We’re surprised it’s not flying at half staff

Oh, and the check is in the mail.

The check's in the mail. Wait--that's right. You already got the check.

49 Responses

  1. What’s that link supposed to be to, dumbass? Because cutting and pasting a link to Heraldo is so difficult and original.

  2. You’ll like this. Read all about Atkins and Glass whining their bitch asses off. Funny, but there’s no mention of the grand mal tantrum Glass threw after he lost.


  3. Arkley will down the Big Hammer once and for all.
    Looking for a job former Pierson employees? I heard Home Depot is hiring.

    Good luck suckers!!

  4. Love it!

  5. You know how that works, Blower. Everyone needs to be nice but him. He can continue being the prickliest prick in Humboldt County, but the rest of y’all need to be nice now, you hear?

  6. No mention of Arkleys lawsuit of Glass for not recusing himself from the council vote. Glass can’t afford to defend himself against Rob. Can’t wait to see him put in his place!

  7. Be ready for the stinky opposition at City Hall. You know that prog smell /natural stench….

  8. Pierson employees won’t be going to Home Depot for jobs, they’re a bunch of liberal fucks who hate corporate America

    Fuck em’

  9. I took that picture the day after Ted Kennedy died.
    They did lower the flag the next day.
    Nice photo shop.

  10. …or the fit Linda threw when she didn’t get the vote she wanted on the “true ward system”….oh, wait. Linda is going to lecture the council on being respectful to one another during these contentious times.

    Hmmm, let’s see, are there others on the council who have been disrespectful BESIDES Linda and Larry? I don’t think so.

    Frankly, this whole Pierson/Atkins/Glass show is getting very old. If there is support for their view (besides the usual sue happy groups who were elected to nothing and appointed to the loyal opposition by deep pockets outside the area), let them show up Tuesday and be heard.

    So far there has been a dearth of response from people opposing the FEIR.

  11. What a stupid fuck you are. Pierson’s is a corporation like any other and you don’t know the politics of the people who work there. I doubt that they’ll be switching jobs since Home Depot doesn’t pay well (it helps keep prices down) and the bosses are all ex-military.

  12. You took that photo with “thanks Linda and Larry” or is that your reference to nice photo shop?

    Just curious because frankly I find it hilarious if the thanks to L&L is true. It kind of makes the Frank, Jeff, Mike being in Arkley’s pocket moot, don’t you think?

  13. As much as I would love to see Larry put in his place, there is no legal standing re: Larry recusing himself from the council vote on anything about the Marina District……unless of course his rent is being paid by someone in order for him to retain his residence here in Eureka and remain a voting member on the council.

  14. Well the difference is that Rob didn’t buy their council campaigns. I don’t think he even contributed to them, much less bankrolled them almost completely.

  15. Gee, anon. Are Frank, Jeff and Mike commies or something? Doing things and having beliefs they’re not being appropriately compensated for? They would make really crappy progs.

  16. The Larry and Linda part was added to my photo.
    They did a good job though.

  17. Also the fact that they all have 3 digit ID’s.

  18. Tom. Are you having some sort of acid flashback, friend? It’s not your fucking photo.

  19. Sorry, lowblow, but did you just misspell IQ?

  20. They will have to find new jobs somewhere

  21. Ha

  22. Wow, the IQs of the Mirror and most of those responding (F—this, F— that) probably together wouldn’t total 70. 1st time visiting here, but won’t be back. Gives new meaning to the term “Low Brow.”

  23. thats the hardest i have laughed all night- good one!

  24. Ouch,
    anon 7:07, you will be missed or not.
    I actually thought it all has been pretty funny.
    I didn’t realize I had low brows. Now I’m self concious.

  25. Bugs, darling

    How about a little informal poll:
    would you rather have deportment lessons from Linda Atkins or watch Paul Gallegos attempt to try a case against a fox caught casing the neighbors chicken coop?

    Just, well, you know, inquiring minds and all that and such!

  26. Sorry, just going to fast. Consider it progressive amusement.

  27. Actually, anon, it simply reinforces the original meaning. Right? But anyhoo, you’ll note we haven’t tried to position ourselves as Mormon chat or anything. And if that costs us the pleasure of your company, we’ll work through the pain on that. Thanks for stopping by!!

  28. Seems to be the funniest thing anyone said all day to us lowbrow American culture-killers, low. Be proud, friend. We are.

  29. Ha…Ha…Humbug.
    What is a hammer at half mast? I did have one in my tool box with the handle cutoff about halfway for nailing in tight places. Bill Piersons ass? I could be wrong.

  30. We don’t actually know. But these posts need headlines, yes? So sometimes we just make shit up. Actually, most of the time we just make shit up.

  31. OK,
    If you are not gonna post my photo of Rush and Nancy, go ahead and put that tongue on Bonnie. I know you want to.

  32. I truly heart the graphics department!

  33. You could use the clawside to pry open your wifey’s dry clam

  34. The Humbug, you are correct. It is the same angle and appears taken from a car. It is just a but off. I think what led me to think it was mine was the title. I did a story on August 26th about the flags not being at half staff for the death of Kennedy. I snapped a photo of the flags on Pierson to show that they were still flying at full staff.
    They fooled me with the caption.
    I’m a dunce. The Mirror picture is actually better than mine.

  35. Okay, dude. Thanks for that. And that half mast shit, hell. We made it up. But the photo was submitted by someone we know isn’t you. Thanks for the clarification.

  36. And all of us here at Mirror HQ heart you, Blanche. Thanks for joining the fun.

  37. Yea! Marina Center EIR approved 3-2.

  38. Nice. Thanks for the update, Cap.

  39. Lets see here, the progressives lost three out of three times. two meetings, http://www.peakdemocracy.com/portals/12/Forum_140/Issue_392/tally“>Jeff’s open town hall, forum, which still looks like a poll to me.

  40. You know the progs never let little things like democratic processes get in the way of their plans.

  41. Progressives? I resemble that comment. We got our ass kicked on this one. I am not so against the project as the presence of a Home Depot and terrible architecture. Heck, a partial clean up in a depression is a good thing. The architecture for second street is butt ugly though. There will be a clear divide where one will have no mistake in noticing that they have entered into Anaheim by the sea. Victorian to tilt up slab in a block. You can’t disguise very well a big box, but the housing and small business part proposed is on par with the design of the Humboldt County Jail.
    It will be the other thing in town that looks the same. Maybe this is by design more than oversight, but it is none the less out of caricature with the rest of Old Town.

  42. I don’t agree with you often Tom but I agree with you here. I wouldn’t call the architecture “terrible,” but it doesn’t do anything for me and it is inconsistent with our Victorian old town. I could easily see old town expanding out to the Marina Center, but given the current plans that would not be a smooth aesthetic transition. It really is kind of a shame that the look isn’t somehow Victorian.

  43. We have plans for your most recent submission, Dynamo. Stay tuned….

  44. not found?

  45. Hey these people have to work somewhere and theyve been oppressed long enough. No Labor Day family BBQs-have to go to the company picnic… cant afford daycare without subsidies have a heart!

  46. With all the jabbering about Truckee and how terrific it is, I pulled up pictures of their development. Its a lot like the Marina Center design except its kinda pink. Did someone copy?

  47. So much is the same these days do to financial restraints, siesmic and energy regulations. The cost of the foundations on that property will be astronomical. It will probably be the first major “green development” in Eureka.

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