“You tend to feed the one that pays you.”

cregslistFile that one under quote of the day.

This refreshingly candid remark was made by a spokesman for the anti-development Citizens for Real Economic Growth, which paid a San Francisco college professor $2,500 to feed Eureka residents pages of apocalyptic misrepresentations about the Marina Center proposal.

Turns out the prof has a history of opposing Home Depots, so CREG knew well in advance what it was buying.

CBRE, the consulting firm hired by Security National, reached very different conclusions, which were double-checked by independent consultants hired by the city of Eureka. And, the Times-Standard reports, the city’s consultants “largely came to the same conclusions” as CBRE.

So why haven’t the suppositions of the hand-picked tool from CREG’s list been verified or even reviewed? Maybe Glass, Miller, Salzman and Ogden have to pony up more cash if they want a second helping of that shit.

21 Responses

  1. King’s vita says his primary fields of study are “applied microeconomics,” “economic development,” and “international economics,” but his book and published papers prepared for agencies and nonprofits have nothing to do with urban decay caused from the Home Depot. Some expert.

    “International Economics and International Economic Policy”, 4th Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2004.

    “Potential Loss in GNP and GSP from a Failure to Maintain California’s Beaches”

    “Do Beaches Benefit Local Communities?: A Case Study of Two California Beach Towns”

    “The Economic Value of California’s Beaches”

    “The Multinational Corporation: Pro and Con”

    “Negotiations over Mineral and Petroleum Contracts in Developing Countries: a new

  2. He doesn’t have any connection to the Coastal Commission, does he? Sure sounds like that’s his field of pseudo-science.

  3. Gee, no wonder he is the FORMER head of the econ department. Even in liberal schools, they have to have some standards.

  4. Could Thadeus Greenson have tried any harder to insinuate hiring a consultant was a fundamentally dishonest enterprise? How many times did he use the word “cozy”? Was this to suggest the consultant dressed for inclement weather? Because he had zero evidence to suggest anything inappropriate had transpired, although this did not prevent him from trying.

    And who, might I ask, does he think picked CREG’s consultant? The RNC? The bugs are correct in noting that the only difference between the two is that SN’s consultant was peer-reviewed and found credible while CREG’s consultant was not. Period.

  5. $2,500 for an economic impact report? I’m wondering if they found this guy on the real Craigs List. Maybe they were looking for a hooker to rough up and ran across him instead…

  6. Greenson and Driscoll are douchebags. What a pile of slanted, biased, let-see-if-we-can-find-a-scandal-in-here-somewhere bullshit. No one reads them so it doesn’t matter, but still. I noticed earlier this huge and important expose was lower on the most-read list than several highschool football games. That tells you how interested in Greenson’s opinion most Eurekans are.

  7. Hey I lived in a city once. I probably know as much about urban decay as he does.

  8. Maybe ‘cozy’ was a reference to Larry Glass and his founding of CREG and his job on the City Council. Hey Glass, I’m in your ward. I’m one of your constituents. While you’re busy driving jobs away because you can’t see past your own juvenile power struggle with the Arkleys, don’t forget you’re supposed to be representing the people who want this project to go forward.

  9. Greenson likes to make controversial stories out of ones that don’t exist. Here’s a good example of terrible editorializing gone amuck:

    It is the battlefield where those who think Eureka needs a big box store are squaring off against those who think it would be better off without one, and are taking aim at the development’s anchor store, Home Depot.

    The participants in this battle are the Eureka residents who want to see the Balloon Track cleaned and utilized and Bill Pierson and his merry band of hoodlums who oppose competition.

  10. The hooker probably knows more about urban decay than the “consultant.”

  11. It looks like the real estate services consulting firm CBRE was awarded:

    U.S. Green Building Council’s “Leadership Excellence Award.”
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “Energy Partner of the Year.”
    Not to mention that CBRE was named in Newsweek’s “Top 50 Green” companies in the U.S. in commercial real estate and was the first real estate services company in the Fortune 500.

    Yeah, what a total fly-by-night operation. We should totally throw out their EIR and start over from scratch. I am sure CREG could pay for an “independent” environmental and economic review of the project. Yeah, right.

  12. “Feed the one that pays you” is putting it mildly.

  13. Yeah right wrote, “…this huge and important expose was lower on the most-read list than several highschool football games. That tells you how interested in Greenson’s opinion most Eurekans are.

    No. It tells you how interested most Eurekans are in the controversy regarding Marina Center. Most have other things on their minds…like football.

  14. Either way they found their whore.

  15. Larry is not too bright. He actually says things like, “my constituents” and “at least the people I represent” all the time in council meeetings.

    He really doesn’t have a clue he was elected to actually listen to those with differing opinions and perhaps learn something.

    As for CREG, exactly how much real economic growth are they responsible for? Lots of people have left the Glass bandwagon because they realize he is all ego and a prodigious liar. Maybe he will be a one term wonder. At least we can hope.

  16. Let’s just say you take the Home Depot out of the equation… does the opposition go away?

    No. It wouldn’t matter if Arkley was building a hospital for Mother Theresa and Gandhi to treat impoverished cancer patients at this point.

    It’s about juvenile cliques, enemies lists and vendettas, and legislators who are so into the game they cannot treat one particular constituent the way they would anyone else.

    Might lose that Pierson funding though. and Pierson oughtta be taking notes, because when he stops giving them money, look out.

  17. What is Randy Gans going to feed you guys tomorrow?

  18. Because as you all know, anyone who is for this project is either an Arkley minion, employee or other lackey…

    Wadda Marooon….

  19. I am looking forward to having that chunk of property cleaned up. Give it a rest you Glass-Pierson douche.

  20. Your dick on a bun?

  21. Evidently, this SF State professor dude is some kind of whacko. Read that he usually is a coastal commission type supported who always recommends that people have to donate their land in order to get things fixed when their land is in the ‘Zone.” I particularly remember him recommending that the CC take as payment to fix a seawall lots of the owners land. Wow, now that is american.

    For an aside, also read the guys son (Steven) was murdered in a drug house in New York with a lot of other spoiled trust fund types dealing and using. Evidently the good professor spent a lot of time in the New York court spouting his approval of the death penalty and disrupting the court.

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