Coastal Commission slams brakes on highway fix

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Sign of the times

We wonder whether the starry-eyed enthusiasm that greeted the formation of the California Coastal Commission in 1972 might have been less radiant had proponents known then how broadly the protection of  California’s coastal resources would come to be defined.

What began as an ad hoc group with a four-year charter has, in the past almost four decades, turned into what some consider the most powerful–and imperious–land use authority in the U.S.

A recent case in point is the Eureka-Arcata Corridor Project, a Caltrans project demanded by residents following a series of horrific car accidents in the early part of the decade.

For the past six years, Caltrans has been working on a range of options to make driving the 4-mile stretch of road from the north side of Eureka to the south side of Arcata less, you know, fatal.

That was until last month when supervisors Neely, Lovelace and Clendenen abruptly decided they couldn’t move forward with the preferred alternative.

Now it’s apparent why. In a letter dated October 5 and addressed to the board, Coastal Commission District Manager Bob Merrill made clear his agency will approve none of the plans proposed to date. According to Merrill, Caltrans still needs to address a couple things, such as:

  • global warming
  • whatever level of sea rise may or may not occur within the next 100 years
  • greenhouse gases produced by the the machinery that would rebuild the road
  • greenhouse gases produced by cars which, presumably, would use the road
  • the dependency on roads that leads to the need to rebuild this road
  • the “intense traffic bottleneck” in Eureka
  • the need for “a guard-rail separated multi-modal corridor” (translation: trail)
  • safety precautions that might have saved the life of a man who died bicycling on a different highway
  • the “growth-inducing impacts” of using an interchange to cross a highway
  • the possible Historic Landscape status of roadside vegetation
  • the “community character and heritage” of same
  • the Commission’s rather precise requirements related to speed limits, signal placement, median width, headlight use, enhanced law enforcement and law enforcement funding
  • the “relatedness” of Highway 101 to other roads, and the bicycle safety, congestion, speed limits, etc. of those roads

Among the commission’s other demands is that Caltrans work with Humboldt County to pursue Scenic Highway status–with the obvious environmental and life safety protections that designation would bring. Additionally, Caltrans must help the county “provide attractive coastal visitor-serving amenities,” possibly including a light rail system. Also, the billboards need to be removed, and anyone doing business in the corridor should be “encouraged” to relocate.

Did we miss anything?

Maybe just this: It’s worth repeating that the commission’s current chairperson is Supervisor Neely who–for those keeping track at home–represents two agencies involved in this project, whether or not their interests coincide. About the only group she isn’t representing are the residents of this county who demanded that stretch of highway be made safe.

Neely has long proven she’s not above playing games with jobs, businesses, industries, economies, permitting processes, development regulations, zoning ordinances, housing opportunities, property rights, tax dollars, grants, committee memberships, public records requests, etc., etc., etc. It’s really not much of a stretch to add people’s lives to the list.

53 Responses

  1. The Balloon Track project is in trouble then?

  2. Your county supervisors did the right thing. Once Caltrans addresses those issues identified by the Coastal Commission, you will have a better Eureka-Arcata corridor.

  3. The “intense traffic bottleneck” in Eureka could be fixed with a Waterfront Drive extention that the Coastal Commission is against too???

  4. Are you trying to imply that big freeways and big interchanges are not the answer? If only we had bigger and more interchanges and freeways then everything would be so wonderful just like it is in So Cal.

    Thank god we have a majority on our board of supervisors who understands that we live in a unique and amazing place and turning us into anywhere USA does nobody any good (except strip mall developers of course).

  5. We’re not implying shit. We’re stating unequivocally that Caltrans was asked to make an unsafe highway less so, and the Coastal Commission has hijacked that process with an agenda unrelated to either highway safety or the commission’s original charter. This is not about saving whales, avoiding oil spills or keeping rich people from fencing off waterfront property. This is about an appointed group of narcissists, accountable to no one, telling the state’s road safety experts how to build a highway.

    Is that clear enough for you?

  6. And, as an aside, making a highway safe is not the same as building a strip mall. You seem to be unclear on that distinction as well.

