City councilman takes on Town Dandy

Hanky Spanky

Hanky Spanky

Hank Sims, one of the north coast’s premier wordsmiths, got his ass verbally handed to him Thursday by Eureka City Councilman Jeff Leonard, a man not universally known for his powers of expression.

Better still, the little Jeffster needed fewer than 200 words to dismantle Hank’s long-winded lamentation about how “it’s something close to insane” to think a majority of city councilmembers might share informed views of the Marina Center’s Environmental Impact Report within a couple of weeks, instead of dragging this shindig out until, say, Jesus comes back.

Hank went so far as to warn the city that it “may live to regret” not allowing a month or more to study all of the “pages and pages of detailed legal and scientific analysis” prepared by all of those numerous agencies.

Why the melodramatic flourishes? Because, Hank argued, the development project is almost certain to end up in court, and the city better be sure enough of its position to justify shelling out major coin to defend it.

The threat of litigation aside–the Town Dandy urbanely observed that the council’s “great haste in this matter has an odd smell.”

Oh snap, right? Hank straight pwned those smelly Marina Center yes-men, didn’t he??

You decide.

Jeff replied:

Hank – Here are a few clarifications regarding the process to help address your concerns:

The Draft EIR was published November 2008. 179 written comments were received, including comments from 17 different agencies. 850 pages of total comments.

The comment period closed January, 2009. The City and the consultants paid to develop the EIR have been weighing the objections and responding to the comments for the past 10 months.

The Final EIR includes a 22 page Errata section. This section reviews all of the changes made to the Draft EIR as a result of the comments received.

Any lawsuits filed over the EIR or the project will be the responsibility of project applicant – not the City of Eureka. Standard practice for California cities in today’s litigious society is to require legal indemnification at the start of the project.

Our next meeting on October 20th will kickoff public comment on the Final EIR. There is no action item on the Agenda.

Hope that info helps provide some extra clarity – see you on the 20th!

Photo swiped from here.

48 Responses

  1. Jeff obviously has some close ties with Mr. Mirror

    Smackdown? Ha! What a joke!

    Neely’s gonna beat you by 40% Lil’ Jeffy

  2. Yeah, Ben. Jeff’s our daddy. You totally busted us. Damn.

  3. I must say I do not understand the histrionic tone the Journal increasingly takes. Sims is at his best and most valuable when he rides that-razor sharp line between entrenched viewpoints.

    If nothing else, it keeps him from sticking his foot in his mouth. He knows moving the review process along at this pace is wrong? Clearly what Jeff’s letter and the indemnification notice indicate is Sims didn’t know half of what Sims thought he knew.

  4. Hank is a very good writer. His struggles are with facts, not words.

  5. My take is that the NCJ doesn’t do that good of a job anymore sorting fact from opinion. They’ve always merged the two with varying degrees of success, but they used to know which was which. I don’t think they do anymore. Any of them. Sims, Walters, Burns and of course Doran. It’s fine to have a place for opinion, but when I look at the NCJ I have a hard time finding the place for straight news.

  6. If anybody else doesn’t know what “pwned” means, here is the definition:

    …And to think I thought the Bugs made a typo.

  7. If Hank can’t be original anymore, he at least needs to find some accurate info to regurgitate. Jeff’s not fancy, but in matters of fact and common sense he whooped on Hank.

  8. No one but you used the term ‘smackdown’ loser, but it looks like the shoe might fit.

  9. Oh thanks, Obvious. Yeah, we’re not gamers either, but we use Urban Dictionary all the time in a generally futile attempt to understand what the bug kids are talking about. Most of the weird words we use we get from them, after they pick them up at school or on porn sites or something. Who knows.

  10. A little bit of fact can negate an awful lot of rhetoric. Thanks for clarifying the issues, Jeff.

  11. So it really is only 22 pages Larry and Linda needed months to read? 22 pages that Hank demanded more time for? Maybe it’s all the dioxin in the water here but it’s starting to look like people aren’t altogether smart.

  12. Wait, that’s Hank Sims? He’s not as cute as I remember. Back in the day I would’ve Hanky-Spankied him any time.

  13. He’s my babydaddy.

  14. That’s a terrible picture of the Sims-ter. What’d you do, Bugs, Photoshop that jail pic of Kalid Sheik Muhammad?

  15. Put a *stop italic* HTML tag after terrible.

  16. Cris, hope you reconsider supporting that not so nice neighbor Ash for Harbor comish. Marks is the only good choice on this one. Sorry to slip off the Sims deal but it,he and his opinion are booooooring!

