It’s like they’re psychic!

The board agenda usually comes out late Friday afternoons, but our Vital Statistics Department couldn’t wait and instead just guessed at the kinds of fascinating items that might be on it.

Did they miss anything?

Supervisors Agenda

Oh. They forgot the "Crap No One Cares About."


8 Responses

  1. There’s “stuff pulled out of Mark’s tiny crack”

  2. We can’t believe they left out the “Lame Jill Duffy Equestrian Analogies.” According to our (completely bullshit) criteria, that well ran dry during her first term.

  3. My fave is their reports talking about all the potlucks they went to during the week.

  4. What about bilking the Headwater’s Fund, taking away private property rights, thwarting economic growth, and stopping new home construction???

    This is “bull$hit”!

  5. Those are all on the agenda every week, aren’t they?

  6. Does that 23% mean self-aggrandisement and not just pot lucks (as if they did all the work themselves – kinda like you now – MOSES)? And does the 19% repreesent them giving MORE money to Phil Crandall for the “little people” with issues that never see a stinking dime – and when they show up for counseling they get DRUGGED out of their minds? And then the 21% Bullshit is the portion of time where Kirky Girard gets to petition for more money, more attention and more power, right? So then the 35% is filler, er um, MORE BULLSHIT, Piled High DEEP SHIT and finally blockage or discussion of the latest sex parties, right?

  7. Jesus -graphics department – way to blow up Bonnie – you sure she isn’t charging you for the privelege?

  8. Ouch. That’s one extreme closeup that leaves nothing to wonder about.

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