California Coastal Commission: The movie

Residents of Humboldt County of course aren’t the first to raise concerns about the California Coastal Commission’s arrogant and capricious ways. Turns out it’s a refrain so common someone made a movie about it. It likely won’t win any theatrical awards, but it stars Peter Douglas, Coastal Commission co-founder and executive director, and famous lunch date of competition-phobic Marina Center opponent Bill Pierson. Check out the film trailer below. Enjoy!!


14 Responses

  1. There’s legislation pending that would give the Coastal Commission even more power, because I guess people in Sacramento are so thoroughly out of touch they think the problem is that the commission doesn’t have enough.

  2. Lesson learned: don’t piss off people with video cameras.

  3. Let me just say fuck you coastal commission. ditto Peter Douglas. Ditto Bill Pierson. Ditto Bonbon Neely.

    I stupidly believed in the Coastal Comm’s mission years ago but have watched the whole thing turn into just a power grab which threatens and extorts good people. Just another good idea gone horribly bad, horribly corrupt and just so California.

  4. Damn that’s instructive.

  5. Mr. Douglas needs to learn when to shut his damn mouth. Now seems like a good time.

  6. You Marina Center folks seem to be be really worried about the Coastal Commission and the fact that they can derail this project. So the councils in your back pocket, we all know that. But the Coastal Commission… cause for concern?

  7. We pro-jobs and pro-local control people think you out of town elitists should go the fuck to hell. How’s that–and while we’re at it, how’s Santa Rosa? If Bill Pierson weren’t sucking the tiny dick of Peter Douglas, and if this were any kind of a fair process, we wouldn’t have among the highest unemployment rates in the country and still be driving on a fucked up road while people who pretend to be saving the environment are actually just consolidating power. Fuckhead.

  8. Wow, Ben, you seem to be worried by people who point out how dishonest the Coastal Commission really is. Why is that cause for concern? Hmm?

  9. How much did you get paid for that knob job, Ben?

  10. Wow you are some nasty bitter people.

  11. You disagree with us, I get that. I think people who fight so hard to keep people from working and to make sure marijuana is the only viable source of income in Humboldt County are nasty, bitter people. Difference of opinion, I guess.

  12. We ain’t nasty, we’re your brothers…….(hum along with us.)

    I with 7:06 here and agree that the nasty bitter folks are dudes like Douglas and Pierson, or Neely and her family ties, or Lovelace. Clendenens not nasty and bitter though…he’s just plain stupid.

  13. Thank God for Peter Douglas.

  14. You’re from Calabasas, Spamela. Why don’t you worry about Santa Monica and we’ll worry about Eureka. We don’t need your wealthy whiteness here to tell us why we can’t create jobs to support our families. Dig?

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