Word up, sister

Throwing stones

Reprinted without permission from the Times-Standard

I am amazed that Councilman Larry Glass, who is on the board of directors for the Northcoast Environmental Center, along with Humboldt Baykeeper leader Pete Nichols are advocating against cleanup of the balloon track property. For these so-called “environmentalists” to advocate against an environmental cleanup that would protect our bay and restore 11 acres of wetlands on a property that is finally showing signs of hope for our community makes no sense, especially when the Northcoast Environmental Center has its own toxic mess of a property in downtown Arcata caused by a dry cleaning facility. Why is that cleanup not moving ahead? Maybe Glass and Nichols should not be throwing stones at those who are actually improving our environment and concentrate on the environmental problems and the Northcoast Environmental Center they direct.

Dottie Lee


34 Responses

  1. Nicely said, Dottie. Hypocrisy is a prog’s defining feature.

  2. The NEC is moving ahead with its own clean-up. Dottie should check her facts before throwing stones. To say voting against the Marina Center is a vote against clean-up is disingenuous at best.

  3. True at worst?

  4. It’s perfectly accurate. SN is proposing to clean a blighted property. The NEC is threatening to sue if they try. You can dress this one up all you want, but the truth is plain to see.

  5. Yeah 821…they are waiting for….get this….a grant in order to provide funding.

    What happens if the grant isn’t awarded? Then what? Clean it up, and until ya do, keep your yap shut.

  6. Maybe because the cleanup is not complete, nor does Security National ever plan to do much more than a minimal.

    Yawn… Same old arguement, straight off the SN talking points memo

  7. Yawn….you lose. That’s why the guy who has monitored railyard cleanups from all over the country said that this would be the most complete one he’s seen…far from “minimal” which seems to be a word from your own list of “talking points”, there Greg.

  8. Very true, Anonymous, as anyone who disagrees with you must be by definition incapable of independent thought. You’re so smart and we feel so fortunate to have friends like you!! Hugs!

  9. Straight up, Dottie. Gotta love a gal who isn’t afraid to speak truth to power.

  10. How brilliant you are to have already speculated and formed an opinion on what SN will or will not do. I guess it was easy for you with all the evidence of shoddy projects the Arkley’s and SN have already completed, huh, Buppy?

    Here’s a bulletin for you. There really are no SN talking points although there are lots of folks volunteering to speak in favor of the Marina District. (from all political persuasions, BTW)

    The thing is, a majority of people want this project to succeed. Ever hear about the pendulum theory?

    Well, you are witnessing the mad-as-Hell-and-not-going -to- take-it-anymore push back politics created when the envelope has gone too far off the comfort zone of a society that is overall pretty moderate.

    I know you guys don’t get it, but the truth is you are not on the majority side of this issue and it has nothing to do with Arkley’s money or behind the scenes shenanigans. It’s just an honest uprising of people who really are anxious to see the site cleaned up and developed.

    But you keep beating that drum because each and every transparent thing you do to stop this clean up will only make it tougher for you next election cycle. The bottom line is people are sick and tired of having a minority of gloom and doomers raining on their parade.

  11. Word up sister is right. Barb Leonard is right on. This is not about talking points or Arkley love. It’s about a majority of people thinking this is the right thing to do for Eureka. We are fortunate to have a developer (even in these difficult times) that is willing to commit the time, money and effort to cleanup and improve this 43 acre site. I hope for the best, it will be a long and arduous process. I wish the best to the Eureka Inn also.

  12. Perhaps you should get your facts straight. Dottie never mentions voting for or against the “Marina Center”.

    That’s just you projecting your bias as an argument against what is truly disingenuous: self-proclaimed environmentalists arguing against step one which is all about an interim clean up and development of 11 acres of wet lands on that 30 year blight labeled the “balloon tract”.

    I dunno, sometimes I think you guys are as dumb as a sack of hammers. You should at least stay in favor of the “noble cause” of cleaning that mess up. Pick your battles, but don’t forsake what you have claimed to be your number one deal breaker. That is not only disingenuous, it is also just plain stupid.

