Oh well. A prophet is never loved in his own town.

Vote disconnect

Times-Standard Letters to the Editor

Posted: 10/01/2009

The recent actions of the BOS in which they approved the county’s housing element really highlights the disconnect between newly elected Supervisor Clendenen and the constituents he is supposed to represent. His vote shows that he does not understand that the majority of his constituents live in a rural setting and not the city of Fortuna (as does he).
He voted to cram in excess of 1,000 additional homes into Shelter Cove. This equates conservatively to an additional 3,000-4,000 vehicle trips daily on the Whitethorne-Shelter Cove road. What was he thinking? Where was his head? Does he know his district?
He needs to recognize that his district is rural in nature and tradition and will not be swayed by the power brokers of Eureka and Arcata. He received only 38 percent of the votes in his district last election — 62 percent of the voters voted for another candidate. The power brokers did not elect Mr. Clendenen and they are not the ones who can unelect him.

Valerie Weyna


15 Responses

  1. Looks like someone better start thinking about the will of the voters in his district rather than the will of the 22-year incumbent sitting two chairs to his right.

  2. Not sure Meow. Didn’t she get him a sack full of slot machine money from her benefactors at the Indian casino?

  3. Can’t buy you love, Anon.

  4. Bugs, Do you guys have any information on how the recall process works? As Ms. Weyna makes clear 62% of the voters didn’t like Clif in the first place and undoubtedly alot more are seeing the light of the Bon Bon’s manipulations. What does it take to get rid of Clif and elect a candidate who will work for all the people in the district rather than the radical cadre in Arcata?

  5. If you liked my vote on the Housing Element, then you’ll love my vote for Alternative A on the rest of the General Plan Update.

    My constituents are so screwed.

  6. Would Alternative A allow 1000 additional homes in Shelter Cove?

  7. Sure, its infill.

  8. Can’t we just get the ghost of Roger Rodoni as supervisor?

    I was happy for a long time being all smug that my supervisor is Roger Rodoni so screw your backward policies.

    Johanna was doing alright. How did we end up with apple dude? Musta been rigged.

  9. No they aren’t. They are totally fucked. Guess they forgot to listen close enough when Cliffy Appleseed said, if it was a call between what he wanted and what his constituents wanted he would go with his own position and not the will of those that elected him.

    Thats for real folks. That is what he said. He also said that his 10 grand payoff from the tribes would get them his vote. I shit you not on this one. Said it in Fortuna at one of those shitty debates.

    Amazing, just amazing.

  10. Clif is so not going to get a second term. It aint Neely that’s pulling him by the short hairs its Lovelace that has led him to the way darkside. He was viewed as somewhat a of a centrist. Instead he sucking Lovelace’s Koolaide like it was his best apple cider. Clif has been a huge disappointment to the residents of Fortuna.

  11. Cal,

    I respectfully disagree. Bonnie helped me get elected. Bonnie got me the big Blue Lake ca$h. I have never voted against a position that Bonnie told me to take. Mark and I have voted differently- remember the Coroner fiasco?


  12. yes it true, I am constantly sucking on marks wee weeeeee. Since I gave mine up for the Bob Bon’s adadicktome,I really need a bit of masculinity. I know,I know, it’s not helping.

  13. Go to Piersons and get a price on something and
    then go to another business for the same item.
    I did this yesterday and it was 25% less at the
    other location. Home Depot will offer those same
    kind of savings and more. Then maybe Pierson
    can start giving us consumers that price break
    instead of giving all that money to his political
    backers. Larry, Bonnie, Heraldo etc..

  14. Bring on the Home Depot. Let the people decide. I think most of us will take affordable products and decent jobs over the big nothing earning nothing we’ve had now for so long.

  15. Does anyone else see a growing resemblance with Bill and Michael Moore?

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