Chesbro, Woolley endorse Richard Marks

A news release issued tonight states Wes Chesbro and several other prominent Democrats have endorsed Richard Marks for Harbor District commissioner, division four.

In the news release, Chesbro states, “Richard recognizes the importance of connecting job creation with environmental stewardship. I applaud his commitment to developing sustainable industries that strengthen our local economy while preserving the natural beauty of our bay. He’s definitely the right choice for Harbor Commissioner.”

Marks replied, “I am honored to have the endorsement of Assemblyman Chesbro, and will work hard to create living wage job opportunities along our bay.”

Marks has also been endorsed by John Woolley, Mark Wheatley, Shane Brinton, Ronnie Pellegrini, Peter La Vallee, Frank Jager and Matthew’s wife Virginia Bass.

The release added that Marks additionally has the support of local unions.

He is running against John Ash and Susan Penn. Ash has a controversial past, an undefined agenda and an odd and dwindling list of endorsements, while Penn, a newcomer to local politics,  has some prog support but couldn’t raise enough money to get her candidate statement in the sample ballot.

17 Responses

  1. So now there are progs on all three sides of this race?

  2. As a first-time candidate, Susan was probably taken aback at the cost of the candidate statement. The money is due before a candidate has (usually) even begun campaigning or raising funds. I’d be interested to see what her next disclosure statement says.

    But yes, not having a statement published is a huge disadvantage. It’s the one time you’re guaranteed a pitch to voters and it’s the least expensive of your advertising options in terms of bang for your buck. Most voters don’t realize the statements are paid for, and as such a candidate appears disinterested if he or she doesn’t have a statement in the voter pamphlet.

  3. We were surprised to be sure. And there was quite the delay with her lawn signs too, although this weekend for the first time we did see a couple around town.

  4. Richard is the real deal. No one understands the economics of Humboldt Bay better than he does. And he’s an honest to goodness Democrat too, not any of the progressive garbage. He’s in the mainstream of the party and proud of it.

  5. While I understand that the candidate statements cost a pretty penny, it sounds to me like Penn didn’t get her shit together and her entire candidacy was a last minute effort by the progs. With Ash’s endorsers jumping ship and now the entrenched Democrats backing Marks, it seems the left is in disarray in the Fourth District race for Harbor District. What a clusterfuck.

  6. Great news for Marks! Now I want to know what;s up with all those disappearing Ash endorsements? Dozens are being vaporized, did they all change their minds when they found their names on a Bon Bon/Kerrigan/Nichols list? Were they never asked at all only to see their names in the paper? That would be a well known Bonnie move, when in doubt, lie. When not in doubt, lie anyway the people expect it. Was it a simultainius epithany. Should we call the preists of better yet the Ghost Busters.

  7. Candidates should not have to pay for these statements, especially in the case of a position like this one which pays nothing.

    Taxpayers already pay for all things election related. As they should. The candidates are offering up their lives. Least we can do is pay for their small paragraphs.

  8. All these candidates suck. This is confusing as hell.

  9. bout f’ing time. you can see who the loons are supporting and I;m happy to see some of the old left wing nuts have matured and have finally opened their eyes—–well—-at least they will let Richard try to develop some jobs after they ran then all away. circles within circles or what the F, no one left to pay the taxes,pay govment salaries. all that aside Richard is an honest man. A very rare thing ,sad to say,in todays political world.

  10. Ash was endorsed by the predatory litigious “Baykeeper” Pete Nichols.

    Pete Nichols name has been scrubbed off Ash’s site. So the question is, did Nichols pull his support to throw it behind Susan Penn? Or did Ash pull it because it was costing him support?

    My guess would be the latter – the “Progressive” candidates always pretend to be middle-right in order to get votes, then shed the sheep’s clothing upon election and declare that you knew all along what they were, and that they have a mandate to set about destroying jobs and making sure no progress of any kind takes place.

    But Nichols isn’t the only problem Ash has.

    Susan Penn has the reputation as a nice lady, but, and it may surprise some to hear me say this, but Richard Marks is the best candidate in this race. The only one who has been ‘about the bay’ consistently, steadily and realistically.

  11. The Bon Bon is supporting Ash, at least for a week or two until her name disappears along with Nichols and the rest. I will support anyone else. Vote Marks or Penn, I don’t really care which. Actually, to be truthful, I support Marks but can live with those who vote Penn, at least she is honest with her positions unlike Ash who is providing a perpetual rim job to the Bon Bon. Ugh, picture that in your mind or a moment,,,,and barf.

  12. Ash is a mean,phony,arrogant jackass. Seems like a perfect fit for paykeeper and the bon bon bunch. Talk about poison on the bay.

  13. If there was a Republican in this race, you be bashing the crap out of Marks

  14. Between the two bugs, we have voted for only one Republican in our lives, unless you count Bonnie Neely who was registered Republican the one and only time we voted for her. So you be a little light on facts, but you be doing a great job making up for it with your totally cool pimp talk, mon.

  15. And of course we realize you are an expert on Bug voting patterns, so it’s probably unnecessary to note that we voted for Marks once before. Maybe the Psychic Friends Network forgot to let you know.

  16. What I remember the last time around was not any bashing on Marks by the right, and he was at the time running against one (or two? was Nancy a Republican?) Republican, but rather a distinct LACK of support by the Progressive left who went Democrats for Neely and told him he should get out of the race.

    Marks, despite his Party affiliation has always had respect – as a hard worker, and a tireless advocate for working people, something the Democratic party used to stand for, and something on which both parties agreed.

    The hybrid “Progressive” wing of the Democratic Party is a sick offshoot, completely anti working people, and any of that messy business called work and commerce. (Except where it applies to pot, then anything goes.)

    (I know, my comment is awaiting moderation, really, I am not that inflammatory) LOL

  17. Are you people smoking crack? Richard Marks is a horribly stupid candidate whose sole qualification is that he’s kissed the ass of the local Democratic Party big shots for years. The funniest thing of all is the HCDCC endorsed the conservative Marks over the more progressive candidate Susan Penn. Nice going.

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