weeds? That’s because they are weeds.

  6. And it’s a fake ad, moron. The reasonable prices give it away.

  7. Wait, I thought Jennifer Kalt worked for heraldo. Did you get her on retainer?

  8. nice one Rose, out them all

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