Marina Center cleanup moves forward on 3-2 vote

It could happen.

What? It could happen.

The cleanup is now set to begin, after more than 200 people packed Eureka city hall Tuesday night to urge the council’s approval of the Marina Center Environmental Impact Report.

Public comments weighed overwhelmingly in support of the site cleanup and subsequent development. Some talked about the jobs the project would produce and the much-needed boost to the local economy. Others complained about environmentalists who “think their job is done when they’ve complained loudly enough and filed enough lawsuits.”

One commenter said, “We have an opportunity to take an eyesore and an embarrassment and turn it into something we can be proud of.”

Another asked, “We have a toxic wasteland in our city. Why wouldn’t we want to clean that up?”

And our fave: ‘Nobody cared how dirty the property was until someone offered to clean it up.”

Dozens of residents expressed their support for the project before Ralph Faust used his three minutes to threaten to sue to stop it. A woman representing EPIC and the NEC said those organizations would also sue. Not to be left out, CREGster Larry Evans threatened to sue as well.

That’s what the enviros brought to the discussion–unless you count the genius Arcata resident who said he had to attend a public meeting for a class at HSU and took the opportunity to sagely instruct attendees that they shouldn’t settle for anything but the best on the Balloon Tract. He didn’t present any thoughts as to what the best might be or who might pay for it. Maybe he’ll get to that next semester.

There were numerous demands for Larry Glass to recuse himself from any action related to the development because of his longstanding personal animosity toward the Arkley family. That didn’t happen, of course, but he and co-obstructionist Linda Atkins got all kinds of defensive about how they love jobs and love the city and didn’t stall anything right before they voted to, you know, stall.

The council’s vote means the EIR will be brought back Oct 27 with a staff recommendation to approve it. The Coastal Development Permit is scheduled to be approved November 3rd.

But keep in mind this isn’t the end. It’s advantage Eureka, but the progs knew all along they would lose here. They’ll make their stand at the Coastal Commission and in the courts.

The end will come when a polluted property is cleaned, hundreds of jobs are created, sales tax revenues rise, 11 acres of wetlands are added–and affordable building supplies are for sale in the city.

43 Responses

  1. That’s what I’m talking about. Thanks for the common-sense leadership, Mike, Frank and Jeff.

  2. Word.

  3. That’s great news, Bugs. I watched it on television. It might have been a long meeting for those in attendance, but it made for superb theater. We popped popcorn and everything. The best part, though, was the happy ending. That’s a real boost for the city. I couldn’t be happier.

  4. It is amazing how if it would of turned out rejecting the EIR certification, Heraldo would of trumpted as being citizens will. But since so many didn’t go their way, they are all sell outs, and Arkley cheerleaders.

  5. Hey, cap. Nice to see you in our neck of the woods, even if we are all sell-outs and Arkley cheerleaders.

    Give us an A!!

  6. Yo.

  7. Sorry I got their late to miss my free Arkley propaganda t-shirt/sweatshirt combo habded out to the Arkley zombies, Gotta love how easy it is to buy the community for that boy. I am sure he’ll follow his old man’s footsteps and bankrupt CUE VI when it gets to expensive to continue…..the rotten apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

    Methinks he will be learning a lesson in CEQA soon.

  8. Didn’t your mom ever teach you that poor sportsmanship makes your dick shrivel up? Explains a lot, though, doesn’t it?

  9. Evidently Osprey would rather have pollution leaching into the bay than a cleanup funded by a man he doesn’t like. I just love prog logic.

  10. This is a bit of good news. It’s true the progs are just circling back around, but it was nice to see how many rational people there still are in this city.

  11. I happen to like junkyards and crackheads. It’s aesthetically pleasing to have some burned-out shacks down by the railroad tracks where you can go say what’s up to some bored people chasing some stray cats. That’s all messed up now.

    The mystique of the Balloon Track has been degraded. This place has lost the uplifting appeal of graffiti and abandoned crime scenes. It will be devoid of the toxic dump pizazz replaced with… I dunno, the Nutcracker.

    I don’t like the simulation, either. They need some burrito spots or a least a burrito truck. And no check cashing spot? You know there will be a check cashing spot… especially if they got a Home Depot. Or at least one of those Mexican moneygram places.

    Be flush with jobs just like ballin’ ass Crescent City pretty soon.

  12. Hard to believe this little shithole of a city did something right.

  13. Cut the Crescent City jokes Mr. Nice. This vote was about shutting up Pierson and his prog Allies. Do I care what moves into the other retail space at the Marina Center? Hell no!

    We all know Piersons can’t compete with the purchasing power of Home Depot. This means game over for those Prog bastards.

    Fuck em’

    High fives all around!

  14. Makes me proud to be an American, I love democracy and we taught three classes at HSU—-there were three classes auditing the city council meeting last night!

  15. I love you bugs! I think it is frippin hysterical that Larry and Linda so blatently fight so hard for such a dickless wonder who will not get a sack enough to fight his own fights… Hey Bill Pierson – clean up and development of this project is inevitable – call off your dogs!

    And as for CEQA, Osprey has obviously NOT read it – it will be a friend of the project proponent – not the Socialist Green ZOMBIES.

  16. The pollution leaching into the bay happened over 100 years ago – get over it you idiot

  17. First, don’t use the name “osprey.” It is an insult to the stately birds.

    Second, you evidently don’t know shit from shinola when it comes to CEQA.

    Third, when you say, “Gotta love how easy it is to buy the community for that boy,” what an elitist prick you are. The community comes out an overwhelmingly says clean up this blight, clean up the sight and lets see some common sense progress and all you do is say that they are stupid and bought off? But, if they supported your anti stance on everything then it is “democracy” only when they agree with you.

    However, I would disagree with bugs a bit here. Your dick didn’t shrivel up. You don’t have a dick, balls or a brain.

  18. Hell, I meant “site” and not “sight.” My bad.

  19. proggie got an ass whoopin last night!

  20. Good news and thank you to everyone who went to the meeting last night. I didn’t agree with all of you but respected everyone’s commitment to their ideals (except for the NGOs casting around again for someone new to sue. Greed is not an ideal. It is a character flaw).

  21. This is a giant step in the right direction. Now we have to ask ourselves…. what will it take for the Marina Center to get a green-light from the Coastal Commission?

  22. Get rid of Neely vote for Jeff… or Virginia and may one of them back out in plenty of time to get solidly behind ousting Bonnie. Last election 60% of voters selected a change but the split vote left her in office. Cant let that happen now.

  23. I can’t think of anything. Can you?

  24. Excellent graphic.

  25. Pierson better save his money rather than feeding Bonnie’s campaign. Profits are going to dry up really soon!

  26. If this was “Stimulus” Money coming in to develop the Balloon Track everyone would be falling all over themselves to get this project moving. It was interesting last night to see how many people pointed out that here you have someone, who you would have wished for under normal circumstances, willing to invest his own money – and this is being portrayed as a bad thing.

    I’m not so sure this is about the Home Depot, except for Pierson, who doesn’t want competition as much as it is about Bonnie’s hard on about Arkley. And Pierson is more than willing to fund that obsession. For Glass, at least initially, it was also about fear of competition.

    It would be interesting to see if Larry could rise above, but honestly, he should be recused from any discussion and voting on this matter.

  27. I don’t agree. That looks like a jail, not the Marina Center. Pick a different view, or we might get the CREG fucks excited again.

  28. Love the graphic! Hahhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhaaa!

  29. Word up

  30. I’m not about to stop with the Crescent Rosa remarks. You gotta be kidding. Eureka is a wannabe bedroom community with no place to commute to. Half the people paying homage to the almighty Lowe’s are working for the man either in government or some government-funded education job. A good slice of the rest of the workforce dump ashtrays or collect grease rags at the goddamned casino. That type of shit ain’t sustainable. Ain’t no resource extraction jobs, that is done for. This requires a much broader plan than stick in some big box store and hope for the best.

    But if this is all just a political revenge about Bill Pierson, then yes, high fives, job well done.

  31. What the fuck is that link to?

  32. Liberal scum, go get in line for your first job at Home Depot’s recieving department. That’s where they send the [edited] retards. Don’t ask about health insurance cause Obama will give it to ya.

    Maybe you can get a job tearing down the big hammer!

  33. Bugs, please remove this link to a porn site. You can keep it for your “records”, though.

  34. Maybe Larry should recuse himself from anything smelling of Baykeeper since he is featured on their website??? Watch the streaming pics for a laugh.

  35. Retards and Mexicans?

    How civilized you folks have become

  36. Arkley is a racist idiot.

  37. Talking points. Shit read the garbage from all the progy’s about the EIR. Its like they had meetings and pieced it all together. Baykeepers, NEC, Jen Gualt, etc, Same shit page after page.

    unproven accusations vs you 5:11 who obviously are an idiot troll go back to H spot with your foolishness.

  38. I’ve been lurking for a bit now. It’s a crazy thing wanting a blighted area cleaned up, you know the enviro correct thing of “infill”, easy walking to downtown, and other services. Revenue for the city, and jobs.

    They say it should be redesigned, I agree, lets add Wal-mart to the mix.

    On one hand they tell us, not to develop the site, and the other, not to develop ag lands because it is sprawl. Just where do we develop things?

    Then again I’m not some retiree transplant from out the the area, wanting things to stay the same jobless prospects, while advocatng trails everywhere you look, and looking like a Jabba the Hutt look-alike.

  39. Larry cannot rise above his petty beef with Arkley. He even told Arkley’s daughters they were just collateral damage in his war against their dad.

    Larry has no ethical compass. It is very disappointing. But he absolutely should recuse himself from the vote on anything Arkley.

  40. Feel better?

  41. I think I can smell his desperation. What a bunch of sour grapes.

  42. With the State having no money and having to make more cuts it should cut the Coastal Commission. The people of Eureka should decide what gets built here, and we can certainly regulate the coast through our own Local Coastal Plans. Short of that we need to make sure we have a representative on the Commission that we can trust. If you/we don’t like, trust or believe in Bonnie let the Governor know. She is his appointment.

  43. Not a huge surprise. The two councilmembers Bill Pierson paid to block competition voted to do exactly that. It’s not exactly breaking news.

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