  7. Does it seem like that list of issues is realistically able to be addressed? No.

  8. Wrong-o. What they will have is another politically motivated multimillion dollar boondoggle. The coastal commission is using its authority to sidestep the rail-trail debate and effectively prevent the county from moving forward with STAA compliance. Consider it Richardson’s Grove north. If they can keep money out of the county, the local power brokers can continue to run the place. The only thing being conserved or protected is the current balance of power in the county.

  9. I have seen enough death and have known personally the tragedy as a result of that unsafe stretch of road. While the Safety Corridor short-term fixes have been great at stopping the frequent fatalities, Caltrans proposed some good long-term solutions to deal with the inevitable growth the county will see. How in the fuck trails and global warming is getting in the way is beyond me.

  10. What Global Warming? Even Al Gore is investing in igloos.

  11. I am so glad the Confusion Hill Bypass project wasn’t within the Coastal Commission jurisdiction. We’d still be dealing with long, slow lines of backed up traffic while crews cleared the road during the frequent slides that bogged down the only connection to civilization to the south.

  12. Spoken like a perfect douche, Francis. Caltrans might as well be asked as part of that project to address the rapidly deteriorating road to Supervisor Lovelace’s house in Arcata so that his little Euro car’s suspension doesn’t get damaged. The Coastal Commission is out of control. You wonder why our fucking state is in such deep financial doo-doo.

  13. I love that you say “fucking” state, but use the word financial “doo doo”. Not an important point….just funny to me.

  14. Yup the coastal commission is at it again. Their complete arrogance is beyond reproach. They delayed the Alton over pass for several months over essentially a bunch of berry bushes and drainage ditches. They extorted $2mill from Cal Trans to offset the loss of agricultural lands.

    Unfortunately the coastal commission’s arrogance could cost one of our citizens their life or the life a loved one. That is disgusting and immoral, sleep well Bonnie Neely Bob Merrill and Peter Douglas.

  15. It is clear to me bugs, and I’m sober. (Unlike the Koolaid drinkers at 8:13 (sorry fran) and 10:40. Both of those folks ought to stick a little hooch in thier kookaid as it might make them focus a bit on what is important here.

    And BonBon, Mark, Cliff and you bozos on the commish……Fuck you idiots.

  16. For Fucks Sake – Francis, just shut the hell up about the coastal commission. Do they pay you to sit on you ass and blog all day after running google searches regarding the CC? Or did they give you a supreme blow job or what?

    Seems that you find it “necessary” to butt in everywhere you can when ever someone calls them to task for lying, or power grabbing on the blogs. Just a tiny little suggestion, Butt the fuck out dude. Did you move here or something? Thought you were living and working out of the bay area.

    And humbug, just be grateful this dude can’t upload his dorky mug so we all would have to look at it everytime we accessed this post. Seems like he is smitten with himself (at least by the way he posts that damn photo everywhere else.)

  17. Bonnie,Bob and Peter- a tri fecta of useless government climbers. Fucking the public all the way to the top of the steaming pile of shit they they have created. Look closely and you’ll see the slimy turd of a midget starting his upward crawl.

  18. let them die up there. saw a three car crash with fatality on the snoreador the other morning. I guess it’s too slow. our overpass is going in quite nicely down here thank you.

  19. Is it okay for one Red Neck to support building a road that is both SAFE and not ugly or environmentally destructive? Why didn’t CalTrans look at obvious stuff like scenic beauty and alternatives to simply speeding up car travel? I say do it once and do it RIGHT. If it takes longer so be it. Settle down hotheads, lose the anger and the obscenities. Remember, the Coastal Commission gets the credit for the beautiful new bridges over Noyo Harbor and at Ten Mile. They get the credit for insuring the scenic beauty of Hwy 1 through Hearst Ranch, and for preventing the awful toll road through San Onofre State Park, and for the tunnel through Montara Mt. (and preventing a freeway over the top!). Let them do it right and your grandchildren will remember you as slightly less ignorant than you appear in your comments here.

  20. Bonnie is going down this time. Virginia told me she would bow out if Jeff is ahead of her… hopefully Jeff will be smart and do the same if its in reverse. That might not do enough to get this project moving (soon) but its a start.

