Quick fun fact: Kirk Girard still sucks

Creepy Little Red Devil

Creepy Little Red Devil

In a General Plan Update nine years in the making, why might it be necessary to rush an item through the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday without allowing time for either staff or public review?

The item in this case is an annual report updating progress (or the lack thereof) on the GPU. And the reason for the rush? It was due April 1.

Fortunately, Larry Glass and Linda Atkins aren’t on the board, or the item would need to be delayed until Christmas for those two to plow through all 28 pages.

But seriously, Kirk. Think about it. You missed a filing deadline on an item that’s being rushed because you missed a filing deadline.

Will we ever reach the point where you become as embarrassed as the rest of us by how badly you perform your job, or are we just wishful thinking?

11 Responses

  1. Would you beleive him if he said he was going after quality, not speed? 🙂

  2. Bugs,
    saw a PBR van at WINCO and remembered
    the times with graphic department……you guys
    are good and drunk! Thanks for the ride. I heart you

  3. I saw Pierson’s wife the other nite at dinner. Boy, that is one ugly fat [edited]!

  4. Well shit have you seen him?

  5. Actually, no.

  6. Hey, not nice. Not nice at all. It’s okay to rag on someones politics, but it is pretty low to demean family members. Shame on you.

  7. We heart you too, friend!!

  8. It is really hard to hear the tap shoes on Channel 10 as sometimes their sound really does not catch everything.

    He taps, he dances, he swirls and spins but at the end of his dance, Bonnie grins.

    Tippity tap, tappity tap. Not quite Fred Astaire but he certainly gets the dance done and keeps his job.

  9. Which is pathetic in and of itself. Unless somebody takes control of the local situation the old fashioned way out behind a barn, that is.

    Kirkie gets a woody when he thinks of all of the attention he gets – he loves all of the personal attacks – makes him feel justified for being alive.

  10. You are SOOOOOO funny!

  11. Hey “Off Limits”, I take it U feel the same way about how our current president’s staff attacked Gov. Palins’ family during the election campain, right?

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