New out-of-town business would threaten local retailers

Hey--if we put a pot leaf on the cover every day, will we sell more copies? Oh. Wait. Never mind.

Hey--if we put a pot leaf on the cover every day, will we sell more copies? Oh. Wait. Never mind.

Buy-local advocates have been eerily silent thus far about a Times-Standard report that a Sacramento-based marijuana dispensary has expressed interest in opening an outlet in Eureka.

The Horizon Nonprofit Collective has applied for a zoning amendment that would allow it to peddle its wares in the city’s hospital and medical zone–and compete with a locally owned pot retailer nearby.

We’re just thinking out loud here, but if you accept the progs’ logic that non-local restaurants and building supply stores are bad for the community, it stands to reason that out-of-towners moving in on our most important agricultural commodity can’t be good.

And this particular out-of-town enterprise is the subject of decidedly mixed reviews. Numerous complainants accuse Horizon of everything from crappy product to “budtenders” too janked on their own “medicine” to provide basic customer service.

Criticisms include moldy pot, dry pot, underweight eighths, clones with fungus and bugs and–our favorite–Maui Wowie that tastes like “1,000 Hawaiians took a huge dump and put it into a quarter jar.” Additionally, employees are said to be  lousy, dishonest and high, and prices even more so.

Will our local prog friends freak the fuck out over this organization’s Sacramento address and spotty reputation? Will there be PR battles, heated exchanges, workshops at the Wharfinger? Will this issue pit brother against brother and each against all?

Stay tuned for that, but while you wait think back not too long ago to the bellowing disdain with which progs greeted a locally owned daily newspaper and the fawning adulation they heaped on the corporate competitor that eventually put it out of business.

Remember too their more recent absence of outrage when national chain Trader Joe’s threatened the uniqueness of Fortuna with organic lotions and discount wines.

Maybe we’re just jaded, but it seems to us that despite the progs’ rants and chants, the level of their allegiance to buying local has a lot to do with how badly they want the product being sold, and their support of mom-and-pop retailers depends largely on mom and pop’s last name.


29 Responses

  1. Bugs you don’t seriously think the progressives are sincere in their protectionist rhetoric, do you? Thinking they have values and believe any of their own shit is not smart. They believe whatever they need to believe to get and keep power. Period. You’d be foolish to think otherwise.

  2. Well said.

  3. Yawn…

  4. Should have gone with the easy bait this morning bugs

  5. I believe yawn means you hit the head on the nail.

  6. BINGO

  7. True.

  8. Anon, you notice that is what H went with today. The prog’s have so much tolerance of others beliefs.

  9. You are missing an ‘r’ in the word, “review”: 4th paragraph

  10. Thanks. All better.

  11. It’s always a good idea to act bored when people speak the truth. Cause you know that will keep other people from reading it. Yup. Very effective.

  12. Couldnt have said it better myself Bugs. They’re hypocrites and finally someone is pointing that out.

  13. This place does sound funky as hell. Reminds me of a certain other downhill-sliding yet aggressively expanding cannabusiness operation from Arcata.

    But, I read those reviews and… what the hell? These people are complaining about nothing. For instance, “dried up product.”

    It’s hot as a habanero shit storm in Sacramento, so of course it is dried up.

    At least it is not like here where people hang branches in a hillbilly shack for 3 days, slap em in a turkey bag, and call it cured.

    And they complain about gnats. It’s like what the fuck are you doing tryna grow bud if you don’t know how to deal with gnats? Freakin’ Sac-towners. They wouldn’t last a week dealing with all the pests out here. They’d be all “the cannabis club gave me black rats with them clones.”

    But, seriously, this isn’t a good comparison to Trader Joe’s. This sorry ass club is not overwhelming competition. This is more like if that little ass natural food store in Mt. Shasta tried to move in and compete with the Co-Op.

    Now, if they did move in and open up a giant warehouse full of fake-branded, Chinese crapboard quality paraquat weed, then yes that would be exactly like Lowe’s.

  14. And yes I wrote that entire post just to take another shot at Lowe’s.

  15. It’s labeling time and time to write off any intelligent conversations on this thread.

    Let’s see who has the best party rhetoric – Progs or Publicans?

    Both are full of the stuff that stinks when passed through the bowels daily…

    wheee! This is fun!

  16. Who gives a shit what Lowes or Home Depot sells. The point is to drive Pierson’s out of business. Shut down the progressive money train.

  17. So awesome, Mr. Nice. We appreciate your focus–and humor. We too could give a crap about complaints about dry pot (isn’t it supposed to be dry?) but after having to listen to years of Heraldo cataloging every fucking refrigerator ever returned to a Home Depot we thought we’d throw it in.

  18. That is not our point, and we do not support it. Please feel free to express that opinion, but we’re not inclined to think it has much of a following. We want more businesses, not fewer.

  19. Anyone here remember Democrats?

  20. I really, really can’t think of any insight or funny to add to this apt summary of the essential hypocrisy of the Progressive Peoples.

    But, we all know that I do have those conservative leanings which in the lexicon of the progs makes me a greedy, warmongering racist.

    So, lets just skip the label part and marvel at a group of individuals who are so nakedly self-serving, self-aggrandizing and idiotic that it boggles one’s mind, even the mind of this capitalist pig.


  21. Oh yes, the Bon Bon in rasta! Outstanding Graphics Dept. almost makes up for the GIS fiasco!

  22. Thanks J. Blowe. We love that we could sneak in to the chambers on Tuesday after close of business to smoke some killer herb with Bonnie. Her connections are the BEST. Hugs!
    (cough, cough, hack, hack, cough)

  23. why the fuck do you think she (Bon Bon) worked her skankie magic to get the mighty midget elected? Clif had the adadictomy connection not a bud buddy.

  24. Yeah, of course, but I think we’ll all be hiding our smiles when their financial struggles begin!

  25. clif looks like lurch.

  26. You do have a point. Progs seem to be a bit hypocritical with the business issues.

    I don’t know who to side with on this issue. On the one hand, I think stores like Wal-Mart force the competition to perform better… that discount stores are necessary to bring up the quality of service in smaller stores. On the other hand, the practices of some of these chain stores is deceptive where they package no-name Chinese crap as brand-name product.

    And on the other-other hand… or foot or whatever…. when there are no discount stores, the small stores employ the same deceptive practices that the discount stores do because there is no expectation of higher quality.

    It’s a mixed bag. I’d rather have Home Depot or Lowe’s than all these McDonalds and Burger Kings everywhere. I mean, with Home Depot, the people who are saving a few dollars on their home improvement will likely take that money over to some other local business for some other service/product. With the fast food chains, the money goes nowhere and all the community gets are people who resemble “Grimace.”

  27. Your graphics people rock!

  28. Thanks Blanche! But we outsourced today’s work to a kid in India named Mahabharata. He did the graphics for 237 rupees, or about $5 US dollars. We cut out of work early and spent the day at Angelo’s in Eureka drinking beer and eating pizza.

  29. Figures.

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