Artistic license

Bill Pierson keeps Eureka beautiful, by keeping all of that unsightly competition to an absolute minimum. Such civic pride!!

The Bromance

16 Responses

  1. I suspected that photo might show up again somewhere.

  2. I enjoy the murals on the front of the store much better.

    These are just a bit too much

  3. What will happen to these great murals when Pierson is nolonger selling hammers? Better start saving your mural cash buddy boy!

  4. The giant ugly orange warehouse at the Marina Center won’t win any design awards, but it will provide some new jobs to the area. Atleast we’re beating Fortuna to the punch.

  5. I am waiting for the “men” having lunch with the adorable muppets from Sesame Street.

  6. Brilliance!! Graphic’s Department–get on it, friends!

  7. I like the murals – it’s funny though, the heraldites are always complaining about the CoOp being ugly, while it also has nice murals, they NEVER say that about Pierson’s. The murals are cool.

    What isn’t cool is what is captured in that photo.

  8. Mahabharata–get on it, मित्र (friend.) You have another 237 rupees on the way to your PayPal account.

  9. “Beautification Pioneer?”

    He’s really breaking some interesting trail with his efforts to submarine the Marina Center. How much money has Bill paid to local candidates, for the wetlands report and the Humboldt Herald in the past few years?

  10. Are state workers allowed to receive paid-for lunches by individuals lobbying for or against projects that will soon appear before their jurisdiction. If so, is this type of activity required to be reported or disclosed?

  11. city and county folks won’t let you buy them lunch, but who says bill paid?

  12. Where exactly is that fantasyland piece of Eureka? Does it exist?

  13. This stinks bad enough without Bill paying. Doesn’t matter as near as I can tell. The relationship is inappropriate as hell, and they both god damn know it.

  14. Pierson is depicting what Eureka might look like if he didn’t work so hard to run it into the fucking ground.

  15. By God,you nailed it dude.

  16. Love it!!

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