Cleary clears out at HSU

Humboldt State University invites applications for the position of General Manager of KHSU-FM, the public radio station, licensed to, supported by, & located on the campus of Humboldt State in Arcata, California. As the most listened to radio station in its region, KHSU is experiencing growth & seeks a qualified individual to lead its team to new levels. Additional information about KHSU & this position may be found at Salary commensurate with experience. Generous benefits package. Interested candidates should submit a letter of application, current resume & three references to: Review of applications will begin

Patrick Cleary
Interim General Manager

This want-ad’s been around for more than a week, but Cleary’s talking , cleverly disguised as a news story, ran in the Times-Standard only Saturday. Somehow, despite the speculation regarding the folk singer and former investment banker’s future, the reporter left no evidence of having asked what he planned to do next.

Will Cleary spend more quality time with his Indian casino business partners? Or is he gearing up to be Bonnie’s new bitch on the board of supervisors?

This last possibility seems well within the range of the possible, given the history we have here of far-left folk stumbling upon our little backwater and deciding to do us the great service of moving here so they, in their infinite wisdom, can tell us how to live our fucking lives.

Because, yeah. We need more of that.

14 Responses

  1. So basically his future remains un-Cleary?

  2. Bugs why all the piss and vinegar? From what I have seen first hand I would say that Cleary has been one of the good guys in the community. For instance, look what he has done with the Humboldt Folklife Society.

    He does good, and on your blog, should look good!

  3. Cleary does not do good. One need look no further than Cleary’s KHSU Thursday afternoon jerk fest hosted by his best buddy David Cobb who he has let run amok at the station. Another peek at the attitude and mindset rest of the media meisters radio empire and we khow that he has been drinking the Neeley/Lovelace/Cobb/Salzman kool-aid. How about his mismanagement and total lack of oversight of the Neeley/Girard Slush er Headwaters Fund?

    Let’s hope he runs, the verifiable baggage in his shady past will make him a laughingstock.

    If Cleary does run there are lots and lots

  4. Hey we’re down with a little guitar-strumming. That’s not the issue. Our concern stems from his recent arrival in our fair county, his subservient management of the Headwaters Fund and, more important, his longstanding business relationship with the Blue Lake Casino. We already have two sitting board members who owe their seats to that organization. We think a majority on the board would not be in the interests of anyone but the 53 members of the Blue Lake Rancheria.

    There’s more at stake here than a few folk songs. 53 people plus 3 board members might soon control the 130,000 residents of this county. We don’t like that math.

  5. Maybe Cleary will be advancing this agenda:

  6. Pat is another Neely suck-up. Forget 53 people running the county. The one who most needs to be stopped is already sitting on the board.

  7. Fat Pat, you mean?

  8. Straight up, Bugsy.

  9. “…far-left folk…”?

  10. Far left is accurate but not the heart of the problem. Subservience is the real issue. He will be whatever Bon Bon and her casino buddies want him to be.

  11. I can’t believe it’s raining. All else is bullshit. Oh the wetness of it all!

  12. Hey, was it not Cleary, the chair of the Headwaters Board who wanted to grant Humboldt Creamery big bucks when his employee was marketing the new stock offering?
    Is this the New York investment banker kind of stuff we need in Humboldt? Bon Bon is bad enough without Cleary’s help!

  13. True that, Dynamo. By the way, we’re having nightmares about that last photo you sent us…. So gross.

  14. The only good thing he’s done in the past several years is boink that Nazi Beeaaatttccchhhh Jacqueline Debets and keep her busy and away from Drooling over Kirk Girard. SICK.

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