  17. Done.

  18. Hank’s greatest weakness is his enduring fear that someday, someone, somwhere, will accuse him of being pro-Arkley. He’ll do anything to prevent that.

  19. As noted in previous posts, it takes a long time to 1) learn how to read, 2) read all 22 pages, and 3) make up a bunch of rediculous arguments and lies.

    I think 4 months would almost be enough for steps 1 and 2.

  20. He ought to be fearful for his credibility. Lately, he has been throwing words on paper and then checking the facts. Not good!

    Or, maybe he is checking his facts with Glass who doesn’t know the truth even when presented with it.

    Glass doesn’t need “no stinkin’ facts” to confuse his agenda. Truth be told, he and Linda could have been reading the EIR all summer long. Council will play their silly game to a point and then vote to accept in order to move forward on the clean-up which we all want, right?

    When considering the big picture, does it really matter who is paying for it?

  21. The beauty of the report is is allows the obstructionists to delay the project until hell freezes over, which is when they intend to allow it.

    If ANYONE thinks Larry Glass is going to approach this with an open mind they are crazy.

  22. They should have been reading the EIR all summer long. Everyone else was. Even their supporters don’t believe this is the first they’ve seen of this document.

  23. Bugs,
    Jeff actually is universally known for his powers of expression not to mention his leadership capabilities. He is clearly articulate and has the added benefit of disagreeing without ever being disagreeable. Some of us applaud that!

    Perhaps, the diplomacy is lost on those with a desire to fight for the sake of a fight. Jeff’s balance on the city council has led to progress on many issues whereas those who are entrenched in the rhetoric seem to be full of sound and fury signifying nothing….bloggers come to mind.

    Jeff isn’t about blowing his own horn, but he certainly is about feeding factual information into the vast abyss of misinformation re: sensitive issues. Balance and perspective are what you get with Jeff and believe me, if you pay attention, you will begin to “get it” too.

  24. “The beauty of the report is is allows the obstructionists to delay the project”

    How so? I think they are pretty much out-gunned on this one. It’s very hard to obstruct a clean-up of a polluted area, especially when you don’t have the votes… least not until you reach the Bonnie Neely logger-jam (euphemism for ” coastal commission”).

    Wonder how she will handle it……could cost her an election because I don’t think there are many who are against the interim EIR.

    Guess we will just sit back and enjoy the show.

  25. They seemed surprised when Leonard mentioned the length of time he had access to the report at the last meeting.

    That’s the problem with never really doing your homework. All you have to do is ask questions, but when you are busy cooking up schemes in the back room, you forget what you were elected to do.

    Larry and LInda looked dumb and dumber on that one.
    Good grief! I had my hands on the report months ago and I wasn’t elected to do anything, just curious about it.

  26. fly,

    I don’t have a dog in the fight, but I am not sure I fully trust either Ash or Marks.

    I like Richard a lot, however, his getting all teary eyed over neighbors and a cell tower clearly points to his inability to distinguish facts from emotion.

    Not a good thing when most issues take on an emotional overtone these days.

    ON the other hand what does Ash stand for? That makes me even more nervous.

  27. Fly, you are off topic but bring up an excellent point. What does give with Crawford, Pierson, Grifith, Maples, and about two dozen more who were originally on Ash’s endorsement list and have since disappeared? Ash’s list is now down to the Bon Bon, Kerrigan, Ash relatives and a couple more. What happened to the others? Did they ALL change their mind? This is weird, someone should look into the issue.

  28. Really???? I thought Sims just looked like the bottom of a shoe

  29. Delores’ checkbook.

  30. Again ___ see Dolores’s checkbook!

  31. Logger-jam? Bonnie can only do the nasty with so many coastal commissioners, staff and directors at once – with or without the Catholic nun’s habit on, right side -up OR up-side-down on any bar in town.

  32. If ANYONE thinks Mike Jones read a page of the EIR they are crazy

  33. Other cities don’t let developers choose their own EIR consultants. Maybe it’s time for a new paradigm in Eureka. At least the corruption could be kept a bit more private.

  34. Keep reading the article, Greg. The city did hire its own consultant who came to the same conclusion. Nice bit of misinformation, but you’re wrong as usual. Is that why you didn’t post in your own name? Too bad we all recognize the rhetoric by now.