  13. It was so encouraging and affirming last night to watch all of our Eureka friends and neighbors stand up say what’s been on so many minds for years. We want our city back from the carpetbaggers and Arcatans dead set to force us to live by rules designed only to keep them in power. A vote for the cleanup was a vote to reclaim Eureka and to protect and support local working families.

  14. You tell ’em Barb and Dottie!

  15. you guys had better gear up for round 2 as the whack-o’s will turn out like vampires for the next one

  16. We can tear down the big hammer together Barb! I’ll see ya there!

  17. NEXT MEETING be there to fight the whack-o’s!!!!Tuesday night again!

    And don’t be afraid of the “students” part-time residents, or plain bought wierdos by Jen Kalt or Dr. Miller or Richard or Baykeepers…..

  18. We have had it with your proggie bullshit “I moved here from San Diego to get away from this and that.” SHUT-UP If the project site is being cleaned-up to the State standards and you don’t like it—change the laws in Sacramento. Go protect Arcata from the evils of economic development.

  19. Who cares about the contaminates, cap the damn thing in asphalt and get that Home Depot in pronto so the quick squeeze begins on Piersons. They will never be able to compete with Home Depot! It will be fantastic!

    Bonnie will be toast soon too! Thank you Cherie Arkley for changing your mind on big boxes for the balloon tract, you made the right decision!

  20. Love you Dottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Larry is just a puppet for Bill Pierson who is afraid of open competition and is ALSO afraid to come out and fight his own fight – the wiener. Larry made promises in exchange for dollars and votes a long time ago to do the Pierson movement’s bidding – no matter what.

    That group includes Atkins, Neely, Kalt, Rall, EPIC, Baykeeper, “healthy humboldt”, Girard, Nichols, Faust, etc..

    Thank you for your temerity to tell the truth. That’s one thing they do not do, and following the law is the other.

    I think

  21. Hmm… seems to me eliminating businesses will not help the local economy.

  22. Damn straight, Anon. We’ve said repeatedly that we do notvadvocate shutting Pierson’s down. We do believe, though, that they should compete for their business. Competition makes everyone better.

  23. Yeah, well according to this board, many don’t feel the same.

    And Arkley’s initial proposal for the Marina Center included Home Depot and Best Buy. Coincidence?

    You can draw your own conclusions…

  24. It was the Best Buy that made Glass whacko about this.

  25. Hey, I’m one that doesn’t advocate the demise of Pierson’s and I don’t have an agenda against Bill. I’ve worked for Greg and Hank and don’t have a problem with any of them. I’m a retired (more like out of work) developer that has relocated here. I guess I just understand the commitment it takes and the mudslinging that follows for anyone that’s willing to do it, for lots less profit than you think. Isn’t Best Buy bankrupt? I still wouldn’t and never have bought anything from “The Works”…think Amazon.com. F@#k Larry Glass.

  26. piss on larry glass,fucking is to good for him

  27. The conclusion we draw is that Pierson’s ridiculous prices and extremely limited stock present a significant business opportunity. And if instead we’re to conclude that this is all an elaborate personal attack, what happened to the Best Buy? Is it your contention that Larry and Rob kissed and made up? Because last we heard, that was not the case. At all.

    As for others here feeling differently: Ain’t it a great country?

  28. Larry’s always been whacko

  29. My guess is that Best Buy declined, not Arkley

    iTunes got the best of everyone

    But if you want to credit Rob, be my guest

  30. Who credited anyone with anything? People are dumb.

  31. Nothing better than an idiot calling someone else dumb

  32. Do us consumers really suffer from a lack of options for building supplies?

    If we had to choose a big box anchor that would really serve a greater majority of people, it would be Walmart. Isnt that what Cherie wanted in 99′? Too risky politically speaking?

  33. We have bovines lining up for this duty.

  34. Who cares. Fuck Pierson. Fuck Glass.

    I’ll laugh my ass of when the big boxes put them both under.

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