  21. The Coastal Commission gets the credit for making projects take 10 times as long and cost 10 times as much as they should. They get the credit for helping destroy California’s economy. They get the credit for power grabs and dirty politics which are so common they should be written into their bylaws. They get the credit for extorting property owners with easements and rights of way. In the case of this project, they get the credit for all of the above and then some. I credit them with doing nothing in this case to protect the environment and also nothing to protect residents who drive that road. I don’t know how much you get paid for the suck job, but maybe I should give the Coastal Commission credit for that too.

  22. Here’s what we’re enjoying about this debate: None of the people posting in favor of the Coastal Commission’s clusterfucking of this project are doing so from within Humboldt County. Their IP and ISP information indicates one is in Rohnert Park, another Marin, a third in Alameda and the most recent in San Francisco.

    With a little luck, they’ll move here, get appointed to one Ken Miller committee or another and then run for elective office so they can help the Coastal Commission force its will on us. Apparently that whole local-control rhetoric only goes so far.

  23. Bugs, that Frank Drouillard guy is in Sonoma County and he runs a pro Coastal Commission blog. He has a post up now about how the legislature should give the Commission more power. That’s just what we need.

  24. Bingo – 8:59 – that is what I meant earlier about Droullard. He goes on blogs everywhere to defend the CC. The SOB doesn’t live here and doesn’t drive that corridor. No vested interest in saving lives. Just his CC obscene agenda.

  25. Thanks, redneck, but my grandchildren aren’t going to remember shit because I did the environmentally responsible thing and didn’t have any. I figured that was fairer and more appropriate than sitting in my urban shit hole, claiming to be something I’m not, and telling other people how they should live.

  26. So the Coastal Ommission knows how to engineer roads? They should pave a road up their ass so we can all drive our climate warming cars up that Hershey Highway. Arrogant cocksuckers who live out of this area should take their opinions, fold them 5 ways and stick them in the same spot.

  27. It’s okay, Oldphart. This is a safe place. Go ahead and tell us what’s on your mind.

  28. Why do you think this blog exists 7:26? Duh!!

  29. I just made a business vacation down to L.A. and drove back. Anyway, I got all fucked up by the Richardson Grove first off. I couldn’t see goddamn anything on that windy ass shit. They need to fix that hella bad. I pulled over in the park and found that I had a message telling me to run all the way the fuck back up to Arcata to drop off something for a good friend even though I was almost in Dogtown and just wanted to go to sleep and handle that in the morning.

    So, I used the corridor like an idiot because I didn’t want to waste time with Samoa since I figured that was probably flooded to all hell since public works never does a goddamn thing about that road. I probably shoulda just taken Samoa.

    Anyway, first time I been on the corridor in a long time and everybody is all hydroplaning and shit. Some fool was trying to mash onto the freeway from Indianola Cutoff without turning his head to look and nearly smashes up the truck in front of me. Then the left hand freeway entrance… some other fool, probably the other guy’s brother or some shit, cuts me off from Bayside to turn south like I really have time to hit the brakes when it is raining all Pineapple Connection style. So I skid the fuck out and had to switch up my tire on the side of the road in the goddamn rain.

    So, yea, fuck the Coastal Commission. Fix these goddamn roads. I’m tired of nearly dying just trying to get somewhere around this piece.

  30. We also mean this in a totally hetero way, but Mr. Nice: We love you.

  31. I guess there is a real advantage to being a reporter, you can distort the truth with impunity. The above is a total distortion of the truth. The Commission staff commented on the EIR in an effort to point out issues that they should discuss in that document. The Commission’s concerns are far more limited than the above and deal with the very real issues surrounding the impacts to wetlands of the interchange, the failure of CalTrans to consider the California Coastal Trail and the growth inducing impacts of the interchange. These are legitimate issues that CalTrans should address and the fact that the Board of Supervisors recognized this as well speaks highly of them, paritcularly Bonnie Neely. Bonnie is one of the nicest people I know, honest and straigthforward. She is really easy to understand, if it is the law she will uphold it, whether it be the Coastal Act or others. She and the other Supervisors deserve everyone’s support for doing the right thing

  32. Would you like to read Bob Merrill’s letter, Larry? Would you like to see where it discusses guard-rail separated multi-modal corridors, sea rise, tidal injunction, storm surge, the death of of bicyclist Greg Jennings on Highway 299, community character and heritage, Historic Landscape status, speed limits, signage locations, headlight requirements, permanent enhanced enforcement, highway relatedness, the Old Arcata Road corridor, Highway 255, the greater Fortuna and McKinleyville areas, “increasing sprawl and dependency on single-occupant motor vehicles,” “adverse impacts of global warming,” the misguided “transportation paradigm of achieving ever-greater transportation ‘efficiency’ by moving more vehicles and the people and goods they carry faster,” “the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,” etc., etc., etc. You tell us what part of this that we are reading directly from this public document is not actually contained in that public document. Please.

