Someone’s overcompensating…

Brainstorm this, bitches

The Harbor Commission race gets all supersized and shit.

Okay, okay. The Graphics Department got liquored up last night and went a little crazy with the Photoshop. But seriously–have you seen the size of Harbor District candidate John Ash’s lawn signs? We would need a bigger lawn. They’re that big.

Maybe hiding behind the high-impact signage is a candidate who has yet to articulate what his campaign is all about.

On the subject of job creation, Ash calls for–and we’re not kidding here– “brainstorming sessions.”

As for development, you’ll have to sort this one out on your own: “Development needs to be more than a novelty; it’s about innovation toward change that is quality driven, that works well, with evidence that it will be successful.”

Uh, okay.

It’s hard to say what kind of commissioner Ash would be. But we’re more inclined to support someone whose connection to the bay comes from a lifetime of living and working on it, like Richard Marks, instead of someone whose experience is paddling around it in a kayak.

Regardless, Ash should keep in mind he’s running for the Harbor District, not the presidency. Dude needs to chillax with the lawn signs a little before that smell of desperation becomes permanent.


29 Responses

  1. Susan Penn doesn’t seem to be going the lawn sign route. Haven’t seen one yet. But she does appear to have captured the small hard cold dark heart of Heraldo who is pimping her out on his site. Is there some kind of proggy split between Ash, endorsed by Berg, Neely, Nichols, Pierson and Kerrigan, and Penn, who hasn’t listed endorsements but obviously has some support from the far left? Anyone know?

  2. Richard is a Democrat in the true sense of the word. None of this fascist-progressive stuff for him. He has my vote.

  3. I’ll always remember Richard as the guy who got fucked by the HCDCC for actually being a Democrat instead of a more fashionable prog. For that alone I think he may always get my vote.

  4. if i remember right he was the ONLY true democrat in the race and he still didn’t get the endorsement. a classic moment in humboldt politics.

  5. for me, the race shakes out like this. do you want to vote for a white collar carpet bagger or a blue collar homegrown local? there’s no way penn or ash have half the clue marks does about the real problems facing real people in this county. no way. nothing against water sports and joining friends of the loons, but we need to take a page from the prog playbook and get back to local control. enough with the out of towners semi-retiring here and going into politics to fill their empty hours. take up fucking needlepoint instead.

  6. Lets be real here, these are all left wing
    liberals. We lose no matter what.

  7. Well, Richard does want the mill to re-open, even if it’s only making TP. That’s a lot more of a commitment to jobs and industry than we’ll ever see from Ash or Penn. He’s also got Matt Owen running his campaign. I’d call him more of a realist and a bridge-builder than you give him credit for 9:24. And I definitely give him props for bucking the Bon-Bon Neely death machine 3 years back, he’s still on her enemies list for that.

  8. Ash’s signs are fucking obscenely big.

  9. Thanks for giving Richard Marks some credit. He’s quite possibly one of the honest people I know.

  10. Marks? Left-wing? No. He is an old-school dem, which means he’s a moderate. You know how democrats up here are like moderate republicans everywhere else? Well he’s a democrat up here. Plus he’s lived the bullshit with the progs proudly driving away businesses, including his own. Not smooth or polished, but no one’s patsy either.

  11. A large sign can’t make up for a dearth of ideas.

  12. An enemy of my enemy is my friend. Go Richard!

  13. Ash is just playing the hand he’s been dealt. He has plenty of money to buy signs but no ability to articulate a vision. Maybe he doesn’t have one, or maybe he just can’t say what it is.

  14. Liquored up? Seriously? We just finished off a small bottle of absinthe. Jesus. You guys never let up, do you?

  15. Mike Wilson is not liking Ash’s huge billboards on the waterfront. That’s going to make for some big friction if he’s elected.

  16. John Ash will fill the Bay with Kayaks if elected. That is the message I got from his talking points on Wednesday’s Forum.

  17. Well, if we put a kayak toll booth at key points, we can generate $1,000+ per year. Now that is some serious revenue and a step forward for the bay. Maybe the Harbor District’s bar pilots could ride along with the kayakers to keep their skills current and to make sure they don’t run aground.

  18. Maybe if Ash dumped a few of the thousands he is spending on his monsterous signs into his bay front vacant lot in old town Eureka might be rid of the eyesore Ash has let languish for over a decade.

  19. Did Ash let his business friends know that he was teaming up with the Bon Bon, Kerrigan, and Bay Keeper Boss Nickols when he squeezed them for an endorsement? I’ll bet they never use his company again. There are legitamate architects around who deserve the business lets leave the EcoHostel to Ash.

  20. Yeah, I hear Neely is walking door to door with Ash. They were most recently spotted in the housing projects near the old Pierson’s Mall. Maybe the Ash/Velluntini bayfront project will stand a better chance with the new Neely/Ash alliance.

  21. If you build it, they will come…or not.

  22. Interesting that Mary Vellutini has endorsed Ash. Strange bedfellows and all that.

  23. 8:45 wrote Susan Penn doesn’t seem to be going the lawn sign route..

    I’ve seen a few of her signs around the west side of Eureka. She got them out later than the others and doesn’t have nearly as many, from the looks of it.

  24. I’m an arkietec,I tell ya. That makes me smarter than you other non important candidates. As an arkietec,I’m different, I look at things from superior view point. One more fact that is a priority for consideration; I’m an arkietec,I tell ya.

  25. If Richard Marks’ yard signs mean votes, he has plenty of them all around town.

  26. FYI: Off the other guys blog but interesting anyway. Looks to be true to me.

    “Anyone notice the endorsement list on Ash’s website? It’s shrinking……I thought these lists usually grow over the course of a campaign. Perhaps moderates and business people saw who else was on the list and have discovered John’s actual positions and are now running from him as fast as they can spell delete.

    Both Marks and Penn have been honest with their perspectives, either would be a good choice if their ideas match your own.

    Take a peek at:

    This has got to be really embarassing.”

  27. At the rate Ash is loosing endorsers by next weekend he will be down to Kerrigan, Nichols, Bill Pierson, and the ever declining in popularity Bon Bon.

    I wonder if Kaitlin and Cobb can register enough non residents at their house to give Ash a win.

  28. Is Sean Penn running for commissioner? And who is John Ass?

  29. Wholly shit, Ash just lost another batch of endorsers on his web site! The’re dropping like flys! Not even sue happy Pete Nichols is willing to publicly support him. I hear the Bon Bon is still doggedly walking door to door. I wonder how much John (big bucks) Ash has promised to her next campaign?

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