  35. O.K.- lets say Im kinda new around here-

    All I read are people bashing Larry Glass, yet no one will tell me WHY? As in facts?

    D.A.’s are never liked by many- but same thing- WHAT exactly has Gallegos done to deserve some of the names I have seen him called?

    Not looking for trolls, please. This area seem ripe with
    angry- dare I say, Right-leaning them anyway.

    Really, I would like to hear from someone- ANYone WHY these guys are so ‘bad’ at their jobs?

    FACTS please, not just more online yelling. OK?

  36. Hey, Sam. Or should I say Tim. Or Jim K. Or Jimi. Because you’ve blogged under all of those names in the past few days, each time hurling mad insults at us, the people who comment here, and anyone else perceived to be of a political persuasion different from your own. Now you want to have an in-depth discussion? Now you have a problem with trolls? Because in fact you are a troll. Maybe you should have tried to cure your ignorance before repeatedly displaying it. Regardless, catch up or go away. We don’t care which.

  37. Hello Sam/Tim/Jim K./Jimi,

    Below are some better aliases to add to your long list of lame fake names that you post here. It’ll help us identify your lame comments so that we can avoid wasting our time reading them and to get back to laughing at the lunatic ravings of the far left in this county. Thanks…


    Twat Burger
    Sperm Curdler
    Crack Monger
    Turd Burper

  38. Oh fuck, my eyes, my eyes!

  39. If Sam wants to know SPECIFICALLY what Gallegos has and hasn’t done – it’s all here

    From the outset, filing a case at the behest of his backers, trying to institute a “Trust Fund” with plans to solicit, accept and use special interest money to privately fund a public prosecution, (he lost on that one), forging ahead with the lawsuit in spite of his own investigators and the courts telling him he had no leg to stand on (he lost on that one, too), a piss-poor relationship with law-enforcement, destruction of victim friendly programs (your programs), schizophrenic filing practices, using his office to go after political opponents, using his office to go after Douglas and Zanotti and using dishonest means to do so (he lost on that one too, and on that basis)… lost pretty much all of YOUR experienced prosecutors, setting up his own assault force… it’s all there. You want specifics, you got ’em. It ain’t about right wing/left wing no matter how they try to spin it. It’s about his dismal record. And the lies that were told to keep him in office.

  40. Rose, you left out the part about the basic fact he is a really, really shitty lawyer. He cannot try a case to save his stoned ass. Lets just gloss over actually winning a case, he can’t even try one.

    The lastest has to be the teacher from Fortuna. Good lord, even that one he fucked up. I am dreading the mess he will make of the Quigley case. It is already a circus, a defense attorney arguing blood evidence in front of the Supreme Court, instead of getting this case underway and bringing some closure and dare, I say it, Justice for that family.

    The best way to sum up our DA…bought and paid for by drug money.

  41. an unusual factoid: John Ash, the Waterfront developer who ‘owns’ property on the bay he plans to develop…. never paid the deposit on said property twenty-four years ago. The City of Eureka is the owner of record, their hands are tied to do anything about this predicament due to possibility of lawsuit. What makes anyone think that some guy whos been hanging on to his option that long and hasnt done anything with it can be a good or any kind of commisioner? Not!!

    As for lawsuits and the Marina Center, didn’t Hank know Cheryl Shaffner was an attorney for NCRWQCB before she worked for Eureka?

  42. oops ‘Sheryl’ please correct spelling thx!

  43. We’re off topic but you go girl!! :))

  44. I’m waiting to hear Hank Sims explanation of why Richard Marks is going to lose.

  45. The better question is why are Pat ( I am the scientific method) Higgins and Mark (a complete boob) Lovelace touting Mike Wilson so heavily and wordily?

    John Ash, I understand, because Hank Sims is a wee bit pretenious at times and Mr. Ash definitely corners the market on that atribute. Mr. Marks seems to be a ‘stand up guy’.

    Beside the obvious fact that no matter what you want to do with the bay, you have to get by the Nazi’s at Baykeeper to do it, oh wait, they were formed expressly to oppose the Marina Center weren’t they. Well, looking for a new mission now.

  46. Eh? This is sort of a desperate cry for validation. Troll-style.

    I’m betting that Richard Marks is going to win.

  47. Now, now Mr. Sims, no hedging those bets. I need no validation, still a free country to express one’s opinion. (at least for the nonce)

  48. name calling gets noplace. the question is–what is best for Humboldt.???

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