    And by the way Larry–we know you know Bonnie. Thanks. We know her too, and our experience with her has been very different from yours. You are more than entitled to your opinion on that point, but please do not lie about what is contained in the packet of letters Bob sent to the board on October 5. Because, you know, we can prove you’re either lying or laughably uninformed. You decide which.

  33. Smack! Whack! Pow!

    Game, set and match to the bugs.


    Those public documents are a bitch, aren’t they?

  34. Larry, if you believe that you are some fucked up dude.
    Actually, I just think you know what the talking points are and won’t deviate from them.

  35. the failure of CalTrans to consider the California Coastal Trail

    What California Coastal Trail? I would be down to ride this bomb ass trail. I didn’t even know it was there.

    I went to the website for the california coastal trail, clicked on their map… dude what the fuck are they justifying text on a website for? Ain’t they ever seen a website? That’s some bullshit typography. Anyway, went to NorHum. Clicked on 17 and 19… what is the dotted “bay route” line? When can I walk on this? Can I ride a bike on it? I don’t think y’all should worry too much about the impact on this imaginary ass trail. Somebody should put something in the trail section notes to the effect of “ain’t nothing but some fucked up shit here.”

    growth inducing impacts of the interchange

    Like less people will die, thus inducing growth?

  36. Mr. Nice….thats a really big funny…..”Less people will die therefore it is growth inducing.” But it sums these guys up pretty well.

  37. Damn, bugs. That’s gonna leave a mark.

  38. Neely and Merrill are to be congratulated for long-range planning. “Smart Streets” legislation passed by California’s legislature requires local jurisdictions to plan multi-modal transportation (transportation projects shall include the needs of all travelers including those not in cars) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change impacts that already are changing the face of California. The California Coastal Trail is real! It is a guarantee to everyone they can access their coastline here in California and is half finished statewide. The Coastal Commission’s mandate includes transportation projects within the coastal zone. The check-list I saw for this project is a great example of long-range community, regional and state planning that benefits residents and visitors to Humboldt County for many decades to come. Bravo to public servants like Neely and Merrill!

  39. We’ll have some of what you’re drinking. Looks like grape kool-aid.

  40. By the way, greetings in Berkeley. How about we don’t tell you how to run your town and you don’t tell us how to run ours.

  41. Bravo my asswipe 2:05 – both those cretins should be tarred, feathered and driven out of town. This has nothing to do with local jurisdictions, bullshit and all travelers. This ain’t downtown its fucking 101 (yup its a highway) and it is fucking dangerous. You put cars on a highway dude – not skateboards.

    Neely and Merrill are leaches and hacks. But stick to the talking points…blah blah blah, long range, blah blah blah benefits blah blah blah greenhouse gas emission reductions.

    You and your hack friends have taken a good idea, fucked it up, gotten power hungry and this state is TOTALLY FUCKED BECAUSE OF YOU. (sorry bugs, hate to holler, but 2:05 needed some heavy prick slapping.

  42. Hey bugs – don’t you know that the Berkeley-ites define themselves by telling everyone else how to live their lives.

    pray tell asswipe at 2:05 – should we blow up the fucking highway and rollerskate in the rain to work?

    No – better yet. Go out to highway 80 or 880, look for your own fucking trails an bike lanes. Maybe reduce those fucking highways to two lanes in each direction. Then stick in cross traffic against trucks hauling gas, or some other freight.

    And when you are out on 80 or 880, can you be standing in the fast lane please.

  43. yo – one other thing bugs…..can you somehow change that stupid moniker I have. Its purple, not green and I am getting a little pissed about the purple.

  44. Celebrating one’s own demise strikes me as fundamentally misguided. Maybe that’s too logical for some of these people.

