Neely family circle-jerk continues


Bonnie Neely: Had enough of her yet?

Each time we think Bonnie Neely’s unscrupulousness has reached its peak, she comes up with something new and altogether breathtaking.

Latest case in point: Her shoving through the hiring of an on-call independent police auditor to investigate the Sheriff’s Office following critical incidents.

Any guesses how much this expansion of powers might cost? Well no, actually, because the idea was proposed for the first time that morning, so it was not vetted by staff and not reviewed by the sheriff, but it was fought for tooth and nail by the board’s delegate to the Human Rights Commission.

That said delegate is Ms. Neely, and that the chair of the commission and person who pulled the last-minute bait-and-switch is Neely’s brother-in-law Neal Sanders, and that this family tie went unacknowledged throughout the unusually contentious debate–that’s all just icing on the cake.

But the decorations on top of the frosting–the stars and sprinkles and those little rose-petal candies–that has to be the statement by County Counsel Wendy Chaitin that Neely’s relationship with Sanders does not constitute a conflict of interest, because Neely would not benefit financially from rewarding her family members while punishing her enemies, like Sheriff Philp, who was a loyal supporter of Neely nemesis Roger Rodoni, among his other atrocities.

Maybe Chaitin can next issue an opinion on whether being asked to review the ethical propriety of the person to whom Chaitin owes her own job would be considered a conflict of interest.

Better yet, maybe we should skip this shit entirely and retain an independent auditor to review these kinds of critical incidents on the board of supervisors. If it’s good enough for one elected official, it certainly ought to be good for five more.


19 Responses

  1. I’d had enough 20 years ago.

  2. You forgot to mention the sister in law whose employer gets all that Headwaters money and the sister who is the Elections Manager. I’m sure there are no conflicts there either, right Wendy?

  3. No conflicts, nothing to see here. Move along folks. Go back to your homes. Don’t ask questions. Everything is A-OK.

  4. The great prog mantra: the ends justify the means. Lie, distort, cheat, obfuscate, be as stinky and crooked as the day is long. It’s all okay if at the end of that long day you’ve consolidated your power and thwarted your enemies.

    I know you bugs keep wanting people to get upset about the Bon Bon’s underhanded ways, but it’s not going to happen. Everyone knows she’s crooked, but she’s crooked in a way that benefits the majority. They don’t care. They’ll take their power anyway they can get it.

  5. What’s good for the goose is good for the gaggle indeed. After all, isn’t the sheriff an independently elected official? Is it even legal for supervisors to tell the sheriff what to do?

  6. This is the best blog Humboldt County has.

    I was reading the newspaper about this very story and I was like wtf is wrong with these people? I read Heraldo’s blog and it is all sucking up to these fucks. Thanks for laying it down.

    They say the “department has been having problems for 15 years” well no shit. That was on Dennis Lewis’ watch if they remember correctly. Like Philp said, if people are upset, the voters can toss him out in an election just like Lewis’ ass got tossed in 2002.

    Philp has been doing a pretty good job. I don’t see all this crazy ass corruption they are talking about. If anything, the corruption is in the supervisors’ chamber where they are making these decisions to squeeze already taxed county resources in order to investigate other people’s alleged corruption.

    How did we end up with Clif Appletree? I don’t know one person who voted against Johanna Rodoni. Did they mess up the ballots or something? This should have been voted down.

  7. Chaitin is about as incompetent as they get. That is why Bonnie wanted her. She has fucked up everything she has touched. Code enforcement fiasco, the general plan rewrite. Hek she just sits there during meetings like a couch potato and gurgles if asked anything. Her saying no conflict is fine by me as long as its bonnie and mark and clif’s ass on the line and not me. She is the joke of the county and we all just laugh at her and get our advice from others when it really counts.

  8. Dear Wendy is just marking her time until she can pull a Tammy and ‘retire’ with a 6 digit “Shut the Hell up” settlement.

    Speaking of shit heads, the TS also quoted that environmental champion Mr. Nichols (who I understand is so far up Bon-Bon’s lower intestine, you would have to go through him to get to her for a colonoscopy) is now going to be inspecting septic tanks! It seems that ‘rich people with septic tanks’ are to blame for the high coli-form bacteria count.

    This is probably the wrong thread, but…..I wanted to point out that the Progs are busy all fronts these days! Law Enforcement, septic tanks, it just does get any better in HumCo.

  9. Well, I meant to say ‘it does not get ANY better in HumCo.’

  10. I must be on a roll…

    The esteemed Mr. Sanders, seems to have an awful lot of time on his hands, if he can be waxing so eloquent with the ‘crowned head.’ Possibly because the usual low-life’s he defends can’t pay him, so somebody must be greasing his palm.

  11. They’re not letting Nichols get involved in the septic tank inspections are they?


    The last little stunt he pulled was putting up (expensive) official-looking signs on target areas asking people to call HIS OFFICE, not the County – he had to fix that when caught. Baykeeper is the most dishonest group operating in this County.

  12. you all should know that the jackass ,ex coastal comish lawyer,ex county counsel, current alternative A advocate and markie marks planning comish appointee was the point man on the states failed septic tank inspection plan. Yes, Ralph Faust has been fucking California long before he set his evil sights exclusively on Humboldt County. Do you really think Nichols is smart enough to come up with this intrusive crap all on his own? PPPLEASSSSSE! Faust is a prick and a hack which is two steps above the self indulgent beer sop Nichols.

  13. And don’t forget, Toxic Humboldt fans, Pete Nichols has ‘positioned’ Baykeepers as the outsourced enforcer of the MPLA regs written and paid for by Portland foundation farmers, in the name of good government. That’s a good one. Not even commies need no stinkin’ government anymore!

    As a lefty greenie it grieves me to see my playmates rip so many pages from the right-wing wreck-the-government playbook, which privatizes both the writing and enforcing of unnecessary laws–but hey, someone’s gotta ‘work.’

    flyonthewall is spot on, and Mr. Nice too. Ralph Faust engineered the code enforcement fiasco that Wendy Chaitin gibbered official defense of, during his six-month stealth stint as county counsel. Then he defended his scheme to the Supes dealing with the scandal as if they were *his* employees botching his clear instructions. He’s not treating the Planning Commission any better. He aims to give rural builders his tried-and-true Malibu Millionaire treatment, without the nuisance of all their expensive private lawyers, and everyone who’s already got theirs thinks it’s a great idea. Only the rich and patient can develop the coastline he led the legal defense of, and now he’s writing statutes to assure that only the rich and patient can move to rural Humboldt. Why?

    At the intellectual core of the ‘progressive’ agenda is a University of Chicago lawyer, making neo-liberals out of our, forgive me, primitive elites who ought to know better. Just like it worked in Latin America and everywhere else that didn’t riot enough. Hey, it’s a living.

  14. longwinded. DITTO-DITTO-DITTO.

  15. What are smart people doing on this blog? We’re so confused.

  16. Bugs -I dunno why they are on your blog but we are damn glad they are…

  17. Thank you County worker — right on!

  18. So Bonnie, Neal & Kelly and that other beatch: we are on to you….run and hide

  19. Ah, Longwind. You nailed it.

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