Four years already?? And us without a cake.

Is the Faustian reference a Freudian slip? Regardless, get your prog on and spend an evening with Pete Nichols and his two great loves: asking for money and talking about himself. The cost is only $45 and your last shred of self-respect. Enjoy!!

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This may be indicative of a lack of the larger imagination, but we have a hard time with "party of the year" and Ralph Faust in the same thought. Is it just us?

23 Responses

  1. Party with Sneaky Pete? That is an oxymoron.

  2. Graphics department… Waaayyy to much fun!

  3. Has it only been four years? Somehow it seems like Pete Nichols has been humiliating himself forever.

  4. It definitely is not just you.

  5. And they hired a black guy?

    When’s this Obama crap going to end?

  6. These events don’t get enough folks to even break even for the event.

    You would think that they would re-evaluate their positions given the lack of financial and public support.

  7. love it when your rightwingers show your true colors

  8. Love it when you self-righteous progs can’t take a joke.

  9. Maybe they’re going to steal from attendees. Pick-pocketing and that sort of thing.

  10. Maybe the Sierra Club is forking over the dough to pay Taj etc. ad nauseum.

  11. Maybe they’ll be serving Coast Currents for dessert. Handpicked by Sir Pete himself of course.

    $75 for VIP seating? Yow!

  12. Someone covered something. Crowd was very small. Just the usual suspects and a few new college kids.

  13. Hell, nobody was there.

  14. I suppose 500 people having a great time getting sweaty and dancing is considered small. Certainly heads above any show I’ve seen come to Arkley Center for Washed Up Musicians……looking forward to that Tony Orlando show coming up though! Sounds like a hoot!

  15. 500, not hardly!

  16. What with the drinks and all, the 500 figure could be explained by double vision. But what would Pete know about that?

  17. Hey, I love Taj. One of my heroes. For one time I’m willing to let it go. We all believe what we believe. We don’t have to hate all the time. I know Marie (Sweet Mama Janisses) and Chris at Bless My Soul Cafe. Good people, good food.
    Thanks TAJ for the music,

  18. Marie is a dear friend,the music is good but the paykeeper is bullshit . The sue,sue,sue model does nothing for the bay and everything for the cash flow. The bash is a way to launder funds and fool weak minds.

  19. 500 my dumb white ass. If you’re gonna lie, and obviously you are, try to land it somewhere near the realm of the plausible.

  20. Does that Arkley envy ever get old for you? Because the fun of listening to it wore off a long time ago.

  21. Nope, there was about 50 people there. It was a sorry turnout. The only money flying around was for the liquor.

  22. My bad. That should have been 250 people.

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