Barack Obama wins second Nobel

Yes He can!!

Hell yes He can!!

President Barack Obama was today awarded the Nobel Prince of Peace Prize, elevating His status slightly from peacemaking leader of the free world to the dual roles of King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The Nobel Committee (or NobeLOL Committee, as some are now calling it) praised Obama for creating an environment in which He conceivably could walk on water, heal the sick and rise from the dead, even though none of these has actually occurred just yet.

Photo stolen from here.


13 Responses

  1. I thought you guys said you voted for Obama?

  2. We voted for Clinton too, but we still noticed he was a philanderer.

  3. Seems more like a draft pick than a prizewinner.

  4. Hey Barry,
    I got your “Peace Prize” right here! Ooch.
    The Anti-Christ has (Re) Risen.

  5. I’m a little freaked out by that photo. Spooky.

  6. C’mon you guys, everyone knows Jesus was white.

  7. That Graphics Department: very skilled, and very disturbed.

  8. My favorite part about this story was the reporters gasping in shock when the announcement was made. Unreal.

  9. I love how people insist his work in the Middle East somehow equals a more peaceful world. What morons. Only the Obamaniacs in the media are trying to spin his presidency into something good. Everyone else is saying “You’re president. So f-ing what? Twitter us when you actually accomplish something real and quantifiable.”

  10. Although we’d like to, we can’t take credit for this one.

  11. My sister works in DC. She says she has never seen anyone work as hard as Obama.
    I guess the people around here think you wave a magic wand and the mess GW left just disappears.

    Its too bad more citizens have no idea what this guy is up against, the positive changes he IS trying to make,
    all while ignoring a bunch of tea-party/Palin/Glenn Beck/WANT him to fail- loons,

  12. Oh, well if your sister says so, that’s good enough for me. What does this even have to do with whether Obama has earned the Nobel Peace Prize? I want him to succeed. I just don’t think pretty words are going to save the world. They haven’t done it yet, and already he’s won the award.

  13. My favorites?
    The “Nobel Speech Prize”
    He was the tenth caller.
    All beauty contestants say they want world peace
    and – Obama’s failure to produce meaningful Change is the elephant in the room and “the Nobel Prize committee has painted that elephant in hot-pink and gold-flake and thrown a ten thousand watt spotlight on it.”

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