  45. I got a copy of the letter in question today, and the bugs are wrong in the sense that they didn’t go nearly far enough. Looks to me like they got bored and quit reading around the 20th page and left another 10 or so pages of this bullshit yet to list and laugh about. I assure you it gets no better toward the end. So Larry, can it. You’re a lying sack of crap.

  46. Well, I admittedly used to have a job in Berkeley that I rode my bike to everyday. That town is pretty cool as far as bike trails and bike lanes and whatnot. Not a bunch of weird Santa Rosa/Arcata “share alls” fucking everything up. Plus people in Berkeley don’t ride bikes like Arcatans running every stop sign with no hands on the handlebars smoking a bong and shit. That’s Frisco where people ride bikes like that.

    That particular Berkeley trail I rode extends west to of all places Humboldt Avenue, turns into some fucked up intersection, but nobody takes that, they cut through the residential and then there is a half ass bike trail leading to the community garden. Everybody who bikes on that parks at the community garden or on the side streets next to it. Hella fucking cheaper and faster than trying to drive or ride the bus. They say they will eventually connect the two bike trails, but I doubt that will ever happen.

    Anyway, I880 and I580 are pretty good examples of how to build a usable freeway system. It doesn’t get all clogged to fuck like I80. Even when all the H1B-carrying graveyard shift programmers are on their way to work in Mountain View at 3am, the freeway is still usable. I guess the Bay Bridge is all fucked up. Can’t do much about that. I admittedly stayed the hell off I580 during rush hour. That’s just common sense though.

    But like laughing leprechaun said, fucking left hand turn onramps? Like say you were on I580E heading to Fruitvale to pick up some indo… or why else would you go there… to uh… I dunno, get a hooker at that massage parlor or something and suddenly it is like I980 making left hand turns in front of you to get on I580W. People would get fucking killed all day. It wouldn’t be like people would just crash, people would road rage the fuck out and start busting shots at people for cutting them off.

    At least they finally fixed confusion hill. It’s also cool that they fixed the road south of Fortuna where they stripped it down to nothing and had “uneven surface” which pissed me off. Uneven surface indeed. Try fucked up tire-grating, suspension busting, why the fuck isn’t there a road here surface. Now it’s like no lines ghost freeway where you gotta try and figure out which lane you are in by those little reflector dealies. At least the reflector dealies turn red when you are going the wrong way.

    But, really, the Arcata/Eureka area has outgrown their sorry cattle-drive looking excuse for a highway. This “safety corridor” shit is a joke. That shit is unsafe as fuck. I suppose that messed up freeway by South Leggett should be called the “safety snake” or something.

    God I hate the freeways around here. I guess I’ve done enough ranting to make my point.

  47. It’s kind of sad how local idiots like Bonnie and Lovelace can fuck up an intraregional roadway for a few local votes from Ted Kaczynski types. These roadways aren’t just local roads, they serve the whole state. If every local jurisdiction from here to San Francisco was so fucked in the head it would still take three days to get there. Problem is the idiots around here can’t see it that way till someone they know buys the farm out there. They are all the suns in their own universe.

  48. True that, Buzz.

  49. Let’s remember the reason(singular) why the project was proposed in the first place:

    California Redwood Co(CRC aka Greendimescam) needed a turn-out lane for their forest pilfering trucks. Now that the timber demand is down, so is the necessity for the project.

    If you people from L.A. would just move back to where you came, you can drive there as fast as you want.

    Oh wait, no you can’t. Too many damn people.

    But if you fix the roads up here to resemble the autobahn, not only are they more dangerous at high speeds and wet tires, but they tend to bring other undesirable things.
    Such as more people like you.

    Guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

  50. Wait, what?

    The singular reason I want to see a better Indianola cutoff is all the near-death experiences I have had on that ridiculous stretch of road. I know that I am not the only one who has had such experiences. I bet if you interviewed a dozen residents, you’d find a dozen people who have either been in an accident or very close to an accident on that part of the corridor.

    By all means keep the speed limit 50 mph. I’m not going to advocate raising the speed limit as that whole stretch is still tunnel vision central no matter how they adjust the onramps.

    Although I agree with your sentiment about people from L.A. being bad drivers (it’s like they got their license in Taiwan), it doesn’t matter how good of a driving population you have on roads that are designed to fail. There is a reason why traffic merges into the slow lane from a progressive turn and not from a sharp turn into the slow lane or from a dead stop dropping into the fast lane, cutting across the freeway… I mean, do you get it? It’s not just logging trucks that have problems.

    The thing is, I hardly drive, and I’ve had some close calls on the corridor. I started avoiding going on the corridor and just use Samoa for that occasional trip to Arcata because the corridor is so fucked. It’s worse than So. Leggett. For real, fix that shit.

  51. Fix it how?


    If you look at the Alton interchange(a worthy project turned overkill), they are building an overpass to fix the same type of issues. Besides the fact that the project is altering the entire landscape of Alton, Caltrans is pulling the gravel for the interchange from the Van Duzen River.

    Where this may seem economical for the logistics of material supplies, they are scraping the river bed of the Van Duzen at the river’s lowest point of the season. How in the hell did Caltrans get approval for this? Can I go into the Eel river bed with an excavator to get some pretty rocks for my driveway? Does anyone feel that what they are doing to the Van Duzen is destructive?

    My point is that Caltrans acts above state and federal environmental regulations. Caltrans is way out of touch with the needs of the people(taxpayer)Check out this recent op-ed in the Times-Standard:

    A major impact
    Letters to the Editor
    Posted: 10/20/2009 01:15:16 AM PDT

    “Last year, Caltrans met with Carlotta residents regarding a proposed “pedestrian lane” for our children to safely walk to and from school. According to aerial photos, only five feet of our front yard would be needed.

    Having two children and living within walking distance of the school, we felt this project would benefit us and our community. Most property owners felt the same, until this year. Caltrans placed stakes in yards along a 1.7-mile portion of Highway 36. We’re losing 19 feet, rather than five. Other property owners are losing up to 30 feet. PG&E will need another 15 feet to relocate utilities.

    Residents discovered that the project is for a “vehicle recovery zone.” Our children will be walking on a section of road designated for out-of-control vehicles. Other issues include flooding, lowered property values and decreased quality of life. Caltrans based the need for this $5 million to $7 million project on a five-year study. There were 14 non-fatality accidents. Eight of them were due to unsafe speed; others were due to unsafe turning and alcohol.

    Residents have repeatedly asked Caltrans for a school zone and crosswalks and lowered speed limit. Caltrans has refused our requests. With the state of California on the brink of bankruptcy, why is Caltrans spending so many millions of dollars on a project which involves such a small portion of highway and has a major impact on a community?” Ryan and Hollie Chairez, Carlotta

    Do a google search on Caltrans-Carlotta. There are a lot of unhappy people. In fact, it appears that they are overspending and over-building projects across the state. Without upholding state and federal environmental regulations. And stepping on a lot of local toes. I propose that we hold them accountable for their actions.

    After all, we pay their salary. And the salary of the contractors that are taking advantage of the system.

  52. No kidding. Watch for the cone zone, estimated completion: 2013. I’m just waiting for someone to put a couple of shotgun rounds through that sign. I guess I could just go do it.

    I don’t understand the work on 36. That road is practically empty. There is no rush hour. Maybe after trim season there is a little traffic. Still, I don’t understand the safety issues where they think $7 million is appropriate. For the number of people who use that road, they could just hand a stack of bills to every vehicle owner and tell them to get new tires.

    I think that the real justification for that is Grizzly Creek as opposed to the people who actually live there. The people causing accidents on 36 are freaks who drive like madmen through that stretch because they aren’t from the area and don’t understand that running headlong into a redwood tree is certain death. You can tell a local as instead of pulling off to the shoulder, they will jam on their brakes when other cars get too close to fuck with the impatient drivers.

    Completely different issue than Indianola, in my opinion. The corridor through Indianola receives enough traffic to make its design a problem. 36 is a ghost road in comparison.

  53. That reminds me of that “nuke truck” that got stuck on that hairpin curve on the 36.

    It doesn’t get much funnier than that 🙂

    But in all seriousness, I am not opposed to making roads safer. Especially within the Safety Corridor. But I feel that their are more pragmatic and less costly ways of achieving this. It seems like Caltrans is running a racket with local contractors.
    Someone is getting filthy rich on these overkill projects. And I’d bet that Mercer Fraser is at the top of that list.

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