More public comment tonight on Marina Center EIR

Speak slowly and clearly please.

Speak slowly and clearly please.

For those of you who have not yet weighed in on the Marina Center Environmental Impact Report, tonight’s your chance. Tell city officials what you think of the plan. Complain about the overloaded agenda. Critique their reading abilities. Perform an impromptu ballet for all we care, but at least show up and be counted. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the council chamber on the second floor of Eureka City Hall, located at 531 K Street.

Link to the agenda here.


16 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to see how Larry will try and stall the vote on the cleanup of the Balloon Track.

  2. I don’t like it,I don’t like them, they don’t like me so I won’t vote for it cause I don’t like them. Because I don’t like them and I don’t like it and they don’t like me I won’t vote for it cause I won’t make time to read their EIR because I don’t like it and I don’t like them…………….. or maybe I’m so busy selling CD’s and licking Gar’s ass and Bon Bon’s crack that I just make time to read something I don’t like from someone I don’t like…………… I’m sure that Larry the lie’r will come up some very reasonable excuse. NOT! Why are good people so hard to find and we suffer with so many idiots?

  3. Fuck Larry Glass, fuck Bill Pierson and his [edited] wife

  4. sn – that is way out of line.

    Fuck Larry Glass = great
    Fuck Bill Pierson = better

    Anything about Pierson’s wife = you are disgusting and need to be hit upside the head with a bat. Knock it off. People’s families are off limit. Just because the idiots over at Heraldo do this to others’ family members does not make it ok. Now stop it.

    Apologize and don’t do it again or I hope the bug, bans you.

  5. Yeah knock it the fuck off with the Pierson’s wife business. We’ve edited two comments already. After this we’ll just block you. Thanks.

  6. The meeting will be obstructive nonsense at it finest, and I have already decided what should be done with Larry, Linda and good ol’ Pete. Load them up, nicely trussed , take them out to Collenbergs dairy, tie them to the fence and let the cows pee on them.

    Good Ol’Pete can research waste disposal on a first hand basis, Larry and Linda will probably find it titilatting…..Oh, now there’s a frightening mental image.

    Better drag the Graphics dept out of the Red Lion Inn bar and put them to work! You know they are just getting liquored up for the hell of it anyway.

  7. Two things – one: I had to laugh out loud at Faust complaining that 10 days was inadequate, where was he on the TPZ debacle where they put it up on Friday and voted on a Tuesday with Monday being a holiday with ZERO chance of public input…oh, right, I remember…. and two: WHY THE HELL ISN’T LARRY GLASS RECUSING HIMSELF ON THIS ISSUE? You can’t have been as actively (read orgs/groups) against a project as he was and still sit there and vote.

    It was pretty funny to see all the usual suspects get up and look all professionally concerned and stuff – and who was that guy in the background, upper left screen?

    (I know, awaiting moderation)

  8. OooooommmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyGooooooooddddddddd.

  9. I’m so proud of my community tonight I could just go dawn to Collenbergs dairy and piss on a fence post. Cry baby Larry got his F’ing ass kicked tonight. Now lets keep this great momentum going. Elect honest people. Next, everyone who spoke tonight should go to the board of supervisors and demand Ralf Faust be removed from the planning commission. What a dishonest,devious,dumb ass bully. Remember he is Bonnie and Marks boy.

  10. That guy was a total jerk. He was waiting for his closeup apparently. He was playing to the camera and all the time giving “commentary”.

  11. Word.

  12. I was tearing up when the first commenter to reach out to Larry Glass asked him to recuse himself… as a friend. Larry is beholden to the guys who got him elected, but where will they be next time he runs for something and his voters evaporate?

    This city council let Glen Goldan get away, hopefully they will ensure a historian balance to design review before John Ash ruins the historical integrity of the Eureka Inn.

    Security Natl has the solvency our local govt does not and we need this project we need the jobs. It was destined to be 3-2 but if Larry Glass has any conscience at all he was up all night thinking about what was said to him.

  13. This is so funny I almost wet myself!!!!!!! Thanks Anon!

  14. Naw, Larry was up all night smoking and popping pills.

  15. “Let the cow pee on them?” Now that is funny, hysterically funny. A three pointer for you Josephine, you are my gal pal now.

  16. You mean the guy in the rust shirt and shorts who snickered and laughed and shook his head in derision as person after person spoke in favor of the project?

    That was the guy from Humboldt State who was there for an HSU class who later opened his mouth and proved beyond all doubt he knew the least about anything being discussed.

    Apparently, he is a “colletch student” who thinks he knows everything there is to know. We will get back to him in about 15 years when he actually has a job and is supporting a family.

    Easy to be an elitist snob looking down your nose at the “masses” when you have nothing